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5 Handy Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom On The Cheap

5 Handy Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom On The Cheap

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A huge portion of homeowners just loves giving their property a nice facelift every now and then. Unfortunately, renovations usually cost. Or do they not? Sure, you can make, a, say, bathroom upgrade as expensive as you wish. But, there are certainly many ways to give it a great new look that infuses some of the lux and refinement of the baths adorning 5-star hotel rooms even if you are on a budget.

Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Use look-alikes

Wood is a fantastic material, but also costly. Plus, it is not recommended for a bathroom unless you will be using engineered wood flooring that is more moisture-hardy or paint it with protective enamel. If you absolutely must have wood plank flooring, then do consider inexpensive alternatives that will give you the same sensation and appeal.

Vinyl flooring (see both plank and luxury options to find the type that suits your preferences the best). Also, granite countertops could be swapped with high-definition quartz or laminate pieces while faux-stone porcelain or ceramic tiles will mimic the look of marble and travertine perfectly.

Nevertheless, if you still want a granite or marble or travertine countertop, then do search for slabs with imperfections. The more noticeable the flaw, the cheaper that piece will be. Then, you can adjust the sink basin or faucets to take up that flawed area. Nobody is going to tell you got yourself an imperfect slab of beautiful granite.

2. Tile high-impact areas

Sure, tiles make a space look great, but they do come with a hefty price tag. For that reason, you could choose specific areas that can be enhanced with tile (i.e., the floor or the bottom of the wall and just paint the rest of it) and turn all focus on them. If you want to make a statement with your tiles, then you could use some artistic/decorative pieces and use them as an accent while laying the rest of the area with your other, cheaper, tiles.

Alternative: Instead of tiling the lower portion of the bathroom walls, you could also cover it up with wainscot (prefabricated board), which is super easy to install and can help you cover minor holes and dings up to slightly over one metre (around 45 inches). Just make sure you clean any mould or mildew (if any) in the areas you are about to mask before using wainscot.

3. Turn eyes on the tub

You may hear a lot about how bath refinishing and spot-fixes can make your tub look like brand new again. And, it is true. However, instead of going into all that trouble and still have an old bathtub in your renovated bathroom, you can as well have a new one that will not cost you much more than a bathtub refinishing task.

Luckily, there are plenty of top quality, affordable tubs of various sizes and styles from that add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. On top of that, many discounted models also help you save money on electricity and water too; so it is a double win for you.

4. Go with new hardware

Instead of installing new bathroom cabinets, you can try a cheaper alternative that will deliver equally pleasing results. Replace your old hardware with new, fun pieces that will instantly give a fresher look to your cabinets.

To make your job easier and avoid drilling new holes, try to find pieces whose screw alignment matches up with the existing holes. The same applies to your vanity. Instead of replacing the entire thing, see how your sink will sparkle with a simple sink faucet change.

5. Exercise your skills as a handyman

If you like doing things on your own and have the required level of expertise to carry out certain tasks, such as installing a new toilet, which does not involve too many waterline hook-ups, painting the area, doing some light plumbing (look for push-in and PEX fittings for ease of use), and installing a vanity top, then, by all means, do go for it.

However, do try to resist the temptation that calls you to move major plumbing as it will end up being a costly decision. Speaking of bathroom vanity units, the current trend wants old dressers to serve as sink pedestals.

It is a project that does demand your patience, though, as you will need to cut the top of the dresser, cut holes for plumbing, and do some work in the interior drawers as well before it is ready for use. However, it is something worth doing for sure.

Giving your bathroom a sense of refreshment and rejuvenation does not have to cost all your bank savings. Luckily, there are many cost-effective ways to avoid the expensive aspects of such an undertaking and revamp the room on the cheap without sacrificing luxury, practicality, convenience or ambience.

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