Free 30 Day Money Saving Challenge_ A 4 Week Money Challenge for Your Personal Finances

Printable Savings Goal Chart: Save £300 a Month Challenge

Free Printable Savings Goal Chart

Welcome to my FREE 4-week money saving challenge. This is the start of our 30 days of saving, with our aim to save £300.

If you haven’t signed up to the 30-day money saving challenge yet, then you can join us here, and receive the link to our exclusive Facebook group.

If you join the challenge, you also receive access to my vault of money saving printables, including a savings goal tracker spreadsheet, the reverse penny challenge, meal plans and a monthly budget sheet.

Savings goal tracker

This tracker has 60 stars, so that means just saving £5 a star to reach a £300 target.

Every time you have saved £15, simply colour or tick the star.

As a thank you, you can download this free printable savings goal chart by clicking on the picture or by pressing here.

Printable Savings Goal Chart

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    What a really good way of encouraging us all to save just a little a day!

    Little Miss Fire

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