About Us

About Us

Savings 4 Savvy Mums was set up in December 2016 by Laura Suzanne Light and Eleanor Blachford, two tired mums of two, as somewhere to give other parents ideas on how to make and save money as a family.

Between us, our children range from 6 months to 4 years, are all girls and all love being outside and creative.

Please get in touch today if you’d like to chat about how we could help you advertise your latest products.

Laura Suzanne Light

Hi, my name is Laura, mum of two, freelance writer, blogger and general life juggler. I love a good bargain, and if you ask my husband, he’d be sure to tell you how tight I am! If you like a laugh, then check out my personal blog over at The Unsung Mum, or some of my more serious freelance stuff can be found here. You’ll normally find me chatting away in our Facebook group, or posting crazy pictures over on Instagram. If you have any feedback at all, please email me at laura@savings4savvymums.co.uk. Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Eleanor Blachford

Hello all, my name is Eleanor and I also have two young children. My background is mainly in education, although since becoming a mum I have found I want to spend more time at home with my girls. I love spoiling them, however, on a maternity budget I have found myself scouring the internet for deals and bargains, and want to share them with you all. I’m a bit of a technophobe but am finding myself enjoying learning new things to find the best bargains and deals and bring them to you.


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