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10 Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Phone

10 Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Phone

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Many people spend so much time on their phones that yield minimal benefit, perhaps, only the 5 minutes of euphoria you feel from watching a funny video. Those 5 minutes could have equally been spent making some money right there from your phone. 

There are numerous ways to make legitimate money from your phone that only takes a little time. If you have spare time on your hands when you’re not busy running errands or attending to other responsibilities, you can kick back and choose one that works for you. 

For some, you would only need your smartphone, while for a few others, you may need to download some apps and have a working internet connection. While the money you will make may not be able to replace a full-time job, it does ensure that your wallet is never empty of some change.

Check out these 10 easy ways to make money from your phone.

                                      1. Use Online Trading Platforms

Cartoon mobile phone with someone putting in a coin

Stock trading has become a more accessible means of making money in today’s world. With as little as $1 monthly you can set up an investment scheme to ensure you have a financially secure future

While an investment may not provide the immediate financial resources you need, it is a much-needed help to keep you protected from future financial crises. There are many online trading platforms that do an excellent job of managing your invested resources with very minimal input.

One good thing about investment apps and platforms is that they do not require account minimums or even overdraft fees. You can invest as little as $30 or less and simply watch your investment grow over time.

There are also plenty of websites that offer inside information and advice on trading. For example, the Kryptoszene website often reviews and recommends different shares that are worth investing in. In their words, “lohnt es sich die Daimler Aktie zu kaufen“! To translate, they say it is worth buying the Daimler share – so that might be a good place to start.

Also, you do not need the services of a stockbroker because these apps will effectively manage your account for a minimal fee, unlike brokers that may charge exorbitant prices. The app automatically helps you invest small amounts of money periodically, which you can monitor.

                                      2. Sell Stuff Online

Woman writing sale on a black and white background

Do you have a bit of ‘this and that’ that you hardly use anymore? If you’re not going to donate them, then you should sell them! An old painting, a scarf that’s worth a few bucks, or a coat you’ve hardly worn because you don’t really like it. 

After decluttering your home, you find a ton of these items that you could do without. Don’t discard them, sell them. There are many sites that allow you to sell off stuff without paying through your teeth for registration. allows you to sell items on their site for a very small fee and even provides you with boxes and postage for free. You can also sell DVDs, books, games, etc. to at an estimated price. 

Alternatively, if you have a knack for taking quality pictures, there are sites like that are looking for stock images to buy from photographers. You can take quality pictures on your smartphone, touch them up with some editing, and sell to interested sites. One way to make this a steady stream of income is by licensing your pictures. 

                                     3. Complete Tasks

Woman shopping in a supermarket

Although this is not entirely done on the phone, the process begins on your smartphone. Typically, you run errands for folks in your neighborhood. On the TaskRabbit app, you can easily find clients who need your handyman services and connect with them. 

If you find that you have a few handy skills that you could get paid for, sign up on TaskRabbit and start to find clients quickly. When you find a client that needs your services, of course, you have to visit their homes to get the tasks done. 

The app doesn’t collect any percentage of your pay and it pays you directly too. 

                                        4. Serve as a Customer Service Agent

Unlike some customer service jobs requiring you to work on-site, a few companies hire agents who can work from within the comfort of their homes. U-Haul, Upwork, Delta Airlines, and a few other reputable organizations allow remote workers to handle their customer service. 

Although you may be required to take some on-site training, calls can be received from your home once you get signed on. If you have a quiet spot in your home where you can take calls undistracted, this is a good side-stream of income for you.

                                      5. Earn Rewards or Gift Cards While Shopping

Woman in a red coat holding shopping bags

There’s nothing like saving a few bucks while shopping. Yes, a few online stores (and in-stores too) give back rewards to faithful customers for shopping on their sites. These may not be cash rewards, but you can redeem them when you shop and save some money in the process.

If you visit, you earn points to redeem gift cards that you can even use to shop on stores like Amazon. What’s more, you don’t even have to buy anything from Shopkick to earn points. Simply scanning some of their on-sale items can earn you points for redemption. 

To get on this, download their mobile app and sign up to the site. 

                                     6. Test Websites

Green background cartoon showing a laptop with reviews

No, this does not need any serious technical skills. If you know how to use a website, this should be easy for you to do if you have a bit of spare time. Many new websites are looking for feedback on their user experience and are willing to pay you to do so. 

For example, will pay you to test their website to try out their latest upgrades or check the accessibility of the site. They also like it if you give feedback on how the site can be improved or modified. 

It takes about 20 minutes to complete a test, and you get paid afterward. All this can be done on your smartphone. 

                                     7. Design and Create Content for Small Businesses

Ipad on a white background

Graphic Design is a skill in high demand that many businesses can hardly do without today. The world is going digital and needs digital visual content to augment their products or post on their social media pages.

Thankfully, you also do not need serious graphic design skills to get this demand to make money for you. There are now many graphic design sites with pre-made template designs that are easy to edit and customize as you wish for free! 

You can design social media content for small-scale businesses on these sites, or curate brilliant presentation templates using a presentation maker for businesses in any niche. Creating content takes a lot of work-time off many companies, and so they would be happy to pay for your content as long as it’s excellent. 

                                     8. Watch TV and Get Paid

Holding a phone and taking a picture

How easier can it get? You get paid for the amount of time you spend watching TV on your phone. All you need to is sign into the mobile app before you start to stream TV like Hulu or Amazon (on your phone) and win prizes, a prepaid debit card, or gift cards.

You also get rewards or points if you spend some time interacting with the Viggle app. Every minute you watch, you earn a point, and even get points for watching trailers and commercials. 

You can then convert these points to nice rewards afterward. 

                                      9. Play Games and Earn

Man holding a phone in the dark

If serious money-making avenues are not what you’re after and you only want to have fun while making money, then you may want to try this one out. Some games allow you to earn real money as you play them and cash out once you reach a particular amount of earnings. 

Qriket is one of such earn-as-you-play games, and it allows you withdraw the money you earn via PayPal once you hit $25. The best part of this game is that you don’t exactly have to do so much; if you can spin a wheel, you can play the game. 

You can also watch some short ads to give you more spins after you have run out of free spins. Each spin can earn you from 5 cents to $10. Turn on your good luck charm for this one. 

                                     10. Complete Online Surveys

Woman holding a mobile phone

This is one of the most common ways to make money online. You can use your opinions to earn you cool cash in less than 20 minutes by simply filling out surveys on your smartphone. 

Many companies need your thoughts on various offerings and all you need to do is fill out their surveys and get paid. Sites like SurveyJunkie or InboxDollars will allow you sign up to their platform and fill surveys. It is a very easy and straightforward process. 

When you sign up to the app, you start to receive notifications about available surveys. Once you fill and earn a minimum of $10, you can start to cash out. InboxDollars also gives you a $5 welcome bonus for new users.  

In Conclusion

Making a few extra bucks on the side never hurts anyone as long as it’s legit. Simply being a consumer of some products have qualified you to make some money from your smartphone. This listicle has curated a few ways you can earn money from doing the barest minimum in a short time. Use it wisely!

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