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How to save money with small, smart steps

Pink pig with a white background

The cost of living feels like it skyrockets every other week. In July 2019 price hikes affecting municipal rates, electricity and water drove up South African household expenses yet again. With South Africans across the economic spectrum are increasingly feeling the pinch, the impact and burden of the country’s rising cost of living disproportionately affects […]

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Lily Arkwright: Specialised Lab Grown Fine Jewellery

Lily Arkwright specialise in lab grown fine jewellery including the very best quality moissanite, lab diamonds and precious coloured gemstone engagement rings. We set the worlds premium moissanite, Forever One by Charles & Colvard and are proud authorised UK retailers. Additionally we set a huge selection of Lumoie moissanite, certified lab diamonds and natural diamonds […]

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5 ways to save money on foreign exchange

Black wallet wit credit card sticking out

In 2019, we’re more dependent on international money transfer than ever before. More of us work for companies that pay us from overseas. We buy goods from marketplaces halfway around the world. Our children travel and work abroad, and we buy more international real estate than we’ve ever had before. All these situations have us […]

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Renting as a family

Front of a house with a green door

What’s your first thought when you think about renting as a family? That it’s a compromise? A temporary solution? Yes, there’s a reason why the majority of people strive to buy a house but let’s think for a moment about going against the status quo and why renting as a way of life could be […]

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Last-minute back to school savings

Back to school items like paint, pencils and pads

The new school year is now back in full swing and kids everywhere are asking for new school supplies! From books and pencil cases to new shoes and P.E kits, there’s no doubt you’ve missed something off your child’s back to school list. But don’t worry, there are plenty of last-minute back to school savings […]

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Top 7 US Cities To Move To For Entrepreneurs

In today’s current economy, it’s easier than ever to start a small business. As such, many people are opening small businesses with excellent results. Are you looking to launch your own small business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to look at the top six U.S. cities to move to […]

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