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The Three Things Every Startup Needs To Get Going

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The Three Things Every Startup Needs To Get Going

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You might think the best way to end up with more money in your bank account at the end of the month is to restrict your spending. In fact, the best way to end up with more money is to earn more money in the first place. One of the best ways of doing this is to start your own business. If this sounds like the right path for you, here are the three things every business needs to get going.

A unique idea

First of all, it’s important to have a good idea of a product you want to sell or a service you want to offer to your customers. Try and decide what your USP is – also known as your unique selling point. For example, when Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone, the reason so many people got excited was that it had so many new features that had never been seen on a mobile phone before. Many companies have copied and even improved on some of the features of the original iPhone since then, but because Apple was the first to offer those unique features, they were the ones to reap the financial rewards.


Once you’ve got that great and unique idea, it’s time to raise the capital to be able to fund the start of your business. Even if you have the most lucrative idea in the world, it’s highly likely that even the smallest of businesses will have to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds before they even have a product to sell. Those business who really want to be an instant success will need to borrow tens of thousands of pounds to be able to fund all of the raw materials, manufacturing, marketing and even administrative and legal tasks related to launching a product.

There are many different funding options open to those who want to start up their own bank. You might have seen scenes in movies where the main character nervously goes to see the bank manager to ask for a loan. Whilst this is an option, your bank manager will only be able to offer you one solution to fund your business. Instead, it would be wiser to seek the advice of someone who knows about and can help you seek money from a number of different sources. Employ the help of commercial finance specialists to explain all of the possibilities available to you. For example, the team at White Rose Finance have close working relationships with over 300 institutional and private funding sources. This ensures that their clients get the best possible funding solution on the best possible terms.

The attention to detail

Once you’ve got the idea and the money, it’s time to carry out all the tasks it takes to get your product or service to market. Whilst there are many different tasks involved in launching your new product, it’s important that you give every one your full attention. Even the smallest of tasks that seem insignificant have the potential to derail your business ambitions. Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a to-do app, make sure you have a system of organising all of the tasks you need to complete before launch day.

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