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The Best Cheap Vegan Meals For The Whole Family

The Best Cheap Vegan Meals For The Whole Family

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These are cheap easy vegan meals that taste amazing

These are the best cheap vegan recipes that will help you keep your shopping bill down. Vegan food can be delicious and is a great way to not only help the planet but can help you keep more money in your pocket.

Did you know that frugal vegan recipes don’t mean boring? Eating vegan can mean favorable food if cooked right.

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Saving money on food

Cooking from scratch can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before but it really is easy to do and saves you money. You don’t need to be a chef to be able to cook up your own sauce or make a really delicious budget-friendly meal for the whole family.

Have a look at our store cupboard meal ideas here if you want to start saving money on food and are unsure how to start.

Start with the basics that you eat. So, we when started cooking from scratch our favourite meal was vegan Spaghetti Bolgense but it was all out of a jar.

We learned to make the sauce ourselves, which is cheaper and healthier and you can make extra for pasta sauces when you are in a rush.

If you need help cooking from scratch then look at Spicentice.

Spicentice sends you out little packets of spices that talk you through, easily, step by step how to cook something. We use them every three months or so when we are stuck in a food rut.

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Overnight oats

This is a yummy breakfast for the whole family. You make it the night before and add it to the fridge before you go to bed.

¼ tsp ground cinnamon 5p
50g rolled porridge oats 8p
2 tbsp soya yogurt 10p
50g mixed berries 25p
Total: 53p that’s 13p per person.

Cooked breakfast

We love a classic cooked breakfast. This is really easy to make and is cheap on the wallet too.
4 hash browns 60p
400g tin of baked beans 30p
8 vegan sausages £1.30
Total: £2.52 that’s 30p per person for four people.

Breakfast smoothie

This is a quick breakfast that is great for the whole family. You can whizz it up and add whatever fruit you like.
1 banana 13p
40g porridge oats 10p
80g frozen soft fruit 75p
150ml soya milk 30p
Total: £1.28 that’s 34p for 4 people.

Eggless Pancakes

This eggless recipe makes 10 pancakes which can be frozen then grilled back to warm. They take about 5 minutes to make and about 2 minutes to cook.

Read how we make The Best Eggless Pancakes Recipe Ever here.

150g self-raising flour 10p
1 tablespoon baking powder 2p
1/2 teaspoon salt 2p
2 spoonfuls of maple syrup, or granulated sugar 10p
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 15p
250ml soya milk 17p
Total: 56p that’s 14p per person.

Vegan breakfast muffins

These take about 30 minutes to cook but they freeze really well when you need a breakfast treat on the go.

150g muesli mix 30p
50g light brown soft sugar 14p
160g plain flour 10p
1 tsp baking powder 5p
250ml sweetened soy milk 17p
1 apple 54p
2 tbsp grapeseed oil 5p
50g almond butter 10p
40g demerara sugar 10p
50g pecans 50p
Total: £2.05 that’s 51p per person.


Tomato bruschetta

This is a perfect lunchtime delicious vegan recipe that is easy to make and great for the whole family. Mix up the vegetables and leave for an hour to marinate. Then lightly toast the bread and spread.

50g red onion 21p
500g tomatoes £1
10g garlic cloves 15p
5g dried basil 5p
30ml balsamic vinegar 20p
60-80ml extra virgin olive oil 34p
400g loaf crusty bread 80p
Total: £2.75 that’s 68p for 4 people.

Cauliflower buffalo wings

These buffalo wings are lightly spicy and make a great snack or lunch idea. They come in at under £1 a head and make a great healthy meal.

10g dried smoked paprika 5p
10g ground cumin 5p
5g garlic powder 5p
100g plain flour 6p
200ml coconut milk 37p
500g cauliflower £1.75
80g hot sauce 60p
1½ tbsp maple syrup 5p
1 tbsp vegan butter 10p
100g celery sticks 37p
Total: £3.45 that’s 86p for 4 people.

Tofu scramble

This budget meal is great for the whole family. It’s easy to make and will keep you full for ages.

1 tbsp olive oil 5p
50g frozen onion 10p
1 garlic clove 10p
5g turmeric 5p
5g ground cumin 5p
5g sweet smoked paprika 5p
280g extra firm tofu £2
100g cherry tomatoes 45p
5g dried parsley 5p
Total: £2.90 that’s 72p for 4 people.

Butternut squash risotto

This makes a great lunch box snack. It goes take 20 minutes to make but it’s worth the time.

1kg butternut squash £1
3 tbsp olive oil 5p
5g dried sage 5p
1½l vegetable stock 5p
50g vegan butter 16p
50g frozen onion 10p
300g risotto rice 50p
50g vegan cheese 62p
Total: £2.53 that’s 63p for 4 people.

Lentil and quinoa soup

This is an easy vegan soup that you can make on a cold day.

2 tbsp olive oil 7p
200g onions 20p
2 garlic cloves, 10p
5g hot chilli powder 5p
5g ras el hanout 5p
1kg butternut squash £1
100g red lentils 22p
1l hot vegetable stock 7p
5g dried coriander 5p
10g soya yogurt 15p
Total: £1.96 that’s 49p a person.

Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

This sweet potato carrot soup recipe is really easy to make and is great for weekend lunches. Everything you need should be in your cupboard or freezer.

Read how we make our Sweet Potato Carrot Soup Recipe here.

The roasted sweet potatoes taste really nice in this soup.

500g chopped and cubed sweet potatoes 55p
400g tin carrots 49p
3 tbsp olive oil 5p
100g frozen onion 16p
2 garlic cloves 5p
1L vegetable stock 5p
100ml tin coconut milk 82p
10g pinch chilli flakes 10p
Total: £2.27 that’s 56p a person.

Falafel burgers

These falafel burgers make a great weekend treat. They do take time to make and fry but they are full of flavor.

400g can chickpeas 55p
50g red onion 21p
5g garlic clove 10p
5g dried parsley 5p
5g ground cumin 5p
5g ground coriander 5p
5g dried chilli powder 5p
10g plain flour 20p
2 tbsp sunflower oil 5p
4 rolls 50p
200g tub tomato salsa 60p
Total: £2.41 that’s 60p per person.

Mushroom risotto

This cheap vegan mushroom risotto does take 25 minutes to cook but it’s worth the wait.

1 vegetable stock cube 5p
2 tbsp olive oil 5p
100g onion 10p
10g garlic cloves 5p
250g pack chestnut mushrooms £1
300g risotto rice 87p
25g vegan butter 15p
5g dried parsley 5p
Total: £2.32 that’s 58p per person.

Vegan scones

350g self-raising flour 30p
¼ tsp salt 5p
1 tsp baking powder 2p
3 tbsp caster sugar 7p
95g vegan vegetable spread 25p
150ml soy milk 20p
Total: 89p that’s 22p for 4 people.


Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

This is a great recipe if you need to feed a lot of people quickly. Make this in the morning and just chuck it in the oven when you need it.

Read how to make our vegan shepherd’s pie here.

1 tin chickpeas 33p
1 tin lentils 55p
2 large tin potatoes 20p
1 frozen onion 8p
4 tin tomatoes 20p
5 mushrooms 40p
2 carrots 14p
2 celery sticks 60p
2 garlic cloves 5p
300ml vegan stock 3p
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 6p
2 tbsp tomato puree 10p
2 tbsp low cal spray 10p.
Total: £3.31 that’s 82p for four people.

Vegan tacos

We love tacos, they are a fun way to get the kids trying new food. These are meat free and can be paired with creamy avocado salsa and lime juice.

Read how to make our vegan tacos here.

175g baby corn 95p
190g frozen red onions 42p
100g red pepper 45p
5g cumin seeds 5p
2 tsp olive oil 5p
110g kiwi fruit 60p
115g tomatoes 50p
5g garlic clove 5p
5g dried coriander 5p
1 tsp vegan bouillon powder 2p
5g smoked paprika 5p
85g red cabbage 20p
100g wholemeal flour (optional) 20p
Total: £3.09 that’s 77p a person for 4 people.

Chickpea Curry

Cook time for this simple chickpea curry is about 20 minutes depending on how you like your chickpeas. We like ours really soft so tend to wait until the liquid has reduced quite a lot.

Read how to make these amazing chickpea curry here.

For the paste
2 tbsp oil 5p
100g frozen onion 25p
5g dried chilli 5p
9 garlic cloves 25p
5g ground ginger 5p
5g ground coriander 5p
7g ground cumin 5p
5g garam masala 5p
10g tomato purée 11p

For the curry
2 x 400g tin chickpeas £1.10
400g tin canned tomatoes 42p
100g tin coconut milk (optional) 18p
100g spinach (optional) 20p
250g rice 40p
Total: £3.21 that’s 80p for 4 people.

Vegetarian Chili

4 of your 5 a day, this Vegetarian Chilli only takes about 30 minutes and can be bunged into a pan and left to its own devices.

Courgette 30p
Frozen onion 7p
400g Frozen peppers 60p
400g tin tomatoes 34p
400g tin Kidney Beans 30p.
Total: £1.61 that’s 40p per person

Roasted aubergine & tomato curry

This vegetarian curry is really easy to make. You can grill or roast the aubergines which help make them sweet.

600g aubergines 70p
3 tbsp olive oil 5p
100g frozen onions 22p
2 garlic cloves 4p
1 tsp garam masala 5p
1 tsp turmeric 2p
1 tsp ground coriander 2p
400ml can chopped tomatoes 42p
400ml can coconut milk 75p
Total: £2.27 that’s 56p a person.

Penne Pasta Arrabbiata

Now, this arrabbiata is my go to recipe if I fancy a bit of spice. I tame it down a bit for the kids, so might add some chili flakes in at the end for myself and my husband. It takes 20 minutes to boil down but is so worth it.

500g Wholemeal penne 55p
100g Frozen onion 22p
60g dried chilies 55p
400g Passata 35p
Vegetable stock 5p
Total: £2.17 that’s 54p a person.

Stir Fry

We use loads of frozen vegetables for this so it’s great on shopping day. Dried noodles are great as they can sit in the cupboard for as long as you need them to.

600g Frozen peppers £1
250g Noodles 92p
Frozen onions 22p
Spring onions 49p
4tbsp Soy Sauce 58p
Total: £3.21 that’s 80p per person.


I do these burritos when I know friends are coming over. I love the idea of everyone helping themselves and tucking straight in.

Frozen onion 10p
500g long-grain rice 40p
400g red kidney beans in water 21p
Tortilla wraps 92p
Little Gem lettuce 75p
1tbsp dried basil
300g Salsa 69p
Total: £3.87 that’s 96p for 4 people.

Homemade pizza

This is an easy quick Friday night dinner. You can make the dough in the morning or straight away as it doesn’t need to sit. We use plain flour, dried yeast, and some water to make the dough.

375g plain flour 20p
1 teaspoon salt 5p
1 tablespoon caster sugar 5p
7g dried active baking yeast 8p
225ml warm water 0p
100g vegan cheese 85p
400g chopped tomatoes 31p
400g tin mushrooms 20p
Total: £2.36 that’s 59p a person.

Mango and Tomato Curry

Who needs a takeaway when you can cook this mango and tomato curry for less at home. This is so simple and is a hit with the whole family.

Frozen red onion 17p
10g ground chilli flakes 10p
400g tin tomatoes 60p
Small mango £1.15
150g soya yogurt 49p
500g Basics long-grain rice 40p
Total: £3.46 that’s 86p for four people.

Vegetarian quesadillas

This is a really quick and easy vegetarian lunch recipe that works well in a lunch box. They are great for the whole family to enjoy as a cheap snack too.

2 x 400g cans mixed bean salad £1.20
3 tbsp chipotle sauce 6p
1tbsp dried coriander 5p
140g vegan cheese £1.50
8 flour tortillas £1
Total: £3.81 that’s 95p a person.

Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

This is one of those “chuck in whatever you have” recipes. It’s mega easy and even grilling the tomatoes only takes minutes.

500g wholemeal penne 55p
250g cherry tomatoes 53p
14g Dried basil 69p
Total: £1.77 that’s 44p a person.

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Spicy mixed bean tortillas

These Spicy mixed bean tortillas are great for weekend days when you want something quick and easy. All of these ingredients come from tins or the freezer.

8 tortilla wraps 85p
200g onion 10p
1 tin of carrots 49p
400g can chopped tomatoes 39p
400g can kidney beans 30p
400g can of mixed beans in a mild chili sauce 30p
100g vegan cheese 49p
Total: £2.92 that’s 73p for 4 people.

These are the best cheap vegan meals that come in at under £1 a head. They are easy to make and can help you save money by Laura at Savings

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