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5 Vendor Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

5 Vendor Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

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The period that leads up to a wedding can be one of the most frustrating yet exhilarating periods of your life. 

You want your wedding to go flawlessly and be the absolute perfect example of a dream wedding. But it is well known that the hurry and flurry of weddings can quickly go out of hand, even while working with a competent Wedding planner. 

There are many things involved when you decide to begin planning a wedding; one of them is getting vendors that will handle the various aspects of your wedding. One little misunderstanding and your hard work can go up in flames.

Every couple is looking to avoid such unthinkable errors as these, but if you’re not fully armed and prepared for the worst, you won’t know how to avoid it. Here we consider the importance of working with vendors and five vendor mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding. 

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The importance of working with wedding vendors

A couple cutting a wedding cake

There are many types of vendors to work with as you plan your wedding. Generally, the goal is to make the event a success by getting things organized, easing your stress, and putting the important things in place.  Here are a few wedding vendors and their importance to your wedding.


A wedding planner is that strong anchor you can rely on to keep the ship afloat during your wedding planning. Why? It is their job to do so. If you can afford one, go for one. 

Wedding planners organize the wedding by contacting other vendors on your behalf. They help you book the wedding venue, DJ, florist, and photographers. You don’t want to have your line buzzing with calls from a million other people trying to get your attention. They can call your planner. 

Not only that, you may miss important dates and information you need to pass across. Your wedding planner handles all these and more for you. 


Your special day is one of the days you’d love to remember for the rest of your life. There’s no better way to keep your memories alive than with quality, professional photos and videos of the day. 

Hiring a professional photographer will help you capture the special moments of the day to help you relive your day afterward.


The wedding decor is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Your venue can fast look drab and dampening instead of lively and colorful. With the help of a florist, you can turn the plainest venues into a haven of love and joy for everyone. 

On the other hand, without a florist, your decor can become a disaster. Florists put much thought into planning your decor to ensure every single flower bud sits in the right place. You don’t want wilted flowers or flowers that don’t match your wedding theme. According to Darcey Luxury Flowers Delivery Dubai having a florist for your wedding can really help reduce your stress levels.

Other types of vendors you need to hire include Entertainment vendors: this may include a band or DJ. They make your wedding lively and fun for the guests. If you’re not looking to turn your wedding into the snooze fest of the century, get quality entertainment vendors. 

Videographers also come under this umbrella; they document your wedding memories forever. Caterers, bakers, dressmakers, etc., are also important for a successful wedding.

5 vendor mistakes to avoid during wedding preparations 

Now that you understand why it is wise to hire vendors for your wedding, you should know that not all your decisions regarding a vendor are in your wedding’s best interest. Let’s see a few of them here:

Avoid hiring vendors before you prepare your budget

A wedding with empty seats

Understandable, there’s a dream florist you’d love to set up your wedding decor, and you just must have her do it. This florist or nobody else, so you go ahead and hire her even when you haven’t sorted out a budget for your wedding.

This is a very wrong move. What if the costs of hiring that florist take up more than half of your budget? Would you then cancel or have the rest of the needs manage what’s left? A budget is one of the first places to start planning a wedding. 

It’s not-so-funny how a lot of the resources seem swallowed up in a jiffy when you start to plan your wedding. Before you start to hire vendors, be sure to create a budget, and stick with it. Hire vendors within the sensible budget allocated to each vendor.

This brings us to our next point.

Avoid being too tight-fisted when hiring vendors

Waiter carrying drinks

Sure, you’re looking to save as much money as you can, but there’s a limit to this when hiring vendors for your wedding. You get what you pay for, or how does that saying go? 

It’s the same in this situation. If you hire cheap vendors because you’re looking to save money, you get a cheap job done, and your wedding ends up looking shabby. You don’t want yours to be the wedding where people start to ask if you’re going through a financial crisis. 

Build a wise budget that allows you to go for quality vendors who do not cost so much. Be realistic; if your budget does not cover a vendor that costs so much, don’t stubbornly stick to that choice. 

Wedding planners are also angels in this regard. A wedding planner has many connections with vendors who can offer you their services at discounted rates. So if you think you are saving up by not hiring a wedding planner, think again.

Avoid micromanaging your vendors

Men setting up a wedding table

We know you want everything to go as planned and according to taste. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend every hour and second breathing down the neck of your vendors. Or calling them every minute to make a change in wedding plans. 

If you weary your wedding vendors, they will hate you, and if they hate you, just imagine the kind of service they would give you.

The rule of thumb is to trust that your wedding vendors will do a great job to make your wedding a success. Be clear with what you want and what you expect them to deliver, then step back and let them do their jobs. 

When you constantly harp on them, they lose their creativity. If you would like to suggest a change, make sure it is constructive. Don’t scream at the caterer to change your main meal the night before your wedding because you dreamt of lamb shanks. Who does that?

Avoid not signing a contract with your wedding vendors

Unforeseeable things can happen during a wedding, such as a vendor canceling on you. Don’t panic; this is avoidable. 

The number one thing to do when you start to work with a vendor is to sign a contract with them. A contract binds them to hold up their end of the agreement and has other details like the repercussions they incur when they fail to keep their end of the bargain.

It doesn’t matter which vendor you choose to go with, make them sign a contract; from your florist to your wedding DJ. 

If you don’t know where to begin drawing up a contract, there are various types of contract templates to choose from to help you get started, including a wedding DJ contract template.

Don’t be the bride that slumps on her wedding day when she hears her cake is nowhere to be found. Get a contract for every vendor and get it signed. If you’re working with a wedding planner, ensure that they get this done. 

Forgetting to do a test run with the hair and makeup vendor

woman looking at camera in a wedding gown

This one is for the brides. If you want to look every inch a princess on your day, then you must practice for the part first. It doesn’t happen overnight, like in the fairytales. You need to book an appointment with the vendor that will get your hair and makeup done for your big day.

It is necessary to try out different looks that will compliment your skin, dress, and even the theme of the occasion. You won’t know what look absolutely works for you until you try. What you have in mind may not even be the best for you, and you may have to make some changes,

That’s fine, as long as you do the trial and error before the big event. The morning of your wedding is not the day you want to try different shades of lipstick to see which one fits.

It’ll also help for you to get used to the vendor handling this aspect of your wedding so that you can get familiar and decide if you would like to work with them. It’s also necessary so that they know what they are working with beforehand, and if there are any special details they need to take note of.

Last-minute bridal looks are not always the most flawless, princess. 


A carefully planned wedding seems like a myth, but it is achievable. 

With the help of a planner, whether a human being or a very handy journal, you can defeat the mountain of tasks. It will also help if you get it right with the wedding vendors from the jump so that there are no last-minute hitches. Good luck!

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