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Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Yourself

Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Yourself

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While nights out are fun, they can also get pretty expensive. Sometimes when you don’t feel like going out, you just want to stay home and have a night to yourself. Luckily, there are various activities you can do to entertain yourself that don’t cost a lot of money.

So, for your next night in, here are a few inexpensive ways you can entertain yourself:

Learn a language on your phone

Long gone are the days where traditional in-class learning environments were the standard for learning a language. You can learn a language from the comfort of your own home on by using a language app, such as Babbel, on your phone. Now you may wonder how effective Babbel is, and that really depends on how much time and energy you put into doing the lessons. With it being so convenient to do a lesson anywhere, anytime, what you put into your language learning you will get out of it. But within a week or two, you can make some significant progress that can help with your career too!

Try makeup tutorials

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Trying out a new makeup look, product or technique can take practice… so why not try it all out at home before rocking it out in public? You can look up makeup tutorials online for some guidance and play around with some new looks you can wear on your next day or night out. Some beauty influencers that share beautiful makeup tutorials on YouTube are Jackie Aina and Allana Davison.

Make your own nut butter or cookies

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Dedicating a little time at home to making your own nut butter or cookies can set you up for the rest of your week! You can save some money on nut butter by making it at home and also be confident as to what you are putting in your recipe. Homemade cookies or protein balls are also great to have as you are out and about during your days and want a snack. Buying snacks out can really add up, and making them at home can give you something fun to do and give you a way to save some money.


Write down your thoughts

Writing in a diary and getting your thoughts on paper or writing in a planner can help you focus your thoughts and priorities. It can be therapeutic, make you feel good, and even inspire you to start up with something new. You can find affordable diaries and planners out there that suit your style and encourage you to be consistent, so take your time to find the right ones for you before purchasing!


Reorganize your apartment and closet

There is nothing like a night at home, playing music, having a cup of tea, and reorganizing your apartment or closet. When you see what you have and your space is clutter-free, you’ll feel better in your space and be less tempted to purchase unnecessary items because you can see what you have and where it is. Who knows, you may find some items that you don’t wear that often and want to donate or sell! This clears space and even gives you the opportunity to make some money while you’re at it!

Workout apps or videos

Exercising is good for your physical and mental health, and you can do so affordably from the comfort and convenience of your own home! Some ideas to try are dance cardio videos, bodyweight exercises, yoga, and workouts with minimal (and affordable) equipment such as resistance bands and free weights. Get the mats you needed on this site.

With all of these things to do, you truly never can feel too bored at home.

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