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Includes a 365 day money saving challenge, FREE trackable printables and a money saving challenge chart.

We all know that the cost of raising children is on the up, with it currently estimated at £230,000, many of us are drowning from month to month, with no emergency fund in case the worst happens.

This year I really want to give back and help all my readers save some money this year, hence this 4-week money challenge for your personal finances.

 Come join my FREE 30 day money saving challenge: A 4 week money challenge for your personal finances for mums who want to save money day to day by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #MoneySavingChallenge #4WeekChallenge #PersonalFinance

30 Day Money Saving Challenge

This 30 Day Money Saving Challenge is just that. It’s a way to help you save £300 in a month and starts on the 1st of every month.

The challenge will be run in a private Facebook group – that means that unless your friends and family members are taking part in the challenge, they will not see your posts in the group.

This group is only for mums who are taking the challenge, so you can be assured that you are surrounding yourself with like-minded people who want to save money too.

The challenge is completely free. Everything is easy to do, and all tried and tested by me.

You can set any financial goal you think would be beneficial to you. The whole idea is that we share ideas and keep each other on track.

How to join my free 4 Week Money Challenge

To join the 4-week money challenge simply enter your email address in the form below.

Come join over 150 mums in our Free 30 Day Money Saving Challenge Facebook group

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Once submitted, you’ll receive an email with the next steps, including a link to the Facebook group.

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Whats included in the One Month Money Saving Challenge

  • A free Facebook group with dedicated daily tasks to help you save monthly.
  • Continuous use. So if you want to keep going, then you can each month.
  • Useful printables if you want to take part in the saving a penny a day challenge, track your savings plus meal plans, shopping lists, and a monthly budget planner.
  • Access to my free community called Money Saving Mums, a group of mums who want to save money every day, and includes deals, tips, and tricks.

***In order to run this group and this course for free, I use affiliate links***

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