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27 Leftover Lamb Recipes That Are Family Friendly

27 Leftover Lamb Recipes That Are Family Friendly

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Here are 27 leftover lamb recipes that are budget friendly and perfect for leftovers. We also give you ideas on saving money on your groceries by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #leftoverlambrecipes #leftoverlamb #lambrecipes #cheaprecipes

Including how to make lamb stock and a lamb leftover meal plan

If you have leftover roast lamb laying around the house then using it up can really help you save money on your shopping bill.

Using leftovers to make your weekly meals is a great way to save money and have healthy food ready when your family needs it.

There’s nothing worse than having leftovers after your Sunday lunch and being unsure what to do with them.

The thing about lamb is, is that it’s such a versatile meat to have as a leftover. You really can put it with everything from rice, to pasta to even having it on pizza. You just need to decide what you fancy and go right ahead.

There’s really no need to waste this beautiful meat. You can use this meat to fill up your meal plan for the next week.

Don’t be scared of it. Lamb can be stored safely by being cooled at room temperature within the first hour then put into the back of the fridge.

You can keep the lamb in the fridge for up to three days or up to two months in the freezer. Make sure you fully defrost the lamb. Please don’t re-freeze. Make sure that the lamb is steaming hot before you eat it.

If you’re worried about quality as well as price then have a look at Muscle Foods*. They offer a delivery service which means your lamb or whatever meat you need to delivered straight to your door.

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Free Money Saving Printables

If you need to save your family money then have a look at our Resource Vault. We have over 15 free money saving printables for you to download and use as many times as you like.

We have included everything from Aldi meal plans to slow cooker shopping lists.

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How to make lamb stock

If you have a lamb joint leftover then why not use the bones as homemade stock. You can then use it in a wide range of lamb dishes like stews or cottage pie.

It does take a while to cook down so make sure you have an afternoon spare to keep an eye on it.

Our full leftover lamb stock recipe can be found here.

It’s really a simple step of stripping the meat off the bones. Put any useable meat to one side for the dishes below and add the bones to water to steam.

Add some thyme and parsley to the water and bones and leave for three hours or in till the mixture looks thick.

Sieve the bones and any lumps out. You’ll then have the perfect lamb stock you can keep or freeze for when you need it. Homemade so you know exactly what’s in it!

What are some quick diced lamb recipes?

Diced lamb is great if you have leftover lamb joint. Our top 9 diced lamb recipes are:

1. Lamb tagine
2. Lamb hotpot
3. Lamb stir fry
4. Lamb kebabs
5. Lamb coconut curry
6. Lamb stuffing
7. Lamb salad
8. Lamb meatballs
9. Lamb potato pie

What can I cook with leftover lamb?

You can cook anything with leftover lamb including lamb stew, curries and lamb tagine.

Don’t let your Sunday roast go to waste. You can easily strip off the meat from the bones or if you have a joint cut it up into small chunks for a lovely shepherds pie.

Our top leftover lamb recipes are below. We’ve put them in order that we love them.

If you’re worried about cooking some of these, have a look at Spicentice*. They offer a spice delivery service that has everything you need on it from how to prep your meat, ingredients and a shopping list to make the meal.

It’s a great resource for any parent who wants to learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch. You can get 20% off at the checkout by using our link here and quoting LASAVE20.

We’ve made loads of meals with Spicentice like:

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Don’t let your leftover lamb hang about in the back of the fridge. Use our 27 leftover lamb recipe ideas to use all that tasty meat up.

Greek pasticcio
Spiced lamb curry
Lamb Tagine
Lamb Kebabs
Greek lamb pittas
Pesto lamb pasta
Lamb burger
Grilled meatball sub
Sweet pepper lamb curry
Meatball pasta
Spaghetti Bolognese
Jacket Potato
Cottage pie
Pasta Bake
Stir Fry
Lamb stew/Casserole
Shepherd’s pie
Easy lamb biryani
Lamb rogan josh
Lamb with Couscous
Lamb quesadilla
Lamb noodle salad
Lamb frittata
Lamb pie

All these lamb leftover recipes are family-friendly and great if you are on a strict budget.

If your family likes lamb then why not buy lamb mince or cut off’s for delicious lamb curry.

A lot of these easy lamb leftovers can be made cheaply with the right kitchen staple ingredients.

Check your cupboards and see if you have any the below in. Stock up the below ingredients as they work for most budget-friendly meals.

Our full list of kitchen staples can be found here but if you can only afford a few then we suggest:

Curry powder

Salt & Pepper

All Mixed Spice




Plain Flour

00 flour or bread flour

Porridge Oats

Baking Powder


Canned Tomatoes

Tomato Puree


Coconut Milk

Tinned potatoes

How to save money off your groceries

If you’re looking to save money off your food bill then you’ve come to the right place! Saving money on your groceries is the easiest way to keep more money in your pocket.

You can start saving money straight away by:

Meal planning

Use our free pre-made meal plans and shopping lists in our Resource Vault so you don’t even have to think. Meal planning is a really quick and easy way that you can shop to stop you buying more food than you need.

If you’re struggling to fill your own meal plan then have a look at these posts:

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Use cash back sites

We use OhMyDosh* which is a really easy to use cash back site that gives you money back every time you shop through them.

Before you buy anything online check if you can get cash back on it through OhMyDosh.

If you haven’t signed up to OhMyDosh* yet then use our link here to get a free pound added to your account. 

You can read more about OhMyDosh and how it works here. 

We also use Quidco* which is another cash back site that pays out quite quickly. It’s worth searching both of them before you buy anything online.

Buy more

Sometimes it could be worth buying more than you need. This works for meat for example. It may be worth buying more lamb or chicken so you can make more meals. Most of the time the bigger the meat the cheaper it is per kilogram.

We use online retailers like Muscle Foods* which supply us with frozen meat that we can freeze straight away. That means we can just defrost whatever we are using to stop waste.

Use your slow cooker

Using a slow cooker and cooking from scratch means that you will always come home to a delicious meal without hassle. We use our slow cooker on night’s when we know we will be home late.

Decide on what to cook the week before and fill your slow cooker in the morning and turn it on. When you get home everything should be ready with no fuss.

Use our post below to get some slow cooker inspiration:

31 Aldi Slow Cooker Recipes For The Whole Family

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