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33 Facebook Groups That Will Save Your Family Money This Year

33 Facebook Groups That Will Save Your Family Money This Year

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Including Money Saving Challenges, Competition Groups, Deals and Family Budgeting Facebook Groups

We all love saving money, and as a Facebook addict myself, most of my money saving is done on social media.

So here are 33 of my top fav Facebook groups that I think you need to join right now.

Each of these include clued up admins that know how to save money, files with recipe ideas and a community that all love saving money.

Free Resource Vault

If you are looking for ways to save your family money then come join our free Resource Vault. It’s packed full of printables that you can use again and again.

Come join our free Resource Vault here

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Money saving challenges

Save £300 in a Month Challenge

Join “Save £300 in a Month Challenge” here

A free closed Facebook group for like-minded mums looking to save money day to day so they can achieve their financial goals. Daily prompts to give you hints and tips on ways you can save your family money.

No Spend Month Challenge

Join “No Spend Month Challenge” here

A group of like-minded people who want to try and spend no money for a month.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Join “52 Week Money Saving Challenge” here

A support group for those doing the penny challenge.

Competition groups

Lucky Learners

Join “Lucky Learners” here

Lucky Learners is a comping chat group, and welcomes compers (new and old!) from all over the world.

Competitions and Winner Announcements

Join “Competitions and winner announcements” here

Winner announcements, competitions and news and advice on the competition world! 

Competitions and Giveaways (UK Only)

Join “Competitions and Giveaways” here

A place to share free entry competitions and giveaways and the occasional freebies and offers. 

Deal groups

Luxury on a Budget

Join “Luxury on a budget” here

A group to share deals, glitches on tips on getting fabulous items on the cheap.

Skint Dad Deals

Join “Skint Dad Deals” here

The best deals, glitches, coupons & freebies in the UK.

Bargain Family Breaks

Join “Bargain Family Breaks” here

Holiday deals, days out, cheap flights, discounted tickets, best currency rates and more.

Asleigh Money Saver

Join “Ashleigh Money Saver’s Bargain Hunters UK” here

This group is dedicated to sharing thrifty bargains and money saving tips to help you all save some serious cash!

Budgeting,Bargains, Discounts & Couponing

Join “Budgeting,Bargains, Discounts & Couponing” here

A place to share money saving ideas and tips. A very large warm and friendly group and like to discuss all aspect of how we can make our finances stretch that bit further.

Family budgeting

Money Saving Mums

Family Budgeting, Saving and Money Making

Join “Family budgeting, saving and money making” here

A place for tips, links to deals for family related saving and spending ideas.

Spend Less Live Better

Join “Spend Less Live Better” here

This Facebook group is where a big community help each other to live a fabulously frugal life by sharing hints, tips and bargains as well as general discussion.

Thrifty & Frugal Christmas

Join “Thrifty & Frugal Christmas” here

A place to share your ideas of how to have a thrifty and frugal Christmas!

Your Money Sorted

Join “Your Money Sorted” here

Join a group of women who want to make the most of the money they have, so that they can enjoy every single minute of their lives, without constantly worrying about money.

Money Saving Tips

Join “Money Saving Tips” here

A private forum for sharing money saving tips with The Mrs Mummypenny community. If you see a bargain share it. A place to save & make money together.

Money Wise Mum

Join “Money Wise Mum” here 

This is where we can all help each other to better our family finances.

Skint Dad Community Group

Join “Skint Dad Community Group” here

For people to support each other in their journey to be financially better off. From cutting your bills and sharing deals to increasing your income and earning extra.

Penny Wise, Life Rich Community

Join “Penny Wise, Life Rich Community” here

For anyone who wants to save money and share their hints and tips.

Parenting Teenagers and Older Children on a Budget

Join “Parenting teenagers and older children on a budget” here

A group for parents and carers of teenagers. We will share delas and information. Parenting teens is fun and challenging so lets support each other.

Making money

Rotating top banner

The Humble Penny

Join “The Humble Penny” here

A place to talk about Investing, savings, making money, managing money, debt, blogging, business & side hustles, and life hacks.

Make Art, Save and Make Money

Join “Make Art, Save and Make Money” here

A place to share deals, tips and advice for cutting the cost of art supplies. Let’s help each other with the cost of making and exhibiting our art!

Emma Drews Mastermind Group

Join “Emma Drews Mastermind Group” here

A group for people who want to make money at home.

Supermarket groups

 Aldi Mums UK

Join “Aldi Mums UK” here 

A group for Aldi loving mums who want to chat about Aldi deals, recipes and their super buys. Plenty of hauls and food sharing.

Save Hard and Live Well

Join “Save Hard and Live Well” here

A group for people wanting to reduce their groceries spend each week (or month) through a combination of shopping better and creating less waste.

Reduce Your Supermarket Spend

Join “Reduce Your Supermarket Spend” here

Share your very best supermarket shopping tips, budget recipe ideas, food hacks and offers from all UK supermarkets.

Poundland Appreciation Society

Join “Poundland appreciation society” here

Come and share your latest finds, bargains and best kept secrets.

Cheap recipes

Thrifty Lesley – Feed Yourself for £1 a Day.

Join “Thrifty Lesley – Feed Yourself for £1 a Day – The Group” here 

The place to get ideas and recipes to frugally feed you and your family.

Feed Yourself for £1 a day

Join “Feed Yourself for £1 a day” here

A frugal cooking group with the aim of helping people cook frugally,shop frugally and learn to cook where necessary.

Slimming World with Aldi

Join “slimming world with aldi” here

Friendly Facebook group to share & swap sliming world friendly recipes from Aldi food.

Financial advice

The Money Panel

Join “The Money Panel” here

This is a friendly place where you can ask questions to a financial expert for FREE, ask for recommendations from the community and share knowledge and ideas.

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The Female Money Doctor

Join “The Female Money Doctor” here

Dr Nikki Ramskill is a real-life UK doctor looking to help people with their finances – because healthy people need a healthy bank-balance to back them up!

Have I missed any? Are you a member of any money saving or making Facebook groups that have helped you through the hard times? Let me know in the comments below.

Laura x

If you enjoyed this post and would like some more money saving ideas, then head over to the saving my family money section here on Savings 4 Savvy Mums where you’ll find over 50 money saving tips to help you save your family more. There’s enough tips to help you save over £300 a month! You could also pop over and follow my family saving Pinterest boards for lots more ideas on how to stop spending and save more; Money Saving Tips for Families and Managing Money for Families

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Here are 33 Facebook groups that will save your family money and include money saving challenges, deals and family budgeting Facebook groups by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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Alice | Letters to my Daughter

Sunday 28th of January 2018

Great round up - lots of groups I didn't know existed! And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your "I've been featured" blog badge :)