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Snoop App Review: The App That Gives You Personalised Money Tips

Snoop App Review: The App That Gives You Personalised Money Tips

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This is how Snoop could help you save up to £1500

If you are looking to try and manage your money then a money management app may be for you. Knowing what is coming in and out of your account is vital when it comes to your personal finances.

There are loads of ways to control your budget including using Excel or even a pen and paper. Using a money management app like Snoop means that all your accounts are in one place and you can overview your finances in seconds.

Snoop is free to use and you can download it here for free on your Apple or Android phone*.

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What is the Snoop app?

Snoop is a free money management app that was created to help you manage and save money. Snoop wants to help you make smarter choices and get on top of your money.

You can download the Snoop app onto your Android or Apple device for free.

Is the Snoop app safe?

Yes, Snoop is safe. The Snoop app connects through Open Banking which means all your accounts can be shown through the one app.

Snoop are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which means that your money is completely safe. They don’t ask for your bank passwords or login details and they have the same standards as your well-known high street bank.

How does snoop work?

Snoop works by connecting all your bank accounts through Open Banking. This means that you can see all your accounts, even with different banks, all in one place.

A great feature that they have is that they also offer you money-saving tips and ways you can cut your bills by offering you switching opportunities. This saves you from having to look around yourself and making sure you are on the best deal.

Snoop can have a look at your energy bill, broadband and even your mobile phone bill and suggest ways you can save.

You can download the Snoop app onto your Android or Apple device for free.

Because Snoop uses Open Banking, they can connect to all the retail banks so all your accounts are in one place.

Some of our favorite features are that snoop can:

  • Give you daily balance alerts for all your connected accounts – This means that you know exactly how much money is in each account.
  • Snoop spots when you are overpaying on your energy bills and will help to suggest a switch to a new provider.
  • If you forgot when your annual bills come out, like insurance then Snoop will help remind you when the best time to renew is.
  • Snoop helps to keep track of your mobile phone bill so you aren’t overpaying and may suggest a new tariff.

Snoop product features

Snoop app features

The Snoop app is quite new but that means that quick development is on the cards. Snoop aim to save everyone £1500 by using a mixture of different ways to save money unique to that user.

No two apps will show the same details.

The money dashboard is there to help you manage your savings and spending.

The Spending Sorter is a great way to quickly see what is going on with your account. This is an overview of what you are spending and the first step to how you could possibly save money.

Keep track of all your bills and payments using Payment Hub. You can see everything from which bills have been paid to which bills you have coming up. You can link any of these to Snoop so that it can search for the very best deal for you. If you add when your renewal or contract dates are up then Snoop will remind you of the best time to start renewing too.

One the best features we like is the Discount Finder. Snoop gives you voucher codes for places that it thinks you will visit based on your past history. Helping you save money before you go anywhere.

Before you switch, check out the Snoop app. It keeps an eye on your energy bills and warns you if and when they raise. This not only helps you to keep track of your money but also helps you to decide when it’s time to switch. We made a big saving here ourselves as Snoop noticed that we were overpaying on our energy bill.

We like the Daily Account Alerts the most. They give you a quick daily summary of what your accounts looks like.

The Money Saving Scanner is quite a good tool. It pulls through all the latest offers including any sales straight to the app.

Broadband Checker helps to save you money by making sure you aren’t overpaying. Snoop can help you switch if you are. This is the same for the mobile contract too.

The Card Checker is a handy tool. It looks over your cards daily and checks if you are paying any charges you shouldn’t be or if you are missing out on rewards you should be getting.

Insurance Checker is great if you haven’t renewed your annual bills in a while. Getting the best price can be time-consuming so Snoop helps to remind you in enough time when to renew.

Look Ahead is one of our favorite features as it shows you what bills are due to go out that week. It’s just a really easy way to make sure that we have enough money in our accounts for what is due. It’s saved me going over my overdraft quite a few times.

You can download the Snoop app onto your Android or Apple device for free.

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Snoop Review: Our Opinion

We love the Snoop app as we are technology driven. For anyone that likes to see all their accounts in one place and for a ready-made budget then Snoop works.

Snoop is free to use and you can download it here for free on your Apple or Android phone*.

If you prefer paper and pen or Excel then the Snoop app may be too much for you as they offer so many different sides to the app it can be a little hard to navigate around in till you are used to it.

If you find Snoop a bit too much then have a look at Plum which offers open banking but with less notifications. Read about what we think about Plum here.

We love having all our accounts in one place as it’s really easy to see what is going on at a glance. Open Banking really has come a long way since the start and it’s exciting to know that this is just the start.

Laura x

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Try the Snoop app now which helps you to control your money. It's much more than a budgeting app and can help you save £1500 a year.

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