Budget Food Ideas

Cheap & Easy Flapjack: A Healthy Picnic Idea

My kids love picnics, especially when i promise to bring a sweet snack. These flapjacks fill the brief perfectly. They’re sweet, soft, so easy to make and have added fruit that the kids can’t see. Now that’s a win in my book! The fruit acts as the sugar here, so there’s no need for extra […]

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Cheap & Easy Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup

44p Homemade soup, Sweet Potato and Carrot Healthy

At just 44p, this lovely homemade sweet potato and carrot soup is perfect for those “i can’t be bothered” lunches.  It’s such an easy and tasty soup to make, that i purposely cook more to fridge for the rest of the week. It can be slightly thick, so if you prefer a smooth consistency, then adding slightly […]

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Make Your Own: 30p Basic Loaf Recipe

You don’t need a bread maker to make a simple loaf your family will love. For just 30p, this homemade loaf goes well with soups or stews, and takes sonly 25 minutes to cook in the oven. Make up of only kitchen staples, this really is a family recipe that you can pull out if a few extra […]

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