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How To Save on Your Bills This Winter

How To Save on Your Bills This Winter

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Christmas is one of the toughest times of the year on our purses and bank accounts. There’s a whole host of expenses to manage and budget for, all before you even start thinking about household bills!

icount polled people across the country and found that three quarters of us avoid switching on the heating, to save money on bills in winter. Not only that, but 40% of us have borrowed money to make sure our bills are paid.

There are some simple tips and tricks you can use to help reduce your bills this winter and for years to come. Read on to find out more…

How To Save on Your Bills This Winter

Make the most of government freebies

The government offers a range of freebies to help you make your house more energy efficient. Take advantage of free cavity wall or loft insulation, and check if you’re eligible for more, such as a free boiler. This guide from MoneySavingExpert  explains everything you need to know and where to get further advice to find out what you’re eligible for.

Switch suppliers

Utility providers have a range of new offers year round, so it doesn’t pay to be loyal. Switching is far easier than you might imagine, with providers generally taking care of everything for you. Price comparison websites are a great way to find out which deals you can take advantage of and you may be able to get your existing provider to match (or beat!) any quotes you receive.

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Pick up good habits

By picking up a couple of good habits, you should be able to cut down your bills noticeably. Leaving appliances on standby can use up a surprising amount of energy, so switch off anything that’s not in use at the plug. Make sure to switch off lights and put your heating on a timer. If you find your heating bills going up significantly over winter, take a look at how your furniture is arranged. Move bulky items, like sofas, away from radiators to increase airflow (and heating efficiency) in your home.

These simple tips should help you to save a little extra this winter and reduce your bills for years to come.

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