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Credit Card Test and Reasons for Owning One

Credit Card Test and Reasons for Owning One

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Personal finance can take time and lots of energy, and many people aren’t unsure of whether credit cards are for them. For those responsible for handling their finances, this can be the proper way of getting around, especially when traveling.

Contrary to what others may think, you may end up in a better position when you pay for a credit card than a debit card because you can always have the extra cash to get the essentials like food, water, and clothes when you need them.

When you can pay the full amount and not just the minimum dues for the month, it’s best when you can take your card with you on trips to countries like Norway. This way, you can test your financial genius and see which ones will fit you best. A lot of them can give you discounts, points, and rewards, so watch out for the newer ones that will provide you with the most value for your money.

Reasons to Own Credit Cards

Credit cards

1. Give you Massive Bonuses and Welcome Gifts

If you’re new to this industry, know that you may be eligible to receive bonuses, especially if you’re an applicant with a good credit standing. This can be approved immediately, and you’ll get over $100 that you can use in exchange for a certain amount of spend. An attractive offer like this is rarely missed, especially by consumers who have the card in the first six months after opening an account.

Other applicants can get the perks in airline miles and fine dining, especially if they love to travel in Europe. They can be redeemed in local merchandise shops, grocery stores, and other establishments participating with the provider. Others can exchange this with checks, statement credits, and gift cards that can be handy during the holidays. On the other hand, using debit cards for purchases may not give you the initial bonuses and opportunities for earning rewards.

2. Cash Back Opportunities

Discover first introduced the use of these cards. Ideas from way back then are simple. To attract potential customers, they can use the card and get cash backs and rebates from various purchases. The rate before was capped at 1%, but now, many companies offer attractive opportunities that are becoming 6% cash backs that many find hard to resist.

With these kinds of lucrative offerings in the market, it’s also no surprise that there are annual and quarterly caps that prevent many consumers from overspending. The best ones generally charge lower interest while giving their clients higher bonus points from every travel or buys they are making.

3. Rewards and Points

Customers can’t resist the points and rewards that come by merely using their AmEx or Mastercard. These typically match every dollar or euro spent by the client, and they can be used in gasoline stations, restaurants, and supermarkets. When the earning thresholds are more than enough, many often use them for redemption in restaurants so that their wine and steaks are virtually free. This is extremely helpful, especially if they are traveling to a new place.

Merchandises can also be purchased like bags, clothes, and shoes. This will depend on the merchant and participating brands, but many are loving what they get from their banks. The reward options can be new gadgets or hotel chain bookings. They can be used to donate to non-profit organizations, and they can help leverage a consumer’s spending throughout the month.

The rewards may trickle every day, but they can be a big help when they accumulate, especially in providing significant discounts in food delivery services, cars, and spas. What you need is something that will fit your spending patterns in general.

Suppose you are in a specific business where you need to have an affinity for certain accommodations in a different country. In that case, you can take advantage of this by using your credit card and continuing your patronage with them. In return, you’ll get the perks and discounts they offer, which is a win-win situation for everyone. You can read more about credit cards in this link here.

4. Best for Frequent Flyers

When you book at airlines, you may want to take advantage of the perks of getting extra miles when you use credit cards as a payment method. Some of the providers may be in partnership with your local airline, and you can fly from one place to another quickly without a hitch. The extra miles can apply to international and domestic flights, but first, it’s best to ask what’s included by contacting your card issuer.

Many are earning one mile for every dollar that they are making in a net purchase in some countries. For low-end memberships, the rate can be about a mile for every three dollars, and they don’t get to pay any annual fees. This reward can be valuable depending on the ticket and the activities that you are in.

If you are a frequent flyer, you can find this as a special tool because you can get more than 100% returns given the time. After meeting the requirement for initial spending, the miles you can earn can be unlimited, and you can get ready to jet-set around the world while following safety health protocols in other countries.

5. Carry for Safety Reasons

Paying through credit cards prevents fraud and losses. When the debit card is used by theft, the money goes missing from the account instantly, and many owners sometimes may not be able to do anything about the thieves.

The legitimate expenses caused by thieves can cause bouncing checks and late fees from scheduled payments. This can trigger insufficient funds as a result and affect one’s overall credit standing. Missed payments can take time because there’s an investigation involved, and sometimes the owners may not be able to recover their money.

In contrast, when a credit card was used fraudulently, the owners aren’t essentially out of money. They can notify the bank and report fraud because they haven’t paid for a transaction that they didn’t have anything to do about. They can wait for a month while the company resolves the issue, and they can use the extra cash from their debit.

In other cases, Mastercard or Visa companies may provide zero liability coverage. This is only for unauthorized uses, and this, in return, can encourage the customers to use their credit cards over checks or cash. There are also refunds available, especially if the consumer hasn’t received the merchants’ products and the dispute was unresolved. These attractive perks are just some of the reasons why you may want to consider owning a credit card.

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