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11 Money Saving Hacks on Car Rentals

11 Money Saving Hacks on Car Rentals

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Irrespective of what your travel needs are, car rental agencies are there to provide automobiles. Either for the short term; or long haul. And some of the benefits to it are the variety of car models and flexible timing. 

Although renting a car could sometimes cost more than you bargained for, if you consider it closely, you’ll realize that it is a ‘more affordable solution,’ especially when you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

1. Start Your Booking Early

Early birds will most times have the upper hand, and the good thing is making an early reservation helps you avoid price hikes. 

The car rental company will not demand extra charges or penalize you if you have to cancel your reservation; up until the date of travel; hence, you should lock in the low price ahead of your due date. 

Try this technique, and you’ll be amazed at how much you will save.

2. Read The Fine Print

Before complying with the rental agreement, be sure that you clearly understand what it implies. 

Read through the terms on the rental form, to avoid hidden costs such as: extra driver fees, cleaning fees, and so on; because some rental companies may automatically add up these charges until you opt-out.

Also, find out if there are consequences for returning the vehicle earlier than planned; to avoid extra costs.

3. Rates May Differ By Location

It could interest you to know that some rental companies allocate prices on the basis of the location of their service point. So, if you are willing to compare prices at about two or more stops, you can end up saving more money.

4. Join The Reward Program

Most car rental companies have their scheduled reward programs, so tune in and find out how you can be a part of it. That way, you could pay less on your next use, depending on what the bonus is for.

5. Compare Car Rental Service Providers

Here, you get to compare rental agencies based on their price, feedback on their services, and their customer’s service response. 

So, go on the internet and access as much information; as you can till you find an affordable and effective rental service provider. Have a look at Van Leasing with Swiss Vans UK for more affordable options.

6. Factor in Insurance Costs

Rental car companies will ALWAYS try to sell you their expensive, overpriced insurance, and some get downright nasty when you turn them down. 

But you can avoid overpriced insurance from rental Car Company if you research thoroughly with your credit card company and car insurance provider. Sometimes either (or both) will cover the insurance on a rental car. 

Since, pulling those policies out of your pocket with the coverages circled or highlighted might make the rental car process a little more enjoyable.  

7. Check the Fuel Tank

Leaving the fuel tank empty when you received it, full from the previous driver or vice-versa, is something you should not do, as it may attract charges. 

That is why you should always check the gas tank and put the condition in writing; before signing the rental agreement.

8. Tweak Your Timeframes

Sometimes, rentals are cheaper during the day, which means; that you can adjust your pickup and drop-off time to take advantage of these lower rates.

Get rid of the excesses by this simple hack, and you could end up having more time to use the car at no extra cost.

9. Stay Focused

You’ll need time to familiarise yourself with the rented car, so don’t be quick to drive off. 

Make yourself comfortable by adjusting the seat to suit your body frame, test the headlights, fasten your seat belt, and you can do a short test drive.

That way, you can be sure that you have things under control and the rental agency has nothing to worry; about.

Afterward, keep your focus on the road and enjoy the ride. 

10. Budget for Extra Fuel

If you have to upgrade your rented car to a higher model after winning a reward from the rental agency that would also mean that you will need extra money for gas. 

Before you get over-excited at the promo offer, be sure the new fuel price is within your means.

11. Do an Inspection Check

This step is so important and should not be missed; so that you would not have to pay for the damages caused by a previous driver. 

Hence, before accepting to use the vehicle, first check that it is in proper working condition, even if it means asking an auto mechanic to help you run a diagnosis. Note down any fault found and notify the car rental agency before committing to it.


If you have made lots of losses in time past on car rentals, you are about to experience a massive turnaround with these tips. Try them for your next car rental demand, and let us know how much you saved.

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