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The Best Saving Water Tips for Families

The Best Saving Water Tips for Families

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This is how to save water at home

This is how to save water in your daily life. These are all really easy tips to water saving that can save you money too.

This isn’t just about saving money but about helping the environment too.

Water conservation strategies

While saving water can save you money, we can all do our bit to help prevent water pollution and fewer emissions. Saving water in your home can also prevent your water systems from failing quicker or overloading the system that pumps water into your home.

Think of it this way; the less water you use the less it costs you and the environment.

How to save water in daily life

Our water saving tips below will help you to save money as a family as well as helping you to reduce water coming from your home.

All these tips are really easy to do and can save you a lot of money in the longer term. We cover everything from drinking water to water meters and even when to flush the toilet.

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Ways to conserve water at home

These are all easy ways to cut water down in your home and reduce how much water your family uses.

Turn off the tap

When cleaning your teeth, turn the tap off in between brushing. It saves so much water at money!

Fill up the bowl

Wash your dishes once a day. Fill up your washing bowl three-quarters high but don’t leave it to run free. Turn it off before it overflows.

Use a dishwasher

Did you know that most dishwashers use less water than washing by hand? Pick a dishwasher that has an A Star rating.

No rinsing

There’s no need to rinse your bowls before you put them in the dishwasher.

Use one glass

Pick a glass and use that all day for all your drinks.

Soak posts

Instead of stubbing any pots you have, leave them to soak. This means less waste in the water so you shouldn’t have to change it so quickly.

Garbage disposal

Use the garbage disposal only for liquid. That way you won’t have to run the tap to clear the pipes.

Washing fruit

If you need to wash your fruit and vegetables then do it with any pre-poured water you have. Even cooled down boiling water will work.

Thawing food

Defrost food safely by leaving it in the fridge instead of running it under warm-hot water.

Instant heater

Have an instant water heater tap installed. This would give you hot water straight away so you don’t have to run the tap and wait for your water to get hot.


If you like drinking cold water then add a jug of water to your fridge every morning. This means that you have instant cold water without having to keep the tap running.

Reuse leftover water

If you use any water to steam or cook your vegetables then make sure you save it. You can use it again throughout the day.

Use a little bit

Before you fill something up, think, do you really need that much water?

Pan-size counts

Try and pick the right size pan for the job. If you are cooking for fewer people then pick a smaller pan as it needs less water to boil.

Ice cubes

If you drop any ice cubes on the floor, you can still use them. Add them to your household plants so they can have a drink too.

Collect all water

If you do decide to rinse your fruit and vegetables then try and collect all the water. You can use that throughout the day instead.

Washing machine

Before you use the washing machine, make sure it’s filled up to the max for the best use.

Buying new

If you need a new washing machine then make sure you buy one with the best Energy Star rating you can. This will help you save electricity and water.

Tips for water saving in the bathroom

These water conservation tips can save your family money and help you cut down on how much water you use.


Replace your showerhead with a more water-efficient one. The best way to find out how your shower head is performing is my putting a bucket in the shower with you and see how quickly it fills up.

Shorter showers

Time yourself and try to keep your showers to ten minutes or less. This could save you a lot of money month on month.

Toilet leaks

Check if your toilet leaks as this could be costing you more money than you thought.

Add the bath plug

Make sure the bath or sink plug is in before you turn on the taps. Watch the bath and adjust the water temperature as you go.

Flush once

If it’s just a wee then there is no need to flush.

Dual flush

Having a dual flush can really help to save you water. You push one side for a wee, which takes less water, and the other side for a poo which is a stronger flush.

Washing your hair

Turn off the shower while washing your hair. This could save you at least 100 gallons a month.

Washing hands

Turn off the tap while you lather up your hands.

No tissues

Put any tissue in the bin to be recycled. This saves a bit flush for the toilet.

Stop drips

Think of every drip as money down the drain. Check your showerheads and taps to make sure that they aren’t dripping.

Collect the colder water

Collect all the water that runs out of the tap while you are waiting for it to heat up. You can use this throughout the day for any other cooking you need to do.

Practical ways of saving water

These tips on how to save water are all things that we could all be doing. The bonus is that they save you money as well.

Paddling pools

Instead of filling up the paddling pool, get a water sprinkler head and have fun that way. It uses less water and waters the garden at the same time.

Lawn care

If you are filling up the paddling pool then use the water for the garden when you are done.

Water bill

Checking your water bill every month is a great way to find out if you have any leaks at home. If it suddenly shoots up then you know you have a problem.

Fix-it quick

If you spot a leak then fix it quick as it could cost you money. Grab a wrench and fix the tap if you can.

Reuse towels

You don’t need to wash your towels every time you use them. Just once a week is fine unless they are really dirty.

Fill up white goods

Only put on the white goods like the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full up. This is the best way to use your water wisely.

Outside water-saving ideas

Fix any hose leaks

See some water coming out of the tap end of your hose? Fix it quick or replace it as that’s water that is going to waste.

Water butt

Buy a water butt that collects rainwater. You can then use this to water all your garden plants on hot days saving your water bill.

Choose dry plants

Plant plants that like the heat and less water.

Reduce your grass

Grass loves water and wet environments. To save money, cut down on your grass space.

Watch the slopes

If you have a sloping garden then try and plant at the bottom of it. It means that any running water will filter down and water the plants for you.


Start your own compost pile. This means that you can spread it on your flowers which will in turn keep them damp and moist.

Lawn clippings

Once you’ve cut the grass, leave the clippings on the grass. This helps to keep the grass cool which in turn means that it needs less water.

Check your lawn

Every few days in the summer check your lawn. It doesn’t need watering every day. Step on it and if it bounces back then you know it’s fine. Once it starts to droop then give it a water.

Weed your grass

Weeding your grass and flowers means that they get all the water instead of the weed.

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