aving a Penny a Day Challenge_ Save Over £100 in 30 Days

Saving a Penny a Day Challenge: Save Over £100 in 30 Days

Including a free penny a day savings chart.

Never have any money left over at the end of the month? Do you struggle to take the kids out for the day because you’re broke? Do you wish you could have a family holiday without putting it on the credit card? Well now you can with this 365-day saving challenge.

Running alongside my 4-week money saving challenge, this saving a penny a day challenge is a simple way to start saving. Just sticking to it for 30 days means £105 of savings without even trying! Boom!

How does the penny challenge work

This 365-day money saving challenge works by you saving a penny a day. So on day one, you save £3.65. On day two you save £3.64 in till you get to day 365 and you save 1p, with a massive £667.95 in the bank.

That’s £667.95 for doing nothing but putting a few coins in a jar every day.

Saving a penny a day challenge

If you prefer to do your savings online, then why not set up a free savings account with the added bonus of interest being added. Depending on how high your interest rate is, you’ll get a bit extra added on top. Win!

Money saving challenge chart

You can print your FREE Penny Per Day Money Challenge Chart PDF here.

Looking to for a way to save money that won't break the bank? Then have a go at this saving a penny a day challenge. In just 30 days you could save over £100, that's £667 over a whole year by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #PennyaDayChallenge #SaveMoney

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365 money-saving challenge

It may just be 1p a day, but like the old saying goes, it all adds up. The good part of this challenge is that the first week is the hardest and the most expensive, so by the time you get into a routine of saving, you will notice the amount less.

My only tip is to try not to think of this as something you can only start in January. You can start it anytime. There are no dates on the PDF and it can be adapted any way you like. So you can repeat the first 30 days all year, which would give you a massive £1,260 at the end of the year!

If starting at £3.65 feel daunting, then start further down and save what you can. This really does give you the option to start on any day.

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