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5 Things in a House That Should Be Insured

Most people don’t read their home insurance policy from cover to cover. There are a lot of things in a household that is ignored in a usual home insurance plan. Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover everything you own, and these include so many items that hold a very high monetary or sentimental value to you. […]

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7 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online

We do so much online now, and that includes spending money from a great deal of shopping online, buying our holidays online and Internet banking, all of which are very convenient and have enriched our lives in many ways. However, we do have to be careful because criminals do not only work in person anymore; […]

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Getting a mortgage while on maternity leave

A mother and child on a laptop

It’s no surprise that many parents-to-be want to move to a new house to make room for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. However, getting a mortgage while pregnant can be tricky. Maternity leave affects applications because many lenders assume that your income will decrease during this time and will base your affordability […]

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Budget-Friendly Family Vacations in Europe

Hat, book and sandglasses on a picnic blanket

Europe has been a hotspot for travel and tourism for centuries. Part of the reason why is how diverse the continent is, with everything from sandy beaches to snowy mountains, historic castles and more, often in the same country. Traveling in Europe can be expensive, but only if you want it to be. If you’re […]

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