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How to Get More Luxury For Your Money

How to Get More Luxury For Your Money

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This is How to Make Your Money Go Further

We’ve all had to watch our money at some point, but here are a few ways you can save but still live the life you want.

Pack Lunches

Bringing something in from home is always cheaper than buying out. Put the money you save away and count it weekly, that’s a sure way to keep you on track and motivated.

Meal Plan

Sit down and decide as a family what you plan to eat this week. Every meal and snack needs to be there, then work out your shopping list from there. Buy only what’s on the list and exactly what you need, with the aim to try and use up what you have in the cupboards and freezer first.

Shop Your Utilities

Look around for the best deal. Loyalty never pays! Ring around. Yes, it takes time, but it’s worth it when you get a cheaper deal.

Use Free Baby Groups

Library’s, church groups and even your local leisure center are a good place to find free groups to keep the kids amused. Most include a cake and coffee and give the kids other toys to play with for free. Win!

Bring Your Own Coffee

Thermo cups are cheap. Ditch your weekly Starbucks and bring a coffee with you instead. You’ll be surprised how much you could save.

Bargain Clothes

Charity shops are a great place to pick designer labels are mega low prices. Most haven’t been worn, and a whole outfit can normally be found for under a fiver.

Use the Outlets

There are loads out there, including online, from Curry’s and Dyson to New Look and M&S.

Go to a museum

Especially in London as it’s free! The kids will love running around, it’s dry and warm in the winter, and a good day out for the whole family.

Have a No-Spend Day

You can do this once a week or once a month, whenever really, but it’s all about picking a day or weekend when you spend zero money. Everything you do has to be free. So we normally go for a scoot to our local park, feed the ducks, come home for lunch then build a den, play some games and bake.

Just switching to one of these means that you’ll keep more money in your pocket for the things you really want to spend it on.

For us, it’s making amazing memories with the kids, and this includes us saving for Disney World. Our planned trip? 2022 we hope. The dream is, if we can save enough on the small things, is to be able to go all out, and have three weeks away in a villa with a pool, tickets to Disney, swimming with dolphins and Universal.

It’s a big dream, but by living a bit more frugal, we know we can do it and it will be worth it!

By making small changes, you really can live the life you want, now. 

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