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BlackBetty Review Including a 20% Off BlackBetty Discount Code

BlackBetty Review Including a 20% Off BlackBetty Discount Code

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Including details about BlackBetty clothes, the discount code and the BlackBetty shop itself

If you’re in to fashion, then you’ve you’ve probably already heard of BlackBetty, an online store offering women designer clothing for a very small price.

BlackBetty Shop

The first thing I noticed about the BlackBetty shop was that the site itself looks very modern. It’s clearly laid out what today’s deals are and gives you a sneak peak into the next day and how long you have till you can order.

The whole idea of BlackBetty is that they give you fashion bargains at a really low price.

How? Well BlackBetty buy the excess stock from some very well named brands and sells it if during a very short amount of time, normally anything from 70% upwards.

The only issue is, you have no clue what brand you’re buying.

Now to me, who is more of a penny obsessed mum then a branded one, this way around doesn’t bother me at all. I like the idea that I can get some top brands for a few pounds.

The downside is that their range is on their site for a very limited time and stock does sell out fast!


BlackBetty Clothes

BlackBetty Review Including a 20% Off BlackBetty clothes

I started by looking at the Todays Deals section. You can filter by category easily. I was after a few t-shirts and a pair of jeans for the school run. My fashion sense is next to zero, so I was a little intimidated when I first started to look.

In-between the very fine dresses and faux leather trousers, I ordered eight items from BlackBetty. I found a nice cotton sleeveless dress, a pair of glittery jeans, 2 sleeveless t-shirts, 2 thin jumpers, a long jersey and a skater skirt.

BlackBetty Review Including a 20% Off BlackBetty Discount Code List


Look out for the sizes though. I measured myself first and checked the size guide, which I don’t think was that easy to find. I had to have a quick Google to find it, then try and work out what size I needed.

What I do like is that it tells you clearly how many people are looking at the item and how long you have left to order it.

Also the shipping cost is their in black and white, no hiding, plus an estimated delivery date.

Product details are a big lax, but if you know what you’re looking for, then you should be fine.

Ordering was easy and done quickly. They take all major cards Including Paypal.


BlackBetty Review: The Verdict

My order arrived after 9 days and I was very impressed. They dropped me an email to say that my Skater Skirt was now unavailable, so I had that refunded straight away.

My beautiful, soft navy dress was under £7, fit perfectly and one of the most cost-effective clothes purchases I’ve made this year.

The baseball jacket is a small, but is huge on me. I’m only 5”4 and it touches my knee, perfect for a cold day though.

The sleeveless tops are perfect and under a fiver each, which no one can complain about.

The high waist jeans are nice, but are very skinny round the thighs. I didn’t realize that they had a zip at the bottom, and I like that, perfect for the summer with flip flops.  Length wise they fitted perfectly. They say a 32 length but for me they are fine, so go bigger on the leg if you are over 5”5.


Everything came with tags on so you can see the make.

I really do love the clothes and for under £43 I thought this bundle from BlackBetty was a complete bargain.

All can be worn on the school run or mixed and matched depending on the weather.


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BlackBetty Top Tips

BlackBetty clothes 3 items in 1

BlackBetty really offers fantastic quality for such a low price. Yes, the items did take over a week to arrive but when the clothes are this much of a bargain I’m not going to complain.

Here are my 4 top tips if you’re thinking of buying BlackBetty clothes:

  1. Allow at least 2 full weeks for your items to arrive. They say it will take up to 14 days. Mine took 9 but I know others who have had to wait longer.
  2. Buy through Paypal. If you have an issue, then Paypal can help you get your money back.
  3. Measure yourself before you order. A given but I found the waist and length size off so I ordered from the measurements not the UK size.
  4. Look for discount codes. Mine 20% code is below but you can get some that offer you free postage. It’s also worth looking at the BlackBetty website as if you recommend a friend then you both get 50% off your order.

Overall, I rate my experience with BlackBetty really highly and would definitely recommend it to my mum friends.

Blackbetty clothes are a complete bargain!


BlackBetty Discount Code

BlackBetty clothes T-Shirts

If you would like 20% your order with BlackBetty then my personal discount code is SAVINGS20. This will give you an extra 20% off their already cheap prices.



Laura x

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BlackBetty Review Including a 20% Off BlackBetty Discount Code by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #BlackBetty #Clothes #Deals

A voucher was sent to us free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own. 


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Mudpie Fridays

Sunday 4th of March 2018

I actually dont mind re the brand either. The chances are that the kids will wreck them so I dont spend much on clothes these days. Sounds like a very good idea especially if you are after a particular item. Will definitely keep them in mind x

Laura Dove

Monday 26th of February 2018

Wow they are so cheap and the clothes look like great quality! The delivery time is little long but worth the wait I guess!

Starlight and Stories

Sunday 25th of February 2018

Wow they certainly were bargains, great tips about making sure that they fit too.


Sunday 25th of February 2018

Those are very reasonably priced items of clothing! They look fairly decent quality too. I've now got the song Black Betty in my head now after reading this though, lol!