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35 Work From Home Mum Jobs That Can Make You Serious Money

35 Work From Home Mum Jobs That Can Make You Serious Money

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This is how to work from home

Finding a job as a stay-at-home mum that you can do while you’ll at home with the kids is THE dream but finding ways to earn extra money isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look.

Making money online through flexible working can be achieved by just about anyone. It’s all about finding a home-based job or self-employed business that suits your needs. Some of these are even passive income owners too.

So if the idea of going back to work feels you with dread then here are 41 of the best jobs for stay-at-home mums.

Having a work-life balance is key when you are a stay-at-home mum and need to work around the kids.

35 work from home mum jobs

These are the best jobs for stay at home mums.

Trying to find a part-time or full-time job around the kids isn’t easy, so why not find a home-based role that you can do around the kids. Many of these can be entry-level or if you have some experience can pay very well.

If you like the sound of one but are unsure if you have the qualifications then have a look at an online provider like the Open University or Udemy to update your skills.

These can all help you earn extra cash around the kids.

Keep reading below to find out where we would start looking for all these jobs if you are new to the field. Remember that you have loads of transferable skills, you just need to know how to show them off!

Remember that if you must declare all your income to HMRC in a self-assessment.

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1. Transcription jobs

Transcription jobs involve converting spoken language into written text. These roles are perfect for those who have a keen ear for detail and enjoy working with words.

Whether you’re transcribing interviews, podcasts, or meetings, accuracy is key in this line of work. Transcriptionists play a vital role in ensuring that important conversations are documented accurately and efficiently.

With the rise of remote work opportunities, transcription jobs have become more accessible than ever before. Many companies now offer flexible transcription positions that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you have excellent listening skills and a knack for typing, why not consider exploring the world of transcription jobs? It could be the perfect fit for your skill set and lifestyle!

Read here for some typing job ideas.

2. SEO Writer

Are you familiar with the term “SEO writer”? If not, let’s dive into what it means and why it’s crucial in the world of online content creation.

An SEO writer is like a magician who weaves words that not only captivate readers but also attract search engines. Their main goal is to create content that ranks high on search engine results pages (SERPs) by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases strategically.

In today’s digital age, having an SEO writer on your team is essential for boosting your online visibility. They have a knack for crafting engaging content while keeping search engine algorithms in mind.

From writing compelling blog posts to crafting meta descriptions and optimising website copy, SEO writers play a vital role in driving organic traffic to your site. They understand the importance of keyword research, on-page optimisation, and creating valuable content that resonates with both readers and search engines.

So next time you’re looking to enhance your online presence and climb the SERP rankings, consider enlisting the expertise of an SEO writer. Trust me, they’re worth their weight in gold!

Read more about SEO for blogging here.

3. Proofreader

Proofreaders are like the unsung heroes of the writing world, swooping in to save the day from pesky typos and grammar gremlins. They have a keen eye for detail and can spot errors that even the most eagle-eyed writers might miss.

In a world where first impressions count, having a proofreader on your side can make all the difference. They ensure that your content is polished to perfection, giving you peace of mind that your message is being communicated clearly and professionally.

Whether it’s a blog post, marketing materials, or an important email, having a proofreader review your work can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes and maintain credibility with your audience.

So next time you’re putting together some written content, consider enlisting the help of a proofreader to give it that extra shine. Your readers will thank you for it!

You can pick up gigs on sites like:

People Per Hour



They aren’t paid great to start with, but once you have a few under your belt and you start to have a small portfolio you can then raise your prices.

You can also look for jobs on Facebay groups.

4. Childminder

Being a childminder can be such a rewarding experience. You get to play a crucial role in shaping young minds and creating a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

From organising fun activities to providing care and support, being a childminder involves wearing many hats. It’s all about creating a space where children feel happy, secure, and able to flourish.

Whether it’s helping with homework, encouraging creativity through arts and crafts, or simply being there to listen when they need someone to talk to, the role of a childminder is diverse and fulfilling.

Every day brings something new and exciting when you’re looking after little ones. It’s not just about supervision; it’s about building relationships, fostering development, and making a positive impact on young lives.

So if you have a passion for working with children and want to make a difference in their lives, becoming a childminder could be the perfect role for you. Embrace the joy of watching children learn and thrive under your care!

5. Dog Walker

If you’re a dog lover looking for a rewarding job, being a dog walker could be the perfect fit for you. Imagine spending your days outdoors, surrounded by furry friends who are always excited to see you – it doesn’t get much better than that!

As a dog walker, your main task is to provide exercise and companionship for dogs while their owners are busy or away. It’s not just about walking – it’s about building relationships with these lovable creatures and ensuring they have a great time while in your care.

Whether you’re strolling through the park, playing fetch in the backyard, or simply giving belly rubs on the couch, being a dog walker allows you to connect with animals on a whole new level. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors while earning some extra cash.

So, if you have a passion for dogs and enjoy being active, consider becoming a dog walker. It’s a wag-tastic opportunity that will fill your days with joy and tail wags galore!

Ok, so not at home all the time, but you can take the kids with you and earn anything from £6-£10 an hour.

6. Ironing

Are you tired of staring at that ever-growing pile of laundry and wishing it would just disappear? Well, what if I told you that you could turn your ironing skills into cold hard cash? That’s right – ironing for money is a real thing!

Many people out there are willing to pay for perfectly pressed clothes but simply don’t have the time or patience to do it themselves. That’s where you come in. By offering your ironing services, you can help busy individuals and families look sharp and polished without lifting a finger.

Whether it’s crisp shirts, neatly pressed trousers, or smooth bed linens, there’s always someone in need of a skilled ironer. You could even offer additional services like garment steaming or delicate fabric care to set yourself apart from the competition.

So why not dust off your ironing board, put on your favourite playlist, and start earning some extra cash with your wrinkle-busting skills? Ironing for money might just be the side hustle you never knew you needed!

7. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great work from home job for mums who want to supplement their income part time.

You don’t need to be in the same room as your student’s ether. Using technology like Skype, you can connect to people all around the world.

Wages are good as a tutor, but you do need to stand out. Think about what you can offer as a tutor and what students could be seeking.

You should think about what specialist area you can tutor, for example if you are interested in fitness and regularly attend the gym you can study to become a personal trainer and then you can either offer personal training services online or begin tutoring for a personal training course company.

8. Data Entry Jobs

When it comes to data entry jobs, the possibilities are endless. These roles encompass a wide range of tasks that involve inputting data accurately and efficiently. Think of positions like Customer Service Agent, Data Administrator, and Data Processor – all vital cogs in the data entry machine.

Whether you’re updating databases, transcribing information, or managing spreadsheets, data entry jobs require precision and attention to detail. It’s all about ensuring that information is recorded correctly and in a timely manner.

If you have a knack for organisation and enjoy working with data, exploring opportunities in data entry could be the perfect fit for you. From maintaining records to processing orders, these roles play a crucial role in keeping businesses running smoothly.

So next time you come across a job listing for a Customer Service Agent or Data Administrator, remember that these positions are at the heart of efficient data management. Dive in and discover the world of data entry – where accuracy meets opportunity!

9. Home Travel Agent

Working as a home travel agent has its perks – no more commuting, flexible hours, and the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home. Imagine setting up appointments, arranging travel itineraries, and providing top-notch service to clients all while in your pajamas!

Just because you’re not in a physical office doesn’t mean you can’t offer the same level of expertise as a high street agent. In fact, you have the advantage of being able to focus solely on your clients without any distractions.

Whether it’s booking flights, finding the perfect hotel, or planning an unforgettable holiday experience, being a home travel agent allows you to do everything a traditional agent does but with the added convenience of working remotely.

So if you have a passion for travel and love helping people create unforgettable memories, becoming a home-based travel agent might just be the perfect career path for you.

10. Social Media Manager

How to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

We all know that social media is creating more work-from-home opportunities than ever.

This role can be done on a freelance level or as a employee. Many businesses still can’t get to grips with all the different platforms and this is where you can fill in the gaps.

To get work, it’s best to start pitching. Have a look at the companies you would love to work for. What should they be doing that they aren’t? What could you do better?

11. Marketing Manager

So, what exactly does a Marketing Manager do? Well, they are the masterminds behind creating and implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services. From conducting market research to analysing consumer behaviour, they are always on the lookout for ways to reach and engage with the target audience.

Marketing Managers work closely with various teams such as advertising, public relations, and sales to ensure that all aspects of a marketing campaign are aligned. They also keep a close eye on industry trends and competitor activities to stay ahead of the game.

In today’s digital age, Marketing Managers often oversee online marketing efforts such as social media campaigns, email marketing, and SEO strategies. They are constantly evaluating data analytics to measure the success of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

Ultimately, a Marketing Manager’s goal is to drive brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and ultimately boost sales. It’s a dynamic role that requires creativity, strategic thinking, and excellent communication skills.

12. Stock Trader

If you have the head for numbers, then trading stocks at home is for you.

Your job would be to buy and sell financial products like stocks and shares in order to get the best rewards for your clients, whether they’re individual people or huge corporations.

Experience in a similar financial capacity works if you need to enter at entry-level.

You can also start trading with just a small amount of your money, to show people what you can do.

13. Product Testing

A Product Tester is essentially someone who gets to try out new products before they hit the market. Sounds like a dream job, right? But it’s not all fun and games – they have an important role in providing feedback on the quality, functionality, and user experience of these products.

These testers play a crucial part in helping companies improve their products by identifying any issues or areas for enhancement. They get to be the voice of the consumers and help ensure that only top-notch products make it to the shelves.

So next time you see a product review online or hear about a new gadget launch, remember that there’s probably a dedicated Product Tester behind the scenes making sure it’s ready for prime time. Cool job, right?

14. Teach English Online

Teaching English online has become a popular and convenient way to share your language skills with students from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or looking to start your teaching journey, the digital realm offers endless opportunities to connect with learners in a virtual classroom setting.

To get started, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a computer or laptop, and a good quality headset. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet are commonly used for online lessons due to their user-friendly interfaces and interactive features.

Creating engaging lesson plans is key to keeping your students motivated and interested. Incorporate multimedia resources such as videos, interactive quizzes, and online games to make learning fun and effective.

Building rapport with your students is essential in an online teaching environment. Encourage open communication, provide constructive feedback, and create a supportive learning atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing themselves in English.

Utilize various teaching tools like whiteboards, screen sharing options, and chat functions to enhance the learning experience for your students. Tailor your lessons according to their proficiency levels and individual learning styles for maximum impact.

Lastly, stay updated on the latest trends in English language teaching methodology by attending webinars, workshops or joining online teaching communities. Continuous professional development will not only benefit your students but also help you grow as an educator in the digital age of online teaching.

15. Content Creater

A content creator is someone who crafts engaging and valuable content for various platforms. This can include writing blog posts, creating videos, designing graphics, or even curating social media posts.

Content creators are like the modern-day storytellers – they have the power to captivate audiences and convey messages effectively. They play a crucial role in shaping brand identities and connecting with target audiences.

Whether it’s a witty caption on Instagram or a thought-provoking article on a website, content creators use their creativity and skills to engage with people in meaningful ways. So next time you come across an engaging piece of content online, remember that there’s a talented content creator behind it all!

16. Call Centre Agent

Green background cartoon showing a laptop with reviews

A call centre agent is like the superhero of customer service, ready to swoop in and save the day when you have a question or issue. These friendly folks are the real MVPs behind those toll-free numbers, always there to lend an ear and offer solutions.

Picture this: you’re stuck with a problem, and you dial that number for help. A call centre agent picks up, armed with knowledge, patience, and a can-do attitude. They’re like human encyclopedias of product info and company policies, helping you navigate through any maze of queries.

From handling complaints to providing technical support or simply offering a friendly voice at the other end of the line, call centre agents are the unsung heroes of customer satisfaction. So next time you ring up for assistance, remember that there’s a dedicated individual on the other side ready to assist with a smile (even if you can’t see it!).

17. Virtual Receptionist

Unless you have contacts, you are going to have to start from scratch. Like above, sign up to the content mills like People Per Hour* and Fiverr* and as your friends so they can keep an eye out.

Having all your social media set up and running can really help show you are serious and a website could show off your skills or host a portfolio.

Work from home business

If going back to the world of employment fills you with dread then why not start your own business. It’s not as scary as it sounds and can start bringing you in a small bit of money in till you have the time to build it up.

Don’t be scared to start. If you have a skill then use it, whatever it may be. You may not even think you have a skill but if you know social media inside out or use eBay all the time then there is a skill!

It’s true you’re going to have a few outlays to start with but unlike a bricks business to start online actually costs very little.

Here are my top 5 tips on what I did when I started this website and my Virtual Assistant business:

Find a need and fill it.

Where’s the gap in the market or could you do something better?

Build a website.

We use WordPress because it’s the easiest platform to use and gives you total freedom. There are so many YouTube videos on how to start out if you are unsure but just pick and theme and get playing with it.

You’ll also need a:

A domain name: This is your www. name that people will search for. Try and think of a name that matches your business or that you think your customers will be searching for. Have a look on social media and Google to check that no one else has it. You can check and purchase domains easily using a site like TSO, who we buy ALL our domains from.

Web hosting: These are the people that will host your website on their server. You want a company you can trust. We’ve used many over the years but TSO Host are a good place to start when you need your online store hosting*. You get 10% with TSO Host by using our code S4SM10%OFF.

Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

Make sure your copy sales and coverts. If you son’t think you have that skill then use a place like People Per Hour* or Fiverr*. Think of it this way. Each task is going to either cost you in time or money. Which one would you rather give up for this task?

Establish yourself as an expert.

Whatever you’re doing make sure you’re the go to person. Hang around in Facebook groups or on Twitter and answer people’s questions on your niche.

Write blog posts for sites that are in your industry so your name gets out. Know what you’re talking about!

Have an email campaign provider.

This is a great way to keep your customers involved with what’s going on and to let them know of any new services or products you are selling. Set it up early even if you don’t plan to email anyone. We use Mailerlite as they have great customer service and easy to build email templates*. (Remember to check the ISO website for GDPR guidelines.)

Then depending on which business below you decide to do will come with a few more costs.

18. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who works from home, who can perform all the nitty-gritty admin jobs that a client needs remotely.

This could be any admin task and is normally a high-paying job with no experience needed. You could be doing anything from scheduling social media to creating marketing images to just answering emails or amending spreadsheets.

A Virtual Assistant is useful for any size business, and as someone who’s worked both sides, as an employer and employee, most Virtual Assistants are very flexible and work on an hour-by-hour payment basis.

You don’t have to have any secretarial experience, a Virtual Assistant business can specialize in anything. Have you got marketing experience? Social media knowledge? Are you organized? Most Virtual Assistants can earn up to £25 an hour.

It’s really simple to become a Virtual Assistant, and set up takes about half an hour.

Read more here on how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Get organized with The Virtual Assistant Essential Tool Kit.

This is the ultimate spreadsheet pack for your virtual assistant business. This is for mums who have never been a Virtual Assistant before but who would like to start working from home.

This is a tool kit for virtual assistants who want to plan their time better.

This value pack includes:

A list of Virtual Assistant essential tools
Invoice template (Word)
Time Card spreadsheet (Excel with pre-made formulas)
Invoice spreadsheet (Excel with pre-made formulas)
Blog post promotion spreadsheet (Excel)
Engagement questions for most niches (Excel)
Facebook schedule (Excel)

The Virtual Assistant Essential Tool Kit can help you land your first client, and keep you on track for when it’s time to invoice.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

£4.99Add to cart

19. Blogging

Blogging can be a great hobby, but also a very good way to earn money and go places with your family that you’ve never even dreamed of before.

You need to find a topic that you are passionate about. Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy writing, you can vlog on YouTube or even just start with a Facebook page.

The good thing about blogging is that you can start for free and earn money in a load of different ways like advertising, through sponsored posts (this is where a brand asks a blogger to write about their branded products), affiliates (where someone buys something after a blogger has written about them), products and courses.

You can start a blog really quickly and easily but will need a domain name, host and website which you can sort yourself quickly. We use WordPress to build Savings 4 Savvy Mums and TSO Host for our domain name. They also offer hosting too and with our code S4SM10%OFF you can get 10% off.

Don’t forget to sign up to a email marketing provider. Many offer you a free service till you hit a certain amount of subscribers. This is a great way to keep all your readers involved in what you’re working on. We use Mailerlite as they offer a great customer service and are very easy to use!

For a walkthrough on how to start a blog and make money, have a look at our blog post here.

Blogging Toolkit

This is the only Blogging Toolkit you will ever need.

It includes:

Everything you need to start your blogging journey in the right way!

This has 15 value-packed templates which includes:

  • SEO Checklist
  • SEO Cheatsheet
  • 100 Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Post Title Ideas
  • Blog Post Creation Checklist
  • Weekly Content Planner (Excel)
  • Income Tracker (Excel)
  • Accounts Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Invoice Template (Word)
  • Affiliates Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Blog Stats Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Blog Post Analysis (Excel)
  • Lead Magnet Ideas
  • 17 Must Have Post Ideas
  • How to Jump Start Your Mailing List Booklet

The Blogging Toolkit can help you start blogging by suggesting what to write and get you ahead on your SEO journey which can help you gain more free views quickly. We have also included an Accounts Spreadsheet and Affiliate Sheet which helps you keep track of your earnings. 

Use our mailing list booklet to start boosting your email list and our lead magnet ideas to help get your audience to join.

This is for anyone who is using blogging to drive traffic to their website. 

Purchase it here now and download it straight away.

20. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a great way of earning money on eBay or Amazon without having your own products. You sell other peoples products but for a mark-up so you make a profit.

A great example of this on the high street are stores like Argos and John Lewis who sell other brands.

To get started in dropshipping and to be successful, you’ll need:

  1. A tracking program that tells eBay when the product is in stock or out of stock. We use Hustle Got Real that pulls our listings if they suddenly go out of stock. They track major UK brands so you don’t have to. Hustle Got Real takes away all the pain of droppshipping and pretty much manages the listings themselves.
  2. An eBay or Amazon Store. We started on eBay just as a private seller. It currently costs 36p to insert a listing so make sure you work out when it’s cheaper to switch to a store.
  3. Time. Again this isn’t a get rich quick scheme but is a great way to make money as a passive income. You need to be on your eBay or Amazon store every day even if you only list one product. They reward you for being active!

Read more about how to make money dropshipping in the uk and how to start eBay dropshipping.

21. Freelance Writing

The internet needs writers and you could be paid to be one of them. Anything goes from game scriptwriters to e-book writers to academic writing.

Many companies pay per word or per article, and pay will depend on your experience and writing abilities.

There’s companies out there that will help you find work as well, but do take a commission on what you earn.

These are sites like:

People Per Hour*



You can also find work on local Facebay or Gumtree sites, and while they might not be the best paid, it means you can build up a portfolio for yourself to show other clients.

Extra money gigs

If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure if going back to work after maternity leave if for you then try dipping your toes into one of these online money makers.

Working from home isn’t easy but these will let into the world of making money from home so you can get a taste of if it’s for you.

Remember that some of these may be taxable via self assessment so it’s always best to check with HMRC what you should or shouldn’t be declaring. 

22. Matched Betting

Matched betting is a completely legal, tried and tested way to make money online while you’re at home. It basically turns the tables on the bookmakers, to give you their free bet offers, so you can’t loose.

If you’re doing it correctly, you will never loose any money, but you do need to take your time and be really careful to avoid any mistakes.

Make sure you understand fully before you deposit any money.

Our matched betting guide is for beginners who want to place their first bet safely, but have no idea how matched betting even works.

We use Outplayed* who offers you free use in till you make £40*. This gives you enough time to work out if matched betting is really for you.

Read more about how Outplayed works here and why we only use them.

23. Trade 212

Trading 212 home page

Trading 212 is a free trading platform that helps you to invest.

The easy to use mobile trading app and website walks you through how to trade by getting you to answer some simple questions on your current knowledge of trading.

They are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so they have to be able to keep your money safe.

Please remember though that with any stocks and shares that your money is at risk. While stocks can rise they can also drop and you can lose money. Please be sure before you invest any money.

Use our free Trading 212 link here to make sure that you get your free share up to £100*.

Read more about how Trade 212 works here and why we use them.

24. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell something on behalf of someone else and get a commission. You advertise someone else’s products and services and when someone buys, you receive a small percentage.

There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there, so whatever you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a scheme for it. It does take a while to build but affiliate marketing is a great passive income earner meaning you only have to set it up once and you’ll keep receiving income.

Remember to research the rules on declaring the links.

Our top five affiliates who are great to work with and we trust are:

Profit Accumulator: A oddmatcher and tracker Mailerlite: A email campaign provider

Switch Craft: They automatically switch you when there’s a better deal Go Henry: A pre-paid pocket money card and app for kids

Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dream into Money*: A blogging course to get you up and running

25. Mystery Shopper

How to Cut Back on your Shopping Bill Easier than Ever Before

Mystery shopping is a great way to make money, but to also get some free items, which will help reduce your family food bill as well.

Being a mystery shopper involves you evaluating the quality of service.

Companies agencies to recruit mystery shoppers to carry out assignments so they get a real view of what is going on. Once the mystery shop is complete, the shopper will fill out a report and you will receive a payment for doing so.

26. Focus Groups

Taking part in focus groups is a great way to make extra money.

Focus groups allow companies to get an idea about how their potential customers will react to their new product or service and make any changes before it is released.

In order to get your valuable feedback, they will pay for your time. You can also complete focus groups online, so you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

27. Test Websites

Testing websites is an easy way to make money that we can all do. WhatUsersDo will pay you £5 for every website you test. You will need to log in and record your voice answering some questions and speaking your thoughts aloud. Each test lasts around 20 minutes, and you get paid monthly.

If you’re just looking for a bit of extra money that you can do on the go, then this list is for you.

28. Money Making Apps

Lady hand holding a phone

There’s so many apps that can help you make money while you’re on your phone. Here’s a full list of money making apps that can help you make some money on the side.

29. Make Cash From Your Driveway

This applies to anything to do with your home really.

From loft or garage space to parking to rooms to even renting your home out as a film set.

Storemates is the best place to look at if you like the storage route, just remember to ask what’s in the boxes, as it may invalidate your own insurance. Oh, also remember you may have to pay tax, so remember to declare it on a self-assessment.

Just Park is a good site if you fancy letting out your drive. If you live near a train station, hospital or a city center, then you’re sure to earn a bob or two a month.

If you like the sound of your home being used in a film or on TV (plus, the major bragging rights, right?) then look into Lavish Locations  and Shoot Factory. You don’t need to have a manor house to apply, look at the Dursleys house in Harry Potter.

30. Online Surveys

Man typing on laptop

A handy little earner that you can do on your laptop while watching TV. You won’t necessarily make bundles of cash, but for just 20 minutes or so work, you could make a few pounds.

These are the one’s I’ve used before but there are plenty floating about that payout in either vouchers or cold hard cash:

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is an easy to use survey site that we’ve never had screen us out, which happens more than you’d think. You can reach the payment limit quite quickly while finding loads of different surveys that interest you.

The payment threshold is just £5 so you get paid really quickly too.

Join Prolific Academic here for free.*


YouGov is a great place to answer questions on today’s problems. The surveys normally involve your view on large companies, the government or your local council. You only need 50 points to cash out which is £50.

They are really interesting surveys to complete and they do email you every time they have one to complete.

Use our link here to sign up free to YouGov*

Oh My Dosh

OhMyDosh is a survey site and cashback site combined. You can make money by answering their surveys which then goes into your account as credit. When you have reached the limit you can cash out!

Surveys can range from anything from watching videos to answering questions about what you last brought online.

We use OhMyDosh a lot as it’s really easy to use while out and about.

The per survey threshold is low but the payout is £10 and that shouldn’t take too long to get too. Payout can be made through PayPal.

Join OhMyDosh* here and get a free £1 added to your account.

Read more about what we think of OhMyDosh and how it works here.

31. Cashback Sites

Weirdly, not many of us use cashback sites, which is strange, as you can earn money back from just buying your normal day to day items. From grocery shopping to insurance to household bills!

Search for what you need and buy it through a cashback site and you’ll get back a percentage of what you spend. I currently use Quidco, but there are loads out there just as good. Sign up here for free to get £15 added to your account when you reach the £5 threashold.*

Don’t leave your money sat there. As soon as you hit the threshold, cash it out. You never know what’s around the corner…

32. Get Paid to Google

Nope, this isn’t a joke!

You can earn hard cash by searching the web with Qmee. Just download the add-on, which sits on your internet browser, and search like you would normally.

Qmee shows you extra results or adverts. All the extras you see have been paid for by companies who want extra eyeballs on their links, and Qmee gives you a cut for that.

It’s not loads, but at 7-15p a click, some being up to £1, for doing what you’d normally do anyway, it’s certainly worth a go!

33. Flog Your Old Stuff Online

When it comes to the internet, your old junk really is someone else’s gold.

Starting off on eBay is probably the easiest bet, and being protected by their guidelines and Paypal gives you the guarantee you really will see your money. This guide here by MSE is the best I’ve found so far.

Facebook is another fab place. There are hundreds of local Facebay and Babybay selling groups out there, all divided up by local area and object you are selling.

Facebook has also made it easier with its marketplace tool. It lets you discover, buy and sell items in your community and anyone or everyone near you or looking for that item will see.

34. Now let’s talk about traders

There are loads of these companies around. You know the ones, that shout about swapping your old stuff for a cheque in the post.

While these sites are easy to use and give you an instant quote for all your knick-knacks, they’re aren’t exactly fast to payout.

Remember to compare them all, never pay postage unless you HAVE to and make sure your items are packed well, so there is no excuse for them not to pay out.

The best ones to look out for are WeBuyBooks, who do, weirdly, take everything and CeX, who takes everything but books.

Price-wise, you’re looking at getting up to £1 for CDs, £1.50 for DVDs and £10 for some computer games, but this does vary.

Always shop around, and dip your head in and out of the high street chains too, as you never know when they might offer a better deal.

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35. Get Paid To Watch TV

You can earn anything from £40-£70 just for watching TV for two hours and chatting about it. Online streaming is also available. Check out The Viewers site for more info.

Returning to work after maternity leave isn’t an easy choice but hopefully a few of these have given you ideas to help you back into the work place.

Laura x

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