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The Best Budget Slimming World Fakeaway Recipes

The Best Budget Slimming World Fakeaway Recipes

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These are the best £1 a head Slimming World recipes

If you are looking for family friendly fakeaway recipes that are budget friendly too then this is the post for you. We have everything you need to help make your journey successful while saving money.

Regardless of if you attend a Slimming World group or not, these fakeaway meals can help you save money and stop going for the takeaway menu. They can help you food optimize and be part of your healthy extra or free food plan.

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Slimming world fakeaway recipes

Instead of heading for your nearest takeaway menu have a go at some of our fakeaway recipes below. You can use our Aldi Simming World shopping list to work out the syns and really start to save money as well.

Chilli Con Carne

You can make this in the slow cooker really easily. Brown the mince off first then put it all in together and leave to cook for 6-7 hours. You’ll come home to the best smelling fakeaway ever!

Read how to make our Chilli Con Carne recipe here.

500g minced meat £1.99
4 onions 32p
3 garlic gloves 7p
300ml tinned tomatoes 28p
400g tinned kidney beans 30p
3 tbsp tomato puree 15p
Half a lime 12p
220ml stock 3p
4 tbsp low cal spray 20p
1 tsp salt 2p
Half tsp sugar 5p
180g Rice 24p
Total: £3.77 that’s 94p for four people.

Spaghetti Meatball

Sometimes we all fancy meatballs. There’s no need to order them in! Cook them yourself and enjoy how cheap these are to make. If you don’t want spaghetti, you could make yourself the best sub sandwich ever!

Read how to make our Spaghetti Meatball Recipe For 73p a Head here.

500g minced meat £1.99
2 onion 16p
3 glove garlic 7p
1 egg 10p
1 tsp salt 2p
2 tsp low cal spray 10p
1 tin passata 32p
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 3p
Half tablespoon sugar 5p
Half tablespoon salt 3p
210g Spaghetti 8p
Total: £2.95 = 73p a head

Chinese Chicken Curry

Chinese Chicken Curry with Rice

This is a great chicken korma recipe that the whole family will love. it’s very mild and great for younger kids who want to try a curry.

Read how to make our Chinese Chicken Curry For Just £1.54 For 4 here.

2 chicken breasts 65p
2 onions 16p
Small piece of ginger 15p
2 garlic cloves 6p
400ml stock 3p
2 tbsp low cal spray 10p
3 tbsp plain flour 10p
1 tsp sugar 5p
180g rice 24p
Total: £1.54 that’s 38p a person.

Homemade Beef Burgers

If you kids are craving a takeaway then our homemade beef burgers are for you. Cut the chips really small and fry them so they are nice and crisp.

Read how to make our Really Easy Homemade Beef Burgers For Under £1 a Head here.

500g minced meat £1.99
1 frozen onion 8p
2 garlic cloves 6p
1 egg 10p
Pinch of salt 3p
6 burger buns 56p
Lettuce leave 25p
Tomato 50p
Cheese slices 35p
4 potatoes 40p
Total: £4.32 that’s £1.09 for four.

Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken with chips and corn of the cob

This is a great fakeaway recipe for the whole family. There’s no need to order in when you have this Southern Fried Chicken recipe to hand.

Read how we make our Southern Fried Chicken here.

4 chicken breasts £1.40
150g breadcrumbs 65p
2 eggs 20p
4 tbsp plain flour 15p
4 tbsp milk 10p
2 tbsp low cal spray 10p
4 potatoes 40p
4 corn of cob 52p
Total: £3.52 that’s 88p for four people.

Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

Chicken tikka masala curry

This is the best chicken curry recipe that you will ever taste! It’s lightly spicy and great for that Friday night treat.

Read how to make our Chicken Tikka Masala Curry For Under £4 a Head here.

4 frozen chicken breasts £1.40
100g frozen onion 16p
2 garlic cloves 6p
200ml tinned tomatoes 28p
100ml single cream 60p
1 tsp lemon juice 5p
4 tbsp low cal spray 20p
1 tsp salt 3p
180g Rice 24p
Total: £3.17 that’s 79p for a family of four.

Katsu Curry

This katsu curry recipe goes great with any rice. We love homemade egg fried rice but you can also have it with brown or white plain rice. The crispy chicken will soon be a family favourite.

Read how to make The Best Katsu Curry Recipe For Under £1 a Head here.

4 frozen chicken breasts £1.40
100g frozen onion 16p
400g tin carrots 47p
3 garlic cloves 5p
1 egg 10p
900ml chicken stock 10p
2tbsp soy sauce 5p
1tsp honey 5p
3tbsp plain flour 5p
100g breadcrumbs 55p
200g wholemeal rice 15p
Total: £3.13 that’s 78p per person.

Firecracker Chicken

Rice at the top with firecracker chicken

If you like your chicken hot and spicy then this is for you. We love having this with egg fried rice but you can have it with normal rice and add yogurt if you need it spiced down.

Read how we make our The Best Firecracker Chicken For Just 99p a Head here.

3 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts (defrosted) £2.10
2 onions 20p
3 garlic cloves 15p
5g ground ginger 5p
1 red pepper 45p
1tbsp lemon juice 10p
1 bunch of spring onions 37p
2 tbsp tomato puree 5p
4 tbsp soy sauce 6p
2 tbsp hoisin sauce 6p
1 tbsp plain flour 10p
1 tbsp low cal cooking spray 5p
150g wholemeal rice 25p
Total: £3.99

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Mango and Tomato Curry

This curry is really family-friendly. It’s sweet to eat and is a great introduction to curries for kids.

Frozen red onion 17p
10g ground chilli flakes 10p
400g tin tomatoes 60p
Small mango £1.15
150g 2% Fat natural yogurt 49p
500g Basics long-grain rice 40p
Total: £3.46 that’s 86p for four people.

Veggie Stir Fry

Simple and quick, just chuck what ever you have in. I use rice noodles, as you can chuck them in with a sauce and just fry it all together, but any will do.

3x tin tomatoes 34p

200g Frozen Peppers 40p

100g frozen onion 7p

100g Ham 5p.

Total: £1.06 that’s 27p for four people.

Lamb Kebabs in Pitta

This is a great fakeaway recipe for a Saturday night. You can change this up and add any meat or even have this vegetarian.

500g Lamb & mutton mince £1.59

Paxo natural breadcrumbs 65p

200g Natural Greek-style yogurt 65p

Garlic 25p

Cucumber portion 38p

6 White Pitta 25p

Total: £3.77 that’s 94p for four people.

Beef Mince Tacos

Beef mince tacos make a great weekend fakeaway meal that is perfect for the whole family and really cheap to make. Minced beef tacos are really easy to make and can be as spicy or not as you like. We like using frozen mince or Quorn mince as you get to pick out as much as you want and freeze that rest. Make our yummy tacos here.

You can use frozen vegetables if you prefer as they are re-cut so can make the process a bit quicker. This taco recipe includes the light salsa that is really fruity so great for kids. Put everything in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves and build their own perfect mine taco.

100g mince 75p

175g baby corn 95p

190g frozen red onions 42p

100g red pepper 45p

110g kiwi fruit 60p

115g tomatoes 50p

5g garlic clove 2p

85g red cabbage 20p.

Total: £4 that’s £1 a head for four people.

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These are the best Slimming World Fakeaway recipes that will stop you from reaching for the takeaway menu and get you cooking from scratch by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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