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5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business Success

5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business Success

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How a small business grows and evolves in the internet age is a far cry from how one would have developed before the dawn of computers. Simply put, the ability to start and grow a small business online has never been easier. 

Depending on the type of business, you’ll be focused on a specific region. This is especially true for local businesses like independent stores, coffee shops, and office spaces that feed the local economy. However, in the digital age, you’re now competing against many online companies instead of a few regional competitors. Let’s look at a real-life example:

If you’re looking to open an arcade business, there’s a huge amount of competition online from casino providers. For example, SlotsLV’s video poker with real cash is one of the newest and most exciting games in digital gambling, which entices users to pay with cryptocurrency. This makes it one of your competitors, as your arcade business contends in the entertainment niche. Considering the convenience of online gambling, your land-based arcade might fail to provide the experiences that would surpass the attractions of online casinos.

However, it’s worthwhile to note that online casinos are often multi-million dollar enterprises and not small businesses. To stand out, small businesses can gear up their marketing efforts toward the local target audience. This way, they will aim at audiences at a granular level, generating more local leads and ensuring consistent traffic to the business.  

Today, we will focus on creative marketing ideas for small business success.

Social Media Competition

The market is gigantic, with an estimated 4 billion users on social media. It dwarfs previously huge advertising spaces such as newspapers and television despite some commentators speculating that social media could be in decline. If you can get it right and get your product into the eyes and imagination of users online, this can turn into real value and business profit.

Social media competitions are popular ways to market your business. The most common example is to offer a discount on a free product in exchange for a like, retweet or follow. Sometimes businesses will combine all three to combine engagement, which has proven to be an effective tactic for small businesses looking to gain more visibility.

Connecting with companies that have large numbers of followers locally can also help. Whether it is an endorsement from a local celebrity or queues going out the door, make sure you capture it and get it onto your social media channels for optimum, far-reaching coverage.

Successfully Implement Feedback

Many small businesses receive direct feedback on social media. Implementing feedback is key to improving your business. However, this doesn’t mean it is as simple as taking constructive criticism. For example, some companies on social media will provide humorous responses to strange feedback they receive. Suffice to say, despite the popular slogan, the customer isn’t always right. If businesses can evolve with the ever-changing marketplace, they stand the best chance for success in a world that is completely glued to mobile devices.

Memorable Slogan

For a memorable tagline to work, your small business needs to focus on something that is both catchy and memorable. This is much easier said than done, of course. It can range from a radio jingle to a memorable hashtag which gains more coverage. If you’re operating a small business, you won’t have the same budget for a big marketing campaign. So the ownice can be to create a memorable slogan or term that people can attach to your business and set you apart from the competition. 
For example, Nike’s landmark “Just Do It” slogan is synonymous with the huge sports brand. So much so that athletes have won awards for their appearances in adverts that contain the infamous tagline. A huge slogan can generate substantial revenue if it is marketed correctly.

Establish Your Target Audience

If you are just starting with your small business, you must establish the audience you are aiming toward. If you are starting a fashion business on social media, for example, and you want people to purchase your shirts and post them on Instagram, a marketing campaign on the radio aimed at those over 75s would prove pointless. 

For starters, the target demographic be much younger. In addition, the method of communicating the advert wouldn’t appeal to many people under 30. This is because vast numbers of them consume their news and advertisements on their phones or via social media.

Create A Website

An effective and professional website could be the first port of call for many customers looking to use your service. Ensuring your website is engaging, accessible and professional can subconsciously warm people to your service. A professional website gives off the air of a professional organisation. However small your business, you may be able to start on social media and then work your way up to a website.

You can redirect customers from your website to social media pages or blog pages that highlight the quality of your business. In addition, you can have a link to a page which contains reviews of your service or positive customer feedback. As we enter 2023, it is very difficult for a business to become a success without some online presence. A professional website could be the answer if you are not too savvy with social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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