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These Small and Inexpensive Design Updates Can Make A Big Difference In Your Home Decor

These Small and Inexpensive Design Updates Can Make A Big Difference In Your Home Decor

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Keeping living spaces up to date on interior trends is a top priority among UK homeowners as a survey has found that 1 in 4 British people are constantly redecorating their home. The poll also reveals that some rooms are refreshed more often than others, with living rooms being redecorated every 25 months, while bedrooms are spruced up every 33 months. Redecorating allows you to enjoy and fall in love with your home all over again, but let’s face it, the cost of constant interior upgrades can be quite pricey. Fortunately, there are some minimal changes that you can do to give your space a new look. Consider these small and inexpensive design updates that can make a big difference in your home decor. 

Enhance a Plain Wall With Framed Prints

Got a plain and boring wall in your hallway or living room? Decorate it with some framed prints or artwork to inject colour and personality into your space. It’s an amazing way to showcase personal photos or your favourite prints, especially if you use a selection of custom picture frames to display them.

To create an interesting gallery wall, use a combination of large and small frames, but see to it that they’re all made of the same material or have the same colour for a cohesive look. You can also incorporate some small objects into your gallery wall as long as they fit the theme of your display. For instance, if your display is made up of prints of your favourite singers or bands, consider adding a few vinyl records to your gallery wall, then hang up some small musical instruments, like a ukelele, a flute, and a tambourine.

Add Lighting

Good lighting can dramatically change the feel of any room, and it’s an easy way to make any space feel more luxurious without hurting your budget. If you only have an overhead light or a single lightbulb to illuminate your room, you’ll notice that the light can be too harsh and it doesn’t make the space feel welcoming. To improve this, simply add two more light sources, like a floor lamp or table lamps and dimmable sconces on the walls.

For frequently used spaces such as the dining room and kitchen, add light fixtures that go with the theme of your interior design. For example, a farmhouse style kitchen can be easily enhanced with hanging pendant lights made of black metal, or pot lid dome metal lights. Meanwhile, a mid-century dining room will look gorgeous with the addition of a Sputnik chandelier or a modern crystal chandelier.

Consider Minimalism

Decorating with found objects, vintage treasures, and collections can make your space feel more personal. However, having too many decorative items in your home can give it a cluttered look, and they can also become safety hazards, especially if you’ve got young children or elderly adults living with you. To change the feel of your home without spending a quid, aim for minimalism and only display a few items that you really love. Clear out each room of decorative items, then think about how you can produce maximum impact with as few items as possible. 

For instance, for a small living room, you may only need one statement painting on the wall, a medium-sized plant in the corner, and a shelf filled with carefully curated books and decorative items to add interest and personality to the space. Add a rug for warmth, then place no more than three to five throw pillows on your couch. You’ll be amazed at how spacious, airy, and light your home looks and feels once you’ve embraced the less-is-more approach to decorating. 

You don’t need to do a major renovation or interior overall to refresh the look of your home. With these small design updates, you can give your living spaces a new look without spending a fortune. 

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