Best Frugal Living Tips

51 of the Best Frugal Living Tips: This is How to Become a Frugal Family

51 of the best frugal living tips for mums who want to save their family money. Tips include ways to save money while raising a family, how to stretch your money and the cheapest way to live. #FrugalTips #FrugalLiving #HowToBeFrugal #FrugalHacks

Including ways to save money while raising a family, how to stretch your money and the cheapest way to live

We all want to save money while raising a family, and becoming a frugal family is a good way to do it. Frugal living doesn’t mean going without, it’s more about living life to the full on less.

To start living more frugally as a family you need to make smart money choices. Make your money work for you and really start to budget are the first steps to saving money while raising a family.

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Becoming a frugal family isn’t about being cheap or not spending money, it’s all about saving where and when you can and spending your money on the things are family want or need.

51 best frugal living tips to help stretch your money

1.Start a monthly budget and stick to it. That way you know what you have left over, if anything that month. Use my FREE downloadable budget planner to help.

2. Go through all your bills and check you’re on the best deal. Phone them and ask. What’s the worst that can happen?

3. Check you’re paying the right council tax band and aren’t over paying.

4. Move to a water meter if you haven’t already. This tracks your exact water use so you have complete control.

5. Pay by direct debit when you can. You normally get a discount and don’t have to think about it.

6. Never auto renewal ANYTHING without price comparing first. It will always be cheaper elsewhere.

7. Meal plan like a queen. Everything gets put down, including snacks and desserts.

8. Use the meal plan to then make a shopping list. Take it with you and stick to it!

9. Check your cupboards, freezer and fridge and buy kitchen staples. Try to add one cupboard meal into your meal plan.

10. Use up any leftover food that’s going off. Smoothies, cakes and slow cooker recipes are perfect for this.

11. Try the penny challenge for three months and put that saving toward a family trip out.

12. Pack lunch. No more school meals (unless they’re free) or office outings. Keep track of what you’ve saved.

13.  Turn off the central heating when you’re out. This could save you £75 a year.

14. If you can’t afford to pay your bills, don’t leave it. Call them and ask for a payment plan.

15. Use any savings to overpay on your mortgage. Just a small amount will reduce your mortgage term and interest.

16. Have a no spend weekend once a month. Have a jar of free ideas.

17. Grow your own vegetables.

18. Check offers before you go anywhere.

19. Shop at the online outlets and get massive brand discounts.

20. Have a night out for free by sitting in a TV audience.

21. Use cashback websites like TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks whenever you can.

22. Use loyalty cards like Tesco Clubcard or Boots Advantage Card as you get freebies back.

23. Use eBay before you buy anything.

24. Stock kitchen stapes in case you struggle for money one week.

25. Reduce your family waste by understanding dates and where items go in the fridge.

26. Sell old or unused items on Facebay or eBay.

27. Use free apps like WhatUp to text and send messages to your friends and family.

28. Find free ebooks for your phone.

29. Make sure you’re claiming everything you should be. On Dealsdaddy, they have voucher codes for clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, furniture, pet supplies etc.

30. Use money managing apps like Yolt or Chip to keep your money under control.

31. Use Facebook communities to help you find other mums who love saving money.

32. Spend 10 minutes every day making a money on your phone.

33. Ditch the tumble dryer and hang your clothes up to dry around the house.

34. Drink more water when out and about.

35. Review your subscriptions every 3 months and cancel what you don’t need.

36. Turn lights off when you aren’t using them.

37. Walk more when you can.

38. Buy better cuts of meat. Muscle Foods is a good one to start with.

39. Get a jar to store all your loose change.

40. Join a money saving challenge to kick start your savings.

41. Try one of these cheap pre-made meal plans.

42. Downshift your brands. Start at the bottom and work your way up. You’ll be surprised at how nice a value product tastes. If you don’t like it, then go up one and try that.

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43. Make your own detergent

Okay, so this might seem a bit radical but bear with me here. For a little under £20, you can make five gallons of your own detergent. If won’t clean all those weaning bibs or the poonami all over your kids best baby grow, but it’s fine for the average day to day wash:

3 bars of fells naptha
1 box of borax
1 box of washing soda
2lb box of baking soda
Large tub of OxiClean
Purex laundry crystals (optional)

44. Season shopping

I try and buy winter clothes when they go on sale in the summer ready for the following year. If a few items don’t fit exactly right by then, I’m not that annoyed about it as I saved money on all my purchases overall.

45. Make your own toys

We’ve all been there. You spend forty quid on a VTech watch or singing Elsa to find the kids would rather play with the box.

Now, I splash out of one big thing each, then make everything else. One of their favorites is still Cheerios is a plastic box.

46. Buy second hand

This leads me nicely on to local sales, Babybay and swapping sites. My local NCT branch organizes Nearly New Sales twice a year. You pay for a seller’s pack, label everything up and drop it off on sale day. You don’t even have to stay!

Babybay and swapping sites are becoming more and more popular. I use them when the kids need a few extra toys or DVDs but not clothes normally.

For the next size up, I normally ask around my friends. Most of us have clothes that our kids have outgrown and no longer need and can’t be bothered to take to the charity shop.

47. Buy in bulk

The bigger box of nappies you buy, the cheaper they are. Works with most things, apart from cake, unfortunately.

48. Cook from scratch. It’s may take longer but is a lot cheaper than buying pre-made.

49. Washable wipes. Use them for everything and then chuck them in the wash.

50. Use pound shops for school supplies or birthday gifts for friends.

51. Switching supermarkets. I’ve saved over £30 a week just be switching from Asda to Aldi. Try it!

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Have you tried any of these family frugal tips? Have I missed any? I really hope these frugal living tips will help you to save your family more money.

Laura x

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51 of the best frugal living tips for mums who want to save their family money. Tips include ways to save money while raising a family, how to stretch your money and the cheapest way to live. #FrugalTips #FrugalLiving #HowToBeFrugal #FrugalHacks


  1. This is such a comprehensive list! I definitely need to save this one. I would love to make my own washing soap one day so will give it a go. Thanks for sharing simple tips to make life more manageable financially.

  2. Make your own weedkiller from white vinegar, salt, water, and washing up liquid.

  3. Great list, I would add use the warehouse companies that sell food near to or past the best before dates… Nothing wrong with the goods whatsoever and you can save a fortune.

  4. Buying something online? Add it to your basket and go back to it later to give yourself a chance to decide if you really need/want it or not. It can save a lot of money by not buying things on impulse.

  5. Putting any coins in your change smaller than a pound into a pot. 😁 Surprisingly fast how much it grows to a decent amount.

  6. Mine is to buy in bulk and find the best price per weight for food

  7. Take your own food from home, don’t buy lunches

  8. we are trying to grow more of our own fruit and veg in garden pots and veggie patches. Learning to use and eat in season food to keep costs down too

  9. Buying only what is necessary. I’m trying to save at the moment and I always want something. But I tell myself no and do without. Thinking about the future rather than the now. Obviously I still treat myself but to one thing I’ve been wanting for ages every couple of months rather than something every time I want it.

  10. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon this at the exact right time in my life!

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