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7 Typing Jobs From Home That All Mums Could Do

7 Typing Jobs From Home That All Mums Could Do

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Here are 7 typing jobs from home that you can do without any experience. This post includes where to find the jobs and how to start if you are new by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #makingmoney #typingjobs #jobsfromhome #homeworking

Including part-time jobs and businesses you can start from home

Are you looking for part-time work from home, to fit around school times? If you have typing skills then why not use them to make money from home.

If you have a computer at home and are looking to make money online then becoming a typist might be for you. Some of these jobs might be slow burners and some pay quickly. It is easy to make a full-time income online but like all businesses you get out what you put in.

You don’t need any special skills but you do need to be on your guide for what you should be charging, how to get paid, taxes and scams.

This guide lists 7 typing jobs for home that you can do around the kids. You don’t have to work full time, part-time works too. Do it around your life and your kids.

These are all great jobs you can do from anywhere including travelling the World. Read more about what’s it like to travel and work remotely here.

Are typing jobs from home legitimate?

Yes, they are but you do have to be wary on how much they pay. All of it comes down to experience and if you have a portfolio.

There’s a range of typing jobs like audio typist, data entry, customer service and admin roles.

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Are typing jobs genuine?

Yes, there are loads of typing jobs out there. Many do require you to be self-employed through but that doesn’t mean that employed typing jobs aren’t out there. It just means that they are more sort after but may not be what you are looking for.

Making sure that you use the right platforms to start your journey especially if you don’t have a writing portfolio or any references.

How online typing jobs work?

Like all freelance gigs you need to find them first.

We started on People Per Hour* and Fiverr*.

These are content mill sites. They work by people putting jobs on and freelancers bidding for the gig. This is a race to the bottom but by starting on these sites it gave us contacts that then passed us on work outside of the platforms.

Some typist jobs are advertised as home based on job sites like Indeed. Have a look and remember to set up Google Alerts so that you don’t have to keep looking back at the sites.

Make sure you track your time and what you are doing! It’s so easy to lose track of time or what you are doing. Use my Virtual Assistant Pack here that includes things like time sheets and invoice templates.

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Top tips for beginners who want to find typist jobs

1. Remember to cash out every time a client makes a payment in one of the above sites. Unlike banks, your cash isn’t protected and there’s nothing stopping them from taking your cash if they suddenly go under.

2. Set up a dedicated email address. This means that you can clearly see your work and don’t have to find it through all the spam.

3. Don’t expect the money or clients to roll in. You have to actively find them. Using the content mills as well as advertising your services across social media and in local groups will help you to get work but it can start slow.

4. Remember that any think you makeover £1000 will need to be declared to the taxman. Make sure you know the update to date rules by visiting the HMRC website or by phoning them.

5. Don’t pay for anything! They should be paying you.

6. You don’t need any equipment to start. Just an email account, computer and a Word-like writing tool. Once you decide that it’s for you, you can always invest in things like a foot pedal to made the sound file stop and start at will but that’s not needed if you’re just starting out.

7 home typing jobs UK

Audio typing

This is when someone sends you an audio file and you need to type it out. You may get paid by the word or by recording length.

If your typing is really good then you may only have to listen to it once but we found this hard so ended up listening to it twice as a quality check.


This is when a client will send you anything like a video file or even something in another language (if you can read and write it of course) and they get you to type it out.

Again, you can charge by word or by file, that’s up to you or your client.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a great way to work from home. As a virtual assistant, you can pretty much do anything including typing, social media or data entry.

You really can be a jack of all trades. Some clients may need you to do some research and put it into their system, some may want you to clear their current data. It really does depend on the client.

The best thing about being a virtual assistant is that you get to do a wide range of tasks while offering your clients any of your other skills like blog writing or social media.

Setting up as a virtual assistant is easy as you only really need a laptop to start with. You may need first internet speed if you are uploading videos for your clients and an office suite if you are typing a lot out.

Read more about how to be become a Virtual Assistant and work from home here. 

Data Entry

Data entry is really easy to get into if you have little experience. You don’t need any special training as you are given all the information you need to transfer to a document.

You will need to be able to type and enter information as directed into a certain spreadsheet or application. They may even ask you to enter the data into their own content management system. There are forms of data entry that you do need some experience in like medical or court reports.

Data entry can seem repetitive but the scope of the work you could do is huge.

Captioning Videos

A bit like transcribing but this is when you listen to the audio or video file and you create the words for the video.

You do need to be exact when captioning. You have to try and hear around any background noise or distraction. The good thing is that captioning is so varied. You could be captioning for a lecture one minute or for a blogger on YouTube the next.

If you decide to take a live captioning job then it can be demanding. Real-time captioning means that as the live program is broadcast you are adding the titles to it as it goes. There may be a very short delay but not very long! You need to be quick at typing and know what is said quickly.

For some of the roles, you do need proof of typing skill. You may need shorthand or proof of how quickly you can type.

You don’t need much to start exact headphones and a computer but if you start to bid for the higher paid roles you may need more specialized equipment.


This may sound quite obvious but being a generic typist can get you good work.

You could be asked to type out text from an image or even describe the image that you’ve been given into words. You could be asked to re-type out scanned or pre-computer pages or even describe what data in an Excel spreadsheet means into a presentation.

If you have some creative writing experience then you may be asked to expand on a fiction or non-fiction work that’s half done. Anything is possible. Get a portfolio together!

Small Tasks

If you’re looking for quick jobs around the kids then look at Mircrotasking. This involves some tasks that can be done quickly and easily. This does mean that they are not well paid but if you’re looking for quick money then they may be for you.

These jobs could be anything from copying and pasting work that’s been done but that needs reformatting or even looking over a PowerPoint presentation and adding notes.

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Laura x

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