#Week 4 Meal Plan – Waste Not Want Not…

Or something like that.

We have a huge waste problem in our house. Yep, it doesn’t help that the kids only like beige food, I like my food spicy and The Hub, bless him, just want’s us to all sit around a table at night. While getting us all round one table would be a huge surprise in its self, just getting the kids to eat ANYTHING I’ve cooked would be a huge achievement! We throw away so much!

I’ve tried small portion sizes, just asking them to try a bit, then getting them toast if they don’t like it (yep, I never learn), asking THEM what they would like and even getting them to help me. Humph. I generally think I have the only kids in the world who hate colourful food!

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So anyway, here’s how we got on this week. We did pretty well sticking to the meal plan but it’s not overly healthy annoyingly. Oh well, can’t win them all. šŸ™‚

Friday 30th ā€“ Friday 6th JanuaryBreakfastLunchDinner
FridayShreddies & CrumpetsCrackers, Cheese & YogurtHomemade Pizza & Garlic Bread
Saturday (NYE)Egg & SoldiersSandwiches, Crisps and PearFish Fingers. Beans & Waffles (Unhealthy bits for me & The Hub, it is NYE after all!)
Sunday (NYD)Pancakes & SmoothieOut for LunchCheese on Toast
MondayWeetabix & AppleSandwiches, Crisps & Pear.Jacket Potato, Beans & CheeseĀ Pizza & Garlic Bread
TuesdayShreddies & SmoothieSoup & BreadCottage PieĀ Pasta & Cheese Sauce.
WednesdayEggy BreadScotch Pancakes Cheese Sandwiches & CrispsFish Curry, Rice & NaanĀ Fish fingers, Mash & Beans. Yogurt.
ThursdayPorridge & AppleSandwiches, Yogurt & PlumSausages, Mash, Veg & Gravy
FridayScotch Pancakes & SmoothieHot Cross Buns & AppleĀ Crackers, popcorn & PearĀ Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake

I’m determined to cut our waste down, so asked a few blogging friends for their tips to help me out!

Abbie from Blog Mama Wilkos advised me to Ā “cut all fresh food and place them in containers in the fridge, whether it be mushrooms, peppers, strawberries etc – This way they are all clean and ready to be used/eaten rather than being thrown away.” This never even crossed my mind before!

Lyndsey from Me Him the Dog and a Baby shops everyday. “We don’t do any big shops but instead buy what we need every day. We hardly ever throw anything out because we only replace when it’s gone. Erin’s meals are a bit different as she doesn’t always eat what we do so we batch cook for her.”

I also loved Katie at Mami2Five idea of buying frozen veg and remind me that it has as muchĀ nutritious as fresh, but i think Hayley from Devon Mama has the best tip of all “My husband or the dog eat most of ours. Both devour leftovers – especially the dog! She usually hangs out under the highchair looking for dropped bits as well which saves on cleaning up.” Wonder what The Hub would say if he came home to find we now had a dog too?! Ha!

From all the amazing tips i received, it seems like batch cooking, freezing and amending the meal plan if it looks like some of the fresh food is going off. It all sounds so obvious now doesn’t it? Watch this space, i’m going to be a changed woman!

With all these in mind, here is next weeks meal plan:

Friday 6th ā€“ Friday 13th JanuaryBreakfastLunchDinner
FridayScotch Pancakes & SmoothieCrackers, Popcorn & PearBacon & Cheese Pasta Bake
SaturdayEgg & SoldiersPitta PizzasFish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans
SundayFruit Smoothie & Hot Cross BunPart Baked Bread, Cheese & Fruit.Sausages, Roast Potatoes, Veg & Gravy
MondayCereal & PlumCheese & Ham CrumpetsSlow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese
TuesdayPancakes & BananaSpag Bol left oversFish Curry & Naan
WednesdayFruit Bread & SmoothieCrackers, Popcorn & PearVeggie Chili
ThursdayPorridge & YogurtCheese & Ham Sandwich. Crisps.Pasta Carbonara
FridayCereal & AppleHomemade Soup & BreadHomemade Pizza


This week we spent Ā£39. Very low and way under budget. We just have so much food left over from Christmas, and some great cupboard staples I want to use next week.

I’m going to try and be a bit more flexible on myself though. Stick to meals within the plan but change and swap things around as and when. I know all this really, but it took some great tips from friends to remind me! I’m going try and make my own soups, cakes and smoothies again to use up any fruit and vegetables we have lying around, and see if i can bribe the kids to try some of it!

Anyway, hope this has helped in some way, even if it’s to remind you that we all go off course sometimes, and that’s it’s fine.

Have a great week and wish me luck!

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