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7 Healthy Turkey Mince Recipes for the Whole Family

7 Healthy Turkey Mince Recipes for the Whole Family

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Turkey recipes that come in at under £1 a head

If you are looking for midweek meal ideas then these delicious turkey recipes are for you. They are family-friendly and healthy recipes that you can use to keep your food bill down.

You can use leftover mince from your Christmas turkey or buy the turkey mince.

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Cook from scratch

It’s not easy to know how to cook from nothing. As a beginner, it can seem quite scary but it really isn’t. Start small like making a simple tomato bolognese sauce using tinned tomatoes, puree, and a little bit of sugar.

You can even use Spicentice. They send out packets of spices with easy to follow instructions so you can make a meal from scratch. They are great to use if you are new to cooking from scratch or if you are looking to get your family eating new budget-friendly meals and have no clue where to start.

If you’d like to try Spicentice yourself then make sure you use our link here with our code LASAVE20 to get 20% off every purchase.*

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The best healthy turkey mince recipes

These recipes for turkey mince are easy to make and great if you are in a rush or trying to keep your food bill down. You can use frozen or tin vegetables if you prefer and the turkey can be in chunks if you have leftovers to use.

You can even slow cooker these recipes as turkey in sauce doesn’t dry out and it means you have a healthy dinner when you all come home.

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Make sure you get the kids involved and make as many of these healthy turkey mince recipes as you can!

Turkey Chilli Con Carne

If you are looking for a simple turkey chilli con carne recipe that is also cheap then this is for you. The one thing we love about this recipe is that a lot of the ingredients are kitchen staples so you can rustle this up quickly if you need to.

Read how to make our Chilli Con Carne here.

500g turkey mince £1.99
4 onions 32p
3 garlic gloves 7p
300ml chopped tinned tomatoes 28p
400g tinned kidney beans 30p
3 tbsp tomato puree 15p
Half a lime 12p
220ml stock 3p
4 tbsp low cal spray 20p
1 tsp salt 2p
Half tsp sugar 5p
180g Rice 24p
Total: £3.77 that’s 94p for 4 people.

Easy Mince Tacos

Turkey mince tacos make a great weekend fakeaway meal that is perfect for the whole family and really cheap to make. Minced beef tacos are really easy to make and can be as spicy or not as you like.

Read how to make our mince tacos here.

100g turkey mince 75p
175g baby corn 95p
190g frozen red onions 42p
100g red pepper 45p
110g kiwi fruit 60p
115g tomatoes 50p
5g garlic clove 2p
85g red cabbage 20p
Total: £4 that’s £1 a head for four people.

Crispy chilli turkey noodles

This lean turkey recipe is really easy to make and perfect for the whole family. Learn how to make this crispy chilli turkey noodle recipe here.

Low-calorie cooking spray 5p
500g 5% lean turkey mince £2.59
5g dried ginger 5p
1 large garlic clove 5p
3 tbsp honey 15p
3 tbsp soy sauce 5p
1 tbsp hot sriracha chilli sauce 5p
350g dried noodles £1
2 limes 18p
2 large carrots 10p
4 spring onions 37p
5g dried coriander 5p
Total: £4.69 that’s £1.17 per person for 4 people.

Turkey bolognese

You can turn this turkey mince recipe into a turkey mince one. It’s really easy to make and healthy too.

Read how to make our Spaghetti Bolognese recipe here.

Low-calorie cooking spray 5p
1 onion, grated 10p
2 carrots, grated 8p
1 garlic clove, grated 5p
500g 5% lean turkey mince £2.59
400g can chopped tomatoes 39p
2 tsp dried oregano 2p
1 beef stock cube 5p
350g dried spaghetti 30p
Total: £3.63 (that’s 91p a head for four people.

Turkey burgers

This burger recipe is really easy to make. Get the kids to help make these turkey burgers.

Low-calorie cooking spray 5p
100g frozen onion 20p
2 garlic cloves 10p
85g porridge oats 10p
500g 5% lean turkey mince £2.59
100g dried apricot £1
1 large carrot 10p
1 egg 15p
Total: £4.29 that’s £1.07 per person for four people.

Turkey meatballs

This spaghetti meatball recipe comes in at just 73p per person for a family of four. This spaghetti meatball recipe is so easy to cook and is great if you are a beginner cook looking for something gorgeous that the whole can eat.

Read how to make our Spaghetti Meatball here.

500g 5% lean turkey mince £2.59
2 onion 16p
3 glove garlic 7p
1 egg 10p
1 tsp salt 2p
2 tsp low cal spray 10p
1 tin passata 32p
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 3p
Half tablespoon sugar 5p
Half tablespoon salt 3p
210g Spaghetti 8p
Total: £3.55 that’s 88 a person for four people.

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Turkey enchiladas

These turkey enchiladas are a really great way to get some sneaky vegetables in. Wrap them up and add the cheese on top and grill.

Low-calorie cooking spray 5p
500g 5% lean turkey mince £2.59
100g frozen onion 20p
100g mixed frozen peppers 30p
400g can chopped tomatoes 45p
400g can red kidney beans in chilli sauce 55p
1 tbsp lemon juice 2p
2 tbsp dried coriander 2p
6 regular tortillas £1
50g cheddar cheese 50p
Total: £5.68 that’s £1.42 per person for 4 people.

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These are the best turkey mince recipes that come in at under £1 a head. They are all family-friendly and easy to make by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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