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How to save money while treating the kids

<strong>How to save money while treating the kids</strong>

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Want to take the kids for dinner or enjoy a gig or two without the price tag? Never pay the full amount when going out with our step-by-step guide. Securing cheaper tickets or deals are as simple as a couple of clicks away!

You don’t need to step loads to have a good time. Take advantage of local events that may be happening around you. Use your local Facebook group to find free events. They could be anything from your local fire station opening day to your local library doing a craft day. 

Many art galleries and museums are free to enter or ask for a small donation. It does take some research but it is worth it with the money you will save.

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Save money when eating out

Saving money on restaurants or events is all down to knowing exactly what you want. Getting the best seats at the cinema to 2 for 1 dinner deal doesn’t happen by chance. Find the benchmark price by looking around. Know their worth.

Try and avoid fizzy drinks: They really do add up and fill you up. Stick to tap water, meaning you have more cash for your meal and less gas in your stomach, meaning the kids will eat more and snack less.

Pick places that offer free salad is always going to be a winner. That way the kids fill up on the free salad items and on their main meal and are less likely to want dessert.

Use restaurant offers to help you get cheap meals. Don’t be embarrassed to use them. You can get some serious savings from 25% food and drink to 2for1 pizza offers. 

Check the menu beforehand so you know what you’re ordering. It’s well known that you buy more when you’re hungry, so walking in knowing what you’re all having can save you loads.

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Cinema and event tickets

Getting theatre or cinema tickets at face value isn’t easy. After promoter add-ons, booking fees, and printable extras, going out can cost a small fortune. Yet, there are ways of getting around these.

For the theatre, try going to the venue direct if it’s close by.  The in-house box office won’t charge booking fees, but may still charge for credit cards, so have a debit card or cash on hand just in case.

Check you’re getting the best price by comparing at least three other booking sites and make it to the last screen on all of them to make sure it will be the final price.

Ticket comparison sites are worth a look, but even though they say they will do all the legwork for you, sometimes fees are missed! Ticket resellers should be a no-go. However much you want to go, paying double the price for anything just isn’t worth it!

Top Tip: If you can, and if the tickets or event is over a £100, then always pay on a credit card (remembering to pay it back in full of course.) Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act says that the credit card company are equality liable if a business goes bust.

For the cinema, lookout for special theme days and many bigger sites offer £5 ticket deals or children half price. Sign up to their newsletter to be the first to know about these events. 

They do tend to sell out quickly and have some restrictions on when you can go but you can save a small fortune if you plan it right. 

Don’t forget to check websites like tastecard who offer great discounts on cinema tickets and days out. They aren’t just about food discounts. They offer 1000s of discounts meaning that you can have a day out with the family for less. 

For music gigs, find someone who is with O2 as they sometimes get priority booking on certain music and large events. They sell early to their own customers first, and send email alerts out to remind you the day before! 

Also, join the fan clubs of your band or star. Loads of the big bands have them and offer those of their list offers and tickets first. 

If you are looking for something a bit different then why not find tickets to be in the audience of a TV show. Check out Applause Store and Lost In TV, two great places to pick up audience tickets for free! All you pay for is your travel. Remember to check age availability though as some do have age restrictions due to content. 

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