Earn Extra Cash for Christmas_ Here's How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Earn Extra Cash for Christmas: Here’s How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

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Earn Extra Cash for Christmas!

Regardless of what electronic device you have, even as a beginner, there’ll a load of ways you can boost your income from home. Some may be slow burners, but you could earn an extra £500 plus by just sitting on your sofa.

Inspired by the amazing Emma Drew’s “Make £1000 for Christmas Challenge”, I decided to give it a go.

This guide includes 17 legit ways to earn money online for free. So if you need money for Christmas, then read on, as this includes everything from watching videos online at home to getting out and about in your local town.

17 top paying ways to earn money online without paying anything

Before you start, there are a few things you need to know.

One thing to remember is that each of these sites may only pay small amounts when you add it together, it’s actually a lot.

Cash Out Straight Away

These companies aren’t banks, there is no protection for your money. If the company goes under, so does your cash, so withdraw all your earnings straight away.

Use a Different email address

You’ll be inundated with emails. Setting up a dedicated online earning email address will make it easier for you to see when the paid tasks are available.

Patience is key

It can take a while to earn enough to cash out. Keep going, as otherwise, you’ve done all that work for nothing!


Everything you earn has to be declared. Chances are, this won’t push you over the threshold if you’re close, but it makes zero difference.

Whatever you earn, must be declared so that HMRC can take their cut. It’s normally around a third but does depend on your circumstances.

Registering as self-employed is easy, but make sure you keep as much paperwork and a little spreadsheet of all your extra income handy, so when it comes to declaring, you’re not frantically trying to find the details.

Spend Vouchers quickly

Always choose cash if you can, but if you don’t have the option then spend the cards straight away. This reduces the chance of them going out of date or becoming invalid.

Make Money Online Easily

Watch videos and play games

Swagbucks* is a fun and easy to use site that pays you to complete shorts online tasks in exchange for virtual money. This can then be swapped for real money or vouchers.

You can sign up for Swagbucks* here and receive a few extra points.

The tasks can be random. Filling in polls, watching videos and using it to search for products instead of Google is the norm.

The more you do the more earn as each task is paid differently.

This is a great site for those who want a quick task. I’ve earned £25 a month for three months now, so it is possible to make money. To cash out, you need about £3 to £4 in rewards.

Survey sites

Online survey sites or apps can make you £100s of pounds a year. Just give your view and watch the cash come in. Some only pay pennies but one or two I’ve done do pay £1 a survey. At just 3-5 minutes long sat on your bum, that’s a no-brainer.

Money for Googling

Making money online couldn’t be simpler here. Using Qmee, you can earn by just searching the web.

Qmee is an internet add-on, so you can search like you would normally, but next to the searches will be extra results. These are adverts from businesses that have paid Qmee to advertise.

If you see something that interests you, click the link and you’ll earn some money, normally around 7-13p, but I have been paid £1 once!

This is great if you have the time to click through ads. The most I’ve earned is £5 a month, so it is a slow burner.

Cash is paid via Paypal but the great thing is that there is no limit, so you can cash out at any time.

Fun = cash

Gift Hunter Club gives you points for watching videos or to enter competitions.

These can then be swapped for cash through Paypal or for Amazon vouchers.

Watch the exchange rate though, as everything is paid in dollars, so one week it may be worth more opting for vouchers when another week it may be better in cash.

Use this if you already have your head around Swagbucks, as this isn’t as user friendly. I earned about £5 a week on average.

Make money watching videos

Maximilles lets you watch videos and earn high street vouchers. The clips are short, and often there are new ones every day.

You can also get points for completing surveys, reading emails or just shopping.

This is great for anyone who has zero time. I earned about £4-£5 a month. Payment is in vouchers. I chose John Lewis.


This is another site where you can make money at home for free. The coin convert into rewards like Amazon vouchers and the tasks are mega easy and fun.

I’ve made about £5 a month. You can be paid via Paypal or Amazon vouchers.


There are loads out there, with dedicated Facebook groups set up for them. Yep, it is luck, but if you enter enough of them, then you’ll win at some point.

I’ve won champagne, a day out with the family and a weekend away.

Free money

Cashback sites like Quidco give you money for just clicking, so you don’t even need to buy.

I received £2 from TopCashback when I received a quote from GoCompare through them, something I was going to do anyway!

Read Adverts

Give Qudtodian a go. Download the app and chose what you like and they send you adverts matching your interests.

You get paid when you respond to messages or watch videos.

They pay via Paypal or BACS when you earn £10.

This is great if you have a lot of patience as it takes a while to reach the £10 payout. I think it took me about seven months.

Need to earn extra cash for Christmas? Then here are 17 sure ways to make cash that won’t cost you a penny. #MakingMoneyOnline #MakeMoney #WorkatHome


Snap photos

Field Agent is like being a spy (or how I’d imagine it is anyway.) They send you market research tasks via an app and you choose if you want to do it.

It could be checking prices in a store or taking a photo of a product. You are competing against others for the tasks, so you won’t get lucky every time.

It pays anything from £2 to £10 a task and is perfect if you don’t mind popping out every now and again.

Spot Jobs

Job Spotter pays you to snap pictures of job ads as you see them.

So if you see a restaurant asking for staff or a shop pleading for help, then snap it and upload it.

Odd jobs

Roamler pays you to do market research, so you may be buying bananas to picture them or photographing a menu as you walk past.

This is an invite-only app though. If you follow them on Facebook, they give away handy tips on how to get approved.

It pays well, anything from £2-£8 a job and there’s no minimum payout.

Answer questions

A bit like a treasure hunt, Streetspotr is an app that lets you carry out small tasks. You could be asked to check that an item is on a menu or to take a picture of a product or buy a drink.

This is great if you live near a high street as most jobs are shop based. I made around £10 one month and it was easy. There’s no payout limit either.

Market Research with a Twist

Task 360 is an iPhone only app that helps companies solve their logistical issues, like a sat nav telling people to go down a one way for instance.

Tasks can be as simple as checking a billboard light is working or if a new street has just popped up.

They pay around £5-£10 for about 15 minutes work. The jobs go mega quick though, so check every day before 9 am to bag them.

Walk and earn

Clic and Walk is a good app if you don’t mind being out and about. It pays low, but you only need to earn £3 to cash out.

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Testing websites

Sign up for What Users Do to test businesses websites. It pays around £5 for 15 minutes work, and the tasks are simple, like giving feedback on a homepage or testing a page is working.

You do need a computer and microphone though as feedback recorded using your voice.

It’s a good earner. I’ve made around £25 a month and they pay via Paypal.

Real Remote working

Lionbridge is a serious earner. It offers you a real job from home. The downside, you need to offer at least ten hours a week.

Qualifications are needed, normally a degree or above, but not always, and jobs can be as simple as checking search results or testing apps.

I trialed it and was paid £150 in one month but could have made more. Jobs go fast but there have been times when I seen over 100 jobs advertised.

Have you tried any of these apps? Do you make money from them? Let me know in the comments below.

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