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How to Work from Home with Kids

It’s the age-old question – should we go back to work after having kids? And it would be wrong to say that, whichever side of the fence you land on, the grass doesn’t sometimes look greener. There are so many advantages of going back to work once you’ve had children. You can gain a greater […]

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Using Your Land To Generate An Income

Owning land that isn’t being utilized properly could potentially be a source of lost income. Whether you have inherited land, bought a new property with some land around it, or simply bought a plot of land, not using it to its full potential is a waste of money. With land at a premium in all […]

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Top Myths About Installment Loans Online

There are many falsehoods and misconceptions that exist regarding payday loans and similar installment loans. Many people assume that installment loans are not an option for them because of some negative comment they might have heard from a co-worker or friend. Below is a short breakdown of the top myths about payday loans. Installment Loans […]

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