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When it comes to turkey, however small your bird, there always seems to be leftovers.

While there’s still a place for the humble turkey sandwich; you really can do a lot with this versatile lean meat.

Safety First

Make sure your turkey is completely cool before you refrigerate, and freeze within the first 90 minutes if possible.

Leaving the turkey on the kitchen side all day may make it unsafe to eat, so before you sit down, decide what you’re doing to do with it.

Leftover turkey should be eaten within two days but can be frozen for up to three months. Freeze it in portions, but sealing it in a reuseable freezer bag or container and labeling it up.

If you’re putting your turkey in the fridge, then place it in the middle shelf, saving your bottom half for any raw meat or fish.

7 Leftover Diced Turkey Recipes

Turkey Egg Fried Rice

This is really easy to make and quick to cook, this turkey egg fried rice stir fry is cheap and cheerful. Bung anything in and you have dinner for the family for just 67p a head.

Handful Turkey £1.87

2 Egg 14p

250g Rice 31p

60g Frozen peas 5p

2 tsp Soy sauce 4p

100g Frozen onion 15P

100g Frozen peppers 13p

Total: £2.69 = 67p a head for 4 people

Turkey Carcass Soup

This turkey carcass soup does take around 2 hours to cook, but it can be left to its own devices in a pan or slow cooked over night to get all the turkey off.

Turkey carcass

250g Potatoes 31p

125g Carrots 31p

100g Frozen onion 15p

100g Cabbage 31p

400g Tin tomatoes 34p

1 tsp Worchester sauce 2p

Herbs 4p

Total: £1.48 = 37p a head for 4 people

Baked Turkey Pesto Alfredo

This baked turkey pesto alfredo is a really simple dish that my kids love! Perfect for defrosted turkey and dice it as small as you want.

25g Butter 14p

25g Plain flour 9p

600ml Milk 26p

350g Pasta 24p

Handful turkey £1.87

100g Cheese 95p

400g Tin tomatoes 34p

3 tbs Pesto 5p

Total: £3.94 = 98p per head for 4

Leftover Turkey Casserole

I love this turkey casserole recipe. My kids like the turkey diced really small and then whizzed with my hand blender, but the recipes says just chucks is fine.

200g Frozen Onions 30p

1 Apple 32p

Herbs 5p

25g Plain flour 9p

300ml Stock 10p

2 tbsp Honey 5p

Handful of turkey £1.87

50g Whole red cabbage 15p

100g Whole roasting potatoes 15p

62g Whole carrots 15p

Total:  £3.63 = 90p a head for 4 people

Turkey Korma

We all have our favourite curry recipe, but I like this one as it’s

There’s loads of recipes out there. I like this turkey korma because the kids will actually eat it, but I amend when goes in depending on what I have in the cupboards.

Turkey £1.87

25g Natural yogurt 4p

100g Frozen onion 15p

2 Garlic cloves 2p

Herbs 5p

25g Plain flour 9p

50ml Double cream 16p

10g Caster sugar 6p

20g Ginger 10p

Total: £2.54 = 63p a head for 4 people

7 Leftover Diced Turkey Recipes That are Under £1 a Head and kid friendly by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #TurkeyRecipes #CheapRecipes #LeftoverChristmas

Turkey Meatballs

These turkey meatballs come in at 1p over, but they are so lush. They go with anything. My kids eat them by themselves!

Handful turkey £1.87

50g Frozen onion 7p

227g Pork sausage meat £1.75

Bread crumbs 20p

Egg 7p

Tsp Worcestershire sauce 5p

2 tsp flour 4p

Total: £4.05 = £1.01 per head for 4

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Turkey Smothered Sweet Potatoes

Really simple to make. My kids cover theirs in cheese like this turkey smothered sweet potato recipe but I don’t, as I think they’re sweet enough.

4x Sweet potato 44p

Handful turkey £1.87

50g Frozen onion 7p

5 tsp Tomato sauce 5p

Can of kidney beans 30p

Total: £2.73 = 68p a person for 4

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