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Profit Accumulator Review: How to Make Free Money Matched Betting

Profit Accumulator Review: How to Make Free Money Matched Betting

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This is a Profit Accumulator review that explains how Profit Accumulator works. Find out the difference between the free version and the paid version by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #makemoney #moneymaking #passiveincome #homebasedjobs

Here’s how to make £45 for free

Matched betting is a great and tax-free way to make money online. Using a system like Profit Accumulator is a simple and effective tool to help you track your profit and the odds.

Profit Accumulator is a great hand-holding tool that helps matched betting become pretty much risk-free. In this review, we lay out how Profit Accumulator works and how to make free money by using it’s tools.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting allows you to profit from the hundreds of free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers. This isn’t illegal or under the table. All the bookies advertise these offers to entice new customers in.

Matched betting is a great tax-free way to make money from home by using the free bets that the bookmakers offer.

How does matched betting work?

There’s two terms you need to know and completely understand to make sure you get your money back and more:

The Back bet

This is when you bet for a certain something to happen. So like “I bet Manchester United will win.” If this comes true, then you win the bet you placed and the winnings. If they lose or draw, you lose your money.

You can place a back bet with any bookmaker, like Paddy Power or William Hill.

The Lay bet

This is when you bet against something coming true. “I bet Manchester United will not win” is an example of a lay bet.  If they do lose or draw, then you win.

You can only place a lay bet at a betting exchange, like Betfair.

Matched betting works because it cancels out the risk of your back bet by betting against yourself at the exact same odds. You are matching your bet.

Once you’ve made the first bet, the reward is paid out by the bookmaker. This is where you can make your money. So, for example, Betfred may offer £30 free if you deposit £30 etc

You now repeat the process and whichever way the event goes you win.

Read more about how matched betting works here.

Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator is matched betting software that helps you to find good odds. They offer step by step guides on how to make money with matched betting plus help you keep track of your earnings and profit.

Using Profit Accumulator means that you can use the betting offers without too much risk.

They offer everyone a free trial with no credit card details. You can earn up to £45, use four bookmaker bonuses and use their customer support to help*.

Profit Accumulator offer three membership types.

The free version above that means you can earn up to £45 without it costing you anything*.

Platinum monthly membership means that you get over 100 bookmaker bonuses, video tutorials, new offers, full access to all their software. You can cancel at any time.

Platinum annual membership is cheaper if you’ve decided to give matched betting a good go.

Pricing to upgrade starts at £17.99 a month or £150 for the whole year which is a saving of £65.88.

Create an account with Profit Accumulator. This means adding in your personal details and setting a password.

Once into the system, you get given access to Profit Accumulator full guides on matched betting and how Profit Accumulator works.

On the top menu, you have certain options. Click on oddsmatching to start. This brings up the screen above.

This shows the event dates, bookie, odds, exchange and lay bet.

The next tab is the matched betting calculator. This shows you how much profit you could make. If you click on it for the first time it will take you through how to use it with a handy video.

What we love about Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator comes with a lot of helpful videos so if you are unsure how to use the site or even how matched betting works then watch them.

They offer access to their huge forum with their Platinum membership package*. This means that you can ask seasoned pros any question you want and get the answer.

Profit Accumulator members help each other to earn more. It’s a real online community!

What we like is that every offer including the daily reloads have a dedicated thread so you can ask questions or find out what others are doing too.

Profit Accumulator’s customer service is second to none. They have a team available 7 days a week so if you do need help and forum can’t answer they can help.

These pictures above show the free account as an example but if you upgrade you do get so much more.

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Is Profit Accumulator Platinum membership worth the cost?

If you are going to use it then yes. You get so many extra features by subscribing.

Pricing to upgrade starts at £17.99 a month or £150 for the whole year which is a saving of £65.88*.

What we like is that Profit Accumulator have a great relationship with exchange sites like Betfair. This means that they get better deals than most like 0% on the exchange.

You also get access to all their guides which are really in-depth and can really help you make money.

Profit Accumulator forum threads can help make you around £1000. This is where offers are put and should be your first port of call daily.

With the Platinum membership, you get loads of different calculators so you don’t have to work anything out yourself.

You get access to the price boost thread which means you don’t have to go searching for the boosts yourself which are hard to spot.

You can also mark offers as done. This means when a new one is added you can see that clearly.

 Laura x

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