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Your Essential Christmas Shopping List

Your Essential Christmas Shopping List

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This is your essential Christmas shopping list

Christmas is just around the corner and with just 12 days left, many online stores have slashed their prices.

This year, many of us will be descending on the high street this December, with most of us waiting for the week before Christmas to even start to shop!

Make sure before you buy anything, that the price is right. Set up Google Alerts to check that you are always getting the best price.

Always ask yourself, is the price too good to be true? Do the reviews look right? Can you afford it without going into debt and do you really need it?

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If you’d prefer to shop online then have a look at some of these retailers who are still delivering before Christmas.

Christmas Shopping List

Last minute Amazon deals*

The Argos HUGE toy sale*

Asda Christmas toy offers*

Boots 25% off beauty products *

Half price gift event at Debenhams*

The top Entertainer bargains*

Hawkin’s Bazaar clearance sale*

House of Fraser top deals*

Up to 50% off sale at New Look*

M&S best Christmas offers*

TK Maxx mega clearance*

Shop the best Toys R Us offers*

In fact, the Money Advice Service estimates that most of us will spend on average £429 on Christmas alone, with this going up as our panic sets in.

You don’t need to go overboard to get the best gifts. You can save a small fortune on getting the best deals at the right time.

When it comes to buying for the people you love, why not make a gift instead or give an IOU until January, when the sales are on.

We’ve got tips on how to have Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for just £3.36 a person, the best way to have Christmas dinner for just £1 a head and what to do with all those leftovers, and how they can feed you and your family for the whole week!

We’ve also got tips on how to get the best online deals below.

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13 Days of Christmas Shopping rules

1. Make a list and know who you are buying for. Setting a budget per person is key.

2. Use the January sales. Plan for next Christmas now. Look in the sales, where the prices will be ridiculously low.

3. If you see something halfway through the year that would be good as a present, then buy it, especially if it’s on offer. Prices go up the closer it is to Christmas.

4. Season swap. So look for Christmas items in the summer and summer in the winter when no one wants them.

5. Buy second hand. Kids really don’t mind. We buy a lot of the kids toys from Facebay or eBay and wrap them up. They cost less than half price and means that they can have more!

6. Have one place to hide your presents, especially if you buy all year round. This saves you from hunting around to find them all and end up having to buy something again because you can’t find it!

7. Make your own cards. Kids handprints, footprint penguins and a picture of the family all make a great homemade card and are cheaper then buying.

8. Keep a tab on what you’re buying and stick to your budget. It’s one day a year and not worth going into debt over.

9. Have a clear picture in your head of how you want the day to look, then write a list of all the need, then what you want. Once you’ve brought the need items, anything left in your budget can go towards a nice want.

10. Start food preparations in early December. Spread your Christmas food bill over the month and freeze what you can,

11. Buy the turkey (or whatever meat you choose) in October and freeze it. It will be cheaper than buying it in December and you’ll have the pick of the meat.

12. Enjoy the day! It’s a day for you to spend with your family. No one is going to notice if they got one less gift or a second-hand toy from the charity shop. It’s the big things that matter, like having a day together to enjoy each others company.

13. Use cash back sites to make sure you are getting some money back. We use Quidco* and Topcashback* when we make any online purchases.

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