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Ways To Save Money Before Buying Furniture

Ways To Save Money Before Buying Furniture

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Fulfilling all of one’s domestic desires can be financially demanding. Whether you need to buy your furniture quickly or you’ve been saving up to purchase them so you can give your home the perfect fittings, you needn’t worry about the cost.

Thankfully, we have explained below various places to shop for home furniture and the different ways to reduce the cost of decorating your home.


  1. Get freebies locally

Visit some popular recycling websites like Freecycle or Freegle to search for some locally shared freebies that you can use for your home decoration. Another great option is the local community forums. Countless numbers of people have benefitted from these sites.


  1. Estate/Garage Sales

This is another viable option to consider.  Garage sales and estate sales offer you a wide range of products. Follow your imagination to search and select pieces that you can use for your home decorations. For example, you can pick an old stereo cabinet to add more fun to a newly created entertainment centre.

However, note that you might have to refurbish the furniture that you get from garage sales and estate sales.

It’s not bad to try your luck searching for the perfect piece, but it is advisable to employ the buddy system by asking friends and family members at a garage sale to help look out for your desired furniture.


  1. Craigslist/Classifieds

Search Craigslist and other classifieds for used furniture. This will save you the stress of moving from one garage sale to another. Be creative while checking the listings and imagine the best way to set and use each of the pieces in your home.

Use different words and phrases when searching online on Craigslist. For example, search for sofas and couches, wardrobes and armoires, or side tables and end tables, to streamline your search and find your preferred furniture.


  1. Don’t be shy to request a more favourable deal

Many people have narrated how they were able to negotiate their way to get cheaper products. You should arm yourself with information about prices from competitors both online and offline. A good example is James Cartwell, a 50-year-old man who negotiated 15% off the price of his fridge and still got free delivery. He reminded Homebase how he previously had issues with the company despite being a loyal customer. Also, Juliet Gaynes, a 60-year-old woman from Bedford, requested a discount from a high street store for purchasing numerous items. She was able to get £120 off the bill.


  1. Auctions

Auctions are another great alternative to buy home furniture at low prices. Go to the local auction houses in your neighbourhood to get information about future auctions. Always stick to your budget when you place a bid on an item. This will prevent you from overbidding or bidding more than what you can afford.

Always assess any used or old pieces of furniture before buying them. Search carefully for any tears, scratches, wear and tear, and other forms of damage.

Decide if you would need to refurbish the furniture, then assess the overall costs, including the cost of the supplies and work.


  1. Hand-me-Downs

Inform your friends and family members that you need home furniture, and don’t hesitate to accept any such gifts from them. Though you might deem it embarrassing, many people started acquiring their furniture and fittings through gifts from family and friends.

Besides, you are also helping your loved ones to create some space in their homes by getting rid of unwanted items. In the future, you can also do others a favour by giving them your used furniture.

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