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15 Vegan Breakfast Ideas For The Whole Family On A Budget

15 Vegan Breakfast Ideas For The Whole Family On A Budget

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Including vegan breakfast recipes

Looking for vegan breakfast ideas on a budget that the whole family will enjoy? There’s no need to struggle to eat vegan while on a budget. We have loads of simple yet wholesome vegan breakfast recipes that the whole family will love that won’t break the bank.

Feeding a busy family in the mornings can be stressful but with these vegan recipes ideas the pain is taken away.

Breakfast doesn’t have to boring! A lot of these vegan breakfast recipes can be made ahead and thrown together quickly.

The discounters are a great place to start if you need to get your food bill down. there’s no need for expensive products when a lot do there own.

The same rules of shopping savvy should still apply and ignoring all those “special” offer tags can be hard when you know that it’s cheap.

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Here’s our top 3 tips to staying on budget when you’re trying to do the family shop with the kids:

1. There’s no need to go crazy. Stick to your meal plan and shopping list. It’s easy to get distracted when everything is cheap. Shopping weekly means you are in control.

2. Use your phone to do a quick check to see if you can find the product you want cheaper. Is what you’re buying really good value for money?

3. Downshifting can still work even if your family are vegan. Start by buying the supermarkets own brand and go up the brand by brand depending on taste.

We have our favourite vegan breakfast go-tos. (We aren’t vegan but we love them!) These can all be made on a budget and brought from discounters.

1. Rolled oats – Whatever nut you like join it with your milk substitute and add maple. We add whatever fruit is close to going off for the extra sweetness or frozen fruit.

2. Breakfast fried rice is fab and can be made into leftovers. We cook ours with coconut oil and add onions, nuts and honey. We make ours sweet but I’m sure it would work as a savoury dish too.

3. Quinoa is perfect for days that you’re in a rush. We batch cook ours so we can grab it quickly. We add soya milk (but any alternative milk works) and then go crazy with the cinnamon tub or lemon bottle.

Using those kitchen staples can really help bring down the cost of your weekly shop. Spices, grains and coconut oil last a long time and are very inexpensive.

Vegan Breakfast Ideas on a Budget

If you’re struggling to keep your bill down then here’s our top tips to help you keep more money in your bucket.

  1. Meal Plan Sheets – Depending on how comfortable you are, either find a spare pad or print out 8-10 copies of a weekly meal plan sheet.

You’ll need enough space to write down a simple menu for each day and a shopping list as you go.

You can make your own weekly meal plan or download my meal plans and shopping lists for free from the Resource Vault. Having several copies on hand will help inspire you to get started and keep up the meal plans for several weeks.

If you’ve never meal planned before then start here by reading how it can save you hundreds of pounds! 

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  1. Of course there are plenty of other ways to save money, and once you start seeking them out then you will be amazed at what you find.

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Vegan Breakfast Ideas

All these are easy to make and delicious plus some are healthy! Use this to fill up your weekly meal plan. We all get stuck in a rut when it comes to feeding our family and sticking to a budget. Change things up every week while still making sure you stick to what you can afford.

1.Eggless Pancakes

This eggless recipe makes 10 pancakes which can be frozen then grilled back to warm. They take about 5 minutes to make and about 2 minutes to cook.

Read how we make The Best Eggless Pancakes Recipe Ever here.

150g self-raising flour 10p

1 tablespoon baking powder 2p

1/2 teaspoon salt 2p

2 spoonfuls of maple syrup, or granulated sugar 10p

2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 15p

250ml soya milk 17p

Total: 56p that’s 14p per person.

2. Strawberry Oatmeal Waffles

This strawberry waffle recipe is really easy to make and you can use frozen strawberries if you prefer.

250g wheat flour £1.10

1 tablespoon baking powder 5p

1 teaspoon salt 2p

1 teaspoon ground allspice 5p

250g oats 20p

100g unsweetened applesauce 45p

100g unsweetened non-dairy milk 30p

3 tablespoons pure maple syrup 5p

2 tablespoons canola oil 7p

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 5p

150g frozen strawberries 71p

Total: £3.05 that’s 76p for 4 people.

Start by sifting the flour, baking powder, salt and allspice into a mixing bowl. Blitz the oats so they are small then add to the bowl. Make a small well in the center of the flour mix and add the applesauce, milk, maple syrup, oil and vanilla.

Stir with a wooden spoon until combined. Let the batter rest for 5 minutes or so in the fridge, it will thicken a bit don’t worry. If it does look thin, add a little more flour and mix again, then wait. Keep doing this until you are happy. Add in the frozen strawberries.

These van be defrosted or cut up smaller frozen. We cook our waffles in a waffle maker. Spray the inside first, then add about a tablespoon of batter. The first one, like a pancake might be a bit rubbish but don’t worry, the rest do get better.

3. Vegan banana bread

Banana and chocolate bread recipe

This is a great way to use up your brown bananas!

3 large ripe bananas 60p

75ml vegetable oil 85p

100g brown sugar 29p

225g plain flour 20p

3 heaped tsp baking powder 5p

3 tsp cinnamon or mixed spice 5p.

Total: £2.04 that’s 51p for four people.

4. Peanut Butter Pods

Made with blitz porridge oats, soya yogurt and cinnamon, this peanut butter cups are a great breakfast idea for the whole family.

You can add whatever fruit you like here but our favourite is almost brown banana as it adds that sweetness that this sometimes needs.

300g porridge oats 25p

2 tsp cinnamon 5p

2 medium bananas 40p

500g soya yogurt £1.40

80g peanut butter 45p

Total: £2.55 that’s 63p for 4 people.

5. Homemade vegan bagels

This makes about 10 homemade bagels. You can even freeze them and defrost them when you need them.

7g sachet dried yeast 16p

4 tbsp sugar 5p

2 tsp salt 2p

450g bread flour 45p.

Total: 68p that’s 17p for four people.

These bagels are really easy to make. Start by adding the yeast with 4 tbsp sugar into a large bowl, and pour in 100ml warm water. Leave for 10 minutes as the mixture needs to bubble.

In the same bowl, add 200ml warm water, flour and kneed. The mixture might be sticky, so you may need extra flour. Separate the dough into little balls and leave to raise.

They need about an hour or longer if possible. Heat your oven to 200 fan. Weight the dough and try and get them the same size. Use a teaspoon to put a hole in the middle. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add one bagel and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side. Then add to the oven for 25 minutes or until full cooked through.

6. Breakfast smoothie

This is a quick breakfast that is great for the whole family. You can whizz it up and add whatever fruit you like.

1 banana 13p

40g porridge oats 10p

80g frozen soft fruit 75p

150ml soya milk 30p

1 tsp sweetener 5p

1 tsp vanilla extract 5p

Total: £1.38 that’s 34p for 4 people.

7. Waffles

These are great for a waffle maker and make a great weekend treat. We have them with frozen fruit or with chocolate spread.

4 large eggs 32p

300g plain flour 30p

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda 5p

2 tbsp golden caster sugar 5p

50g soya butter 25p

600ml soya milk £1.20

Total: £2.17 that’s 54p a person.

8. Overnight oats

This is a yummy breakfast for the whole family. You make it the night before and add it to the fridge before you go to bed.

¼ tsp ground cinnamon 5p

50g rolled porridge oats 8p

2 tbsp soya yogurt 10p

50g mixed berries 25p

1 tbsp sweetener 5p

Total: 53p that’s 13p per person.

9. Breakfast Potatoes

This does take about 40 minutes to cook but is a really filling breakfast for the whole family. You can use your air fryer to cook your potatoes or the oven. Start by setting the oven or air fryer to 185 degrees.

Cut the potatoes into quarters, this helps them cook quicker. Add the potatoes to a bowl with the Paprika, Salt, Oregano and pepper.

With a spoon, stir all the ingredients together so the potatoes are covered. Then, cut the mushrooms into quarters, all the frozen peppers, frozen onions and a handful of spinach.

Spray it all in the pan with some low fat cooking spray. If you are using stock, then add it now to the deep pan. If you are using your air fryer, you probably don’t need the stock. You can eat this with eggs or with your cooked breakfast.

10. Banana French Toast

For a real American-style feel, decorate with fresh strawberries, a sprinkle of icing sugar, and drizzle of maple syrup.

4 ripe bananas 28p

8 slices white bread 17p

110ml semi-skimmed milk 11p

1 tin of chickpea liquid (Aquafaba) 14p

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 20p

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 5p

Total = 95p that’s 23p a head for four people.

11. Banana Slow Cooker Oats

I make these overnight Banana Slow Cooker Oats once the kids have gone to bed, and by the time 6 am comes, they’re ready to eat. Both of them love them and can’t get enough! These Banana Slow Cooker Oats only have three ingredients too!

200g of rolled oats 15p

2L milk 87.2p

Maple syrup 4p

Banana 13p

Total = 89p that’s 22p a head for four people.

12. Banana Muffins

These Banana Muffins make a great midweek treat. They are really easy to cook and the bananas make them really sweet too. Make sure the bananas are really ripe to make these extra soft.

250g self-raising flour 18p

1 tsp baking powder 5p

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda 5p

110g caster sugar 37p

75g soya butter 55p

1 tsp vanilla extract 5p

1 tin of chickpea liquid (Aquafaba)14p

2 large ripe bananas 26p

125ml soya milk 37p

50g pecans 50p

Total = £2.52 that’s 63p a head for four people.

13. Chocolate Banana Smoothie

We love this Chocolate Banana Smoothie because it’s really easy to make and tastes like a real treat. It comes in under 19p a head for four people and puts a smile on all our faces.

1 cup soya milk 30p

2 bananas frozen 26p

1 tablespoon maple syrup 15p

1 tablespoon cocoa powder 5p

Total = 76p that’s 19p a head for four people.

14. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

This Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich is a classic! A lunchtime treat like this will never be forgotten. We find that the more ripe the bananas are the better!

2 tablespoons peanut butter 10p

2 slices whole wheat bread 14p

1 banana 7p

Total = 31p that’s 7p a head for four people

15. Burritos

I do these burritos when I know friends are coming over. I love the idea of everyone helping themselves and tucking straight in.

Frozen onion 10p,

350g long-grain rice 40p,

400g tin Red kidney beans in water 21p,

8 Tortilla wraps 92p,

2 Little Gem lettuce 75p,

31g Fresh basil 80p,

300g Salsa 69p (Optional),

Total: £3.87 that’s 96p for four people.

If you’re looking for some meal plan inspiration then try our quick and cheap meal plan. You and swap and change the meals out from the food list. Our vegan menu costs under £25 for a family of four. 

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Being vegan doesn't have to break the bank, here are 15 vegan breakfast ideas for the whole family that you can make ahead of time by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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