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15 Amazing Budget Packed Lunch Boxes Hacks & School Lunch Ideas for Kids

15 Amazing Budget Packed Lunch Boxes Hacks & School Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Here are 15 amazing budget packed lunch boxes hacks and school lunch ideas for kids. These are easy to make and perfect if you need to make them in advance by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums #LunchBox #Lunchboxrecipes #kidsrecipes #budgetfood

Including lunch ideas for kids

Packing school lunches every day can start to get old quickly. After about three days of getting a sandwich in their lunch, we are tired of making them and they’re tired of eating them!

Having a few great lunchbox hacks and school lunch ideas handy can not only help you save money but get the process moving much quicker!

These hacks will help transform the way your lunch packing goes and make sure that your kids actually enjoy eating their lunches.

These kid-friendly lunches are great if you need to stick to a budget.

Lunchbox ideas for kids don’t have to cause a family argument.

These lunch box ideas can also be adapted for the whole family. Meaning you can still stick to your normal meal plan but please the kids as well.

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Kids Lunch Ideas

Here’s a look at what we add to our kids lunches. We add one piece of fruit and vegetables, some meat, nuts or dairy and carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta.

Here are 15 amazing lunchbox hacks and school lunch ideas for kids.

There could be some leftovers but these can be used at dinner that evening.

These ideas are great if you need to fill up your meal plan and don’t want to think. They can all be swapped and changed and fillings amended depending on what the family like or what you can afford that week.

Meal planning for the week can be hard but is the most important part of eating on a budget.

It gives you a plan you can use to help you buy food more wisely and stop you staring in the fridge for 5 minutes trying to think about what to make for lunch or dinner.

If you’ve never meal planned before then start today even if it’s just with your toddler’s lunch. You’ll be surprised how much quicker and easier it will be when buying food and making lunch.

  1. Make a snack station
  2. Cut fruit into shapes
  3. Create your own duct table reusable lunch bags
  4. Make your own butterfly snacks
  5. Pack chicken nuggets in a thermos to keep them warm
  6. Keep a lunch bin in your fridge
  7. Finish off your lunch with something fun
  8. Make your own bento container with silicone baking liners
  9. Use a sponge to make ice packs
  10. Here are some school lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches
  11. Add lunchbox notes
  12. Make silly face sandwich bags
  13. Write secret notes on your bananas
  14. Freeze your sandwiches the night before
  15. Make your own lunchables

School Lunch Ideas

If you fear that this would lead to your shopping bill rising then it won’t. Here are 5 ways to keep costs down while keeping your toddler happy and still eating:

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Think about your menu for the week, what can you use to double in your kid’s lunch? If I’m making pizza, can I make pizza bagels with the leftover base and sauce? Is there any Gammon left from Sunday lunch? Then that’s Monday’s filling.

Leftover eggs? Use them. Everything counts!

Search your kitchen staples, is there anything that you can bung together to help bring the cost down? For a full list of my recommended kitchen staples, CLICK HERE.

Can you make more to freeze? So those hectic mornings aren’t so stressful. Think about food pooling with your neighbours.

Totally stuck? Then use our 7 Family Meal Planner Templates When You Need Inspiration and fill your plan.

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If you’re currently going through the dreaded toddler fussy eating stage then hang on in there. It’s not fun when the kids only want to eat beige food.

Try out list of 27 easy and kid-friendly budget recipes for fussy eaters that the whole family will enjoy. If the kids love something then make extra and pack it for lunch. At least they are eating something and you aren’t throwing it away.

You can almost see the pound signs when you have to chuck food away. It’s not easy when the kids suddenly change their mind on what food they like.

We try and use everything from taking the crusts to work for our lunch to smoothies when we have leftover fruit.

Use our 21 Food Waste Recycling Facts That Will Help You Save Money post if you feel like you may be throwing to much away as a family.

Laura x

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