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147 Cheap Christmas Gifts For the Whole Family

147 Cheap Christmas Gifts For the Whole Family

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This is the ultimate Amazon gift guide

It’s not easy to find your family cheap Christmas gifts especially if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for gift ideas for everyone in the family then have a look at UK Gifts for complete inspiration.

If you’re unsure what to buy any member of your family then don’t worry, this Christmas gift guide has you covered.

Don’t worry if you have a very limited budget, we’re covering gifts for the whole family that don’t cost any more than £10 each.

We’re covering the whole family from mum and dad to the kids, husband and wife.

That’s 147 cheap Christmas gifts that you can use. These can even make great stocking fillers or presents for work colleagues.

All the best gifts are the one’s that you have personalised a little. Money doesn’t have to come into it.

9 Christmas Money-Saving Tips

If you’re worried about how you are going to afford Christmas this year then please use these 9 tips and remember that Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love!

Please read our three blog posts here if you are struggling with money right now. There is help out there:

This is What to do if you Have no Money Left

How to Get Out of Your Overdraft

How to Make Black Friday Work For You

1. If you’re worried about affording Christmas this year than please make a budget. Work out what you can afford so you aren’t still paying it off in January. Use our Budget Planner for free in our resource Vault.

2. Ask all your family to do a Secret Santa instead of buying individual gifts. It’s a great way to save money and means you can buy one person something really special.

3. Christmas is all about family. Why not save your money on an expensive Santa visit and walk around your local street to look at the Christmas lights or visit your nearest garden center who normally go Christmas mad.

4. Anything you haven’t used since last Christmas sell. You can sell your items on eBay, Facebay or Gumtree. They are all free to use and anything you sell that’s your own personal items you do not have to declare to HMRC.

5. Downshift your shopping list. Start from the bottom when you go food shopping and try the lower brands first. You may like them! The same goes for toys. If your kids would love a Barbie then why not look for a non-named version?

6. Avoid buying gift cards if you can. It only takes for that shop to go into administration for your money to be lost.

7. Make a list of who you need to buy for in September or October and start looking for gifts early. Loads of the supermarkets and online stores start sells early so look out for them. You can also look out for Black Friday but remember to do your research first to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal. Look at voucher websites like UK Voucher Deals for money off codes and discounts.

8. Research before you buy! Use Google Shopping to get a base price so you know how much the item costs generally. Then go searching or set up a Google Alert so you get emailed when the item’s price goes up or down.

9. Haggle! We all find it uncomfortable but you really can get some bargains bu haggling. If you’re shopping online the use the chatbox and ask what the best price is they can give you or if they will chuck anything free in if you buy it today. Face to face do the same thing. Don’t be shy! What’s the worst that can happen?

147 Cheap Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

These Christmas presents cover everything you need including £1 gifts to gifts for your whole family.

Please be aware that we may make a very small commission if you do decide buy an item through us. These are all marked with a * and are the same price is you buy them through here or Google them. By buying them through here you do help us keep this site free for all to use. Thank you.

21 Cheap Gifts Under £1

All these cheap Christmas ideas are perfect if you're looking for stocking fillers or if the kids want to buy for their friends. Some of these may be funny novelty gifts that are perfect for a workmate too.

(Please note that the * indicates an affiliate link. This means that we may receive a small commission if you buy the item but you will not be charged more. Thank you.)

21 Cheap Christmas Gifts Under £5

These cheap Christmas gifts under £5 make great Secret Santa presents. We have thrown in a few novelty gifts for kids too.

21 Cheap Gifts for Mums

Here are 21 ladies Christmas gift ideas that any mum would love. These cheap Christmas presents look expensive but are actually quite cheap and your mum will love them. Remember that all these gifts are under £10. (Prices are correct at time of publishing.

21 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Dads

These are all cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts that your dad with love. These bargain Christmas presents also include the odd on-trend jumper and socks. All gifts are under £10. (Prices are correct at time of publishing.)

Money Saving Printables

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If you’re looking to save money this Christmas then why not join our Resource Vault that has over 15+ money saving printables that you can download at anytime.

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21 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Kids

These 21 Christmas gifts also include a few toys and other items you wouldn't normally think about. All of these are under £10. (Prices are correct at time of publishing.)

21 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Husbands

It’s not easy to find cheap gifts for your husband. There are some novelty gifts for him as well as some thoughtful gifts as well. All are under £10. (Prices are correct at time of publishing.)

If you are looking for more gifts for men then make sure you have a look at Manly Man Co.

  1. Adidas Prue Shower Gel and Spray Box Set*
  2. Screw Remover and Extractor Set*
  3. Star Wars Stormtrooper Head Light*
  4. Game on Thrones: 100 Things to do on the Loo*
  5. Metal Cufflinks*
  6. Knitted Jumper*
  7. European Phrase Book*
  8. Professional Bartender Kit*
  9. Print Shirt*
  10. Nerf N-Sports Vortex Aero Howler Football*
  11. Mission Impossible: Fallout*
  12. Ear Pods*
  13. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor Gift Set*
  14. Screwdriver Set 58 Pieces*
  15. Joke Toilet Roll*
  16. Aerobie Pro 13″ Flying Ring*
  17. Lindt Goft Ball Chocolates*
  18. £10 Gift Voucher*
  19. 16GB Flash Drive*
  20. Black Hip Flask*
  21. After Eight Mints*

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21 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Wives

Included in this list are Christmas drink gifts plus a few novelty gifts for her. All are under £10. (Prices are correct at time of publishing.)

  1. English Tea Shop Tea Collection (48 Tea Bags)*
  2. You Need More Sleep Advice By Cats*
  3. Mr and Mrs Pocket Edition *
  4. Cinema Light Box* 
  5. Mug Crumbles Book*
  6. The Little Book of Hugge: How To Live The Danish Way*
  7. Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser*
  8. Insulated Travel Bottle*
  9. Kitchen Herb Garden*
  10. Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Thermometer*
  11. Make-Up Organiser *
  12. Giant Wine Glass*
  13. Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Tasting Selection*
  14. Clear Teapot*
  15. Bridget Jones 3-Film Collection*
  16. Ferrero Collection Assortment*
  17. Mama Mia Here We Go Again DVD*
  18. Fred Gin Glass and Cocktail Glass*
  19. I Wish This Was Prosecco Mug*
  20. 3 Bathroom Set*
  21. Bedtime Bliss*

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