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Some of the Best Advice on How To Improve Your Personal Finances

Some of the Best Advice on How To Improve Your Personal Finances

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Congratulations! You are ready to improve the way they organize their budget or learn more about budgeting. Maybe you want to get a raise or start a job on your own. It all takes effort, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

We want to give you some tools that can help you understand better yourself. We offer you some personal finance books that are useful, so you can figure out what fits you the best, where to start, and where you make mistakes, but you’re not aware of it. These books are like an honest talk with somebody who’s been through it all, so they can make it a bit easier for you. Let’s dive in!


  1. Everything is figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Marie started to work after her graduation on Wall Street, and she was making a good income. Still, something didn’t feel right. She was capable of many things, but this was excruciating, and she felt like she was losing her spark. She wanted to do more, and she wanted to do something inspiring. Of course, she wanted to make a good paycheck as well. After changing a couple of hefty paid positions, she started her job from zero, and now she has a fortune by doing what she loves – teaching people how to manage their lives, finances, and everything. This book is precisely about that – making you capable of figuring everything out from challenging life situations to your inner doubts. Make sure to make notes and fill in the notes when she asks you to. You will be surprised how much the book can shift your perspective.


  1. Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba

This book is a short read that can always be in your bag or on your nightstand. It offers you business advice, or rather – how to position yourself whether you own one, or you are a worker who wants to position himself better. This book is made for women who wish to navigate their values better. It teaches you how to ask for promotion without feeling guilty (which is still a problem for many women). It will make you think about which price you should hold if you are a freelancer or looking for a new job. It teaches you to value yourself as you should and not settle for less. Uwagba also reminds you of the importance of connections, both online and offline. There is much advice from successful female entrepreneurs, website suggestions that can help you educate yourself better, and it’s all packed in 100 pages.


  1. Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson


Yes, it is Kate Hudson from Pretty famous, our favorite blonde girl that’s cool on and off-camera. In her book, she talks about how much she values her time, struggles with body image, and how it is connected to her job. As you read this, you will see how similar it is to “ordinary life,” even if you think of you and her completely different worlds. She continues to talk about how she takes care of her body and mind and manages to find time for herself (every book has that segment by the way, if you want to be more successful or proactive!). It’s a surprisingly good read, and every woman should read it, even if it’s out of curiosity.


  1. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Jen became successful by writing her first book. You are a Badass, which was a fresh breeze and a down-to-earth approach to an audience. The book gave you a confidence boost by telling her stories and hyping you like no one else. The best part was – it was all very realistic. After that came the book about money, where she has a similar approach where. Through her stories and then lessons learned, she explains how different your mindset is and how it can be. Yes, you can make money, and you will do so!

Every book has its tone, but the main points are checking yourself, checking your surroundings, working with what you have, and making time for yourself. It makes you question your beliefs about money, time, and everything that you probably already consider normal. These books are a friend in need when you don’t have who to turn to. You will undoubtedly be a more confident, action-oriented person after any of these books.

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