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This is how to cook the best Christmas day dinner. It may be on a budget but no one will now if you use our free Christmas dinner shopping list too by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #ChristmasDinner #ChristmasFoods

Christmas dinner

Including a Christmas dinner shopping list

The cost of cooking a Christmas day dinner is rising, with the average Christmas day menu coming in at a whopping £10.71 per person. But with a bit of planning, it’s still possible to have an indulgent Christmas dinner on the cheap.

Fabulous Christmas Menu on a Budget

Christmas day dinner on a budget can be done, especially when you use sites like Muscle Foods who offer premium meats and hampers*.

Last year, we needed to feed eight, and took advantage of Muscle Foods Luxury Premium Turkey Hamper* that was just £45, down from £73.50.

Feeding eight at Christmas is no mean feat, but by being a bit savvy with your money, you can easily feed everyone on the day for under four pounds a head.

Christmas menu without breaking the bank

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What was included in the £45 Christmas hamper:

3.4kg Luxury Fresh Turkey
6x75g Meaty Breakfast Pork Sausages
10x35g Breakfast Bacon Medallions
10x35g Unsmoked streaky bacon
16x 28g Chipolata Sausages
454g Pork Sausage Meat
10 x 25g Pigs in Blankets
12x30g Sage and Onion Stuffing Balls
2kg Whole Roasting Potatoes
1kg Whole Carrots
500g Unpeeled Brussels Sprouts
800g Whole Red Cabbage

How to have a budget Christmas day dinner

This may sound counterintuitive, but buying a bigger turkey than you need and using it as leftovers can often work out cheaper per kilo.

It’s often a myth that healthy or organic meats are more expensive. Using a service like Muscle Foods cuts out the middleman, and can deliver fresh produce and meat to your door. Giving you a memorable Christmas dinner at a lower cost!

All this could, of course, be done using one of the discounter stores or maybe even one of the big four. They all lower their prices in the lead-up, with one discounter store selling Christmas vegetables for just 29p, so it’s worth looking around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Christmas Party Ideas: This is How to do Christmas Dinner on a Budget

What our traditional Christmas day dinner looks like

Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen 3.4 kg
Unsmoked Streaky Bacon
Pigs in Blankets
Sage and Onion Stuffing Balls
Whole Roasting Potatoes
Whole Carrots
Unpeeled Brussels Sprouts
Whole Red Cabbage
gravy granules

This is based on the above package from Muscle Foods* and using gravy granules.

If you’re looking for some Christmas day starters then have a look at our huge list here.

What was actually ate:

Half Luxury Fresh Turkey Hen 3.4 kg £15.00
5 Unsmoked Streaky Bacon £1.10
10 Pigs in Blankets £2.50
12 Sage and Onion Stuffing Balls £2.50
1.5kg Whole Roasting Potatoes £5.63 (includes all veg below)
750g Whole Carrots
500g Unpeeled Brussels Sprouts
600g Whole Red Cabbage
3tsp of gravy granules 15p

Cooked Total: £26.88 = £3.36 a Head for 8 people

Everything that isn’t eaten, wrap up tight into air packed boxes and put into the fridge ready to turn into leftovers.

Make any leftover meals the next day, and freeze any you aren’t going to use this week.

Leftovers we made out of our Christmas day dinner are:

Turkey Egg Fried Rice
Turkey Carcass Soup
Baked Turkey Pesto Alfredo
Leftover Turkey Casserole
Red Cabbage, Bacon and Potato Hash
Egg and Bacon Muffins
Turkey Korma
Turkey Meatballs
Turkey Smothered Sweet Potatoes
Turkey Sandwiches

Check out our 13 Christmas dinner leftovers. Use what’ve you brought to feed the family for a week, and all these came in at under £1 a head. 

Everything that wasn’t part of the Christmas menu was made from food in my cupboards. None of it is life changing, just simple kitchen staples that we all have around, like tinned tomatoes, puree, eggs and rice.

Not all the hamper was used for our big Christmas day dinner, so the next day we also had a huge Boxing Day breakfast which included:

6 x 75g Meaty Breakfast Pork Sausages £2.50
8 Breakfast Bacon Medallions £3.12
Tin of beans 30p
3 Eggs 21p

£6.13 = £1.53 a head for 4 people

Plus, we still had sausages to use so made:

Sausage Hot Pot

This sausage hot pot is very simple and it froze really well.

800g tins tomatoes 68p
Baked beans 30p
10 Chipolata Sausages £1.90
25g brown sugar 5p

Total: £2.93 = 73p a head

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Sausage Plaits

The kids love helping me make this simple sausage plait. It lasts all week and is perfect for lunch boxes.

227g Pork Sausage Meat £1.75
320g puff pastry £1.50

Total: £3.25 = 81p a head for 4 people

Sausage and Maple Syrup Traybake

6 Chipolata Sausages £1.08
2 tbsp maple syrup 6p
herbs 5p
2 tbsp wine vinegar 5p
Swede 50p
Red onion 24p
3 apples 96p

Total: £2.94 = 73p head

This makes the Muscle Foods Hamper really good value, especially if you think that we made 15 different meals with it!*

What do you think? Could you make dinner for eight for under four pounds? Let us know in the comments below.

Laura x

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This is how to cook the best Christmas day dinner. It may be on a budget but no one will now if you use our free Christmas dinner shopping list too by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #ChristmasDinner #ChristmasFood

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