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Worried about your holiday spending money? 5 ways you can add to your spending pot

Worried about your holiday spending money? 5 ways you can add to your spending pot

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You’ve probably already booked your summer holiday this year and you’re counting down until you can lie back in your sun lounger and watch the kids playing in the pool. But if your holiday is already bought and paid for, its time to start thinking about how you can have plenty of money to enjoy while you’re out there. Days out, beach activities, water parks, extra ice creams, drinks, souvenirs and meals out – sometimes it costs just as much as the actual holiday!

If having enough spending money is something you’re worrying about, or haven’t considered yet then don’t worry, put away those credit cards and unarranged overdrafts and read on for 5 ways you can add to your spending pot.

Bye-bye takeaways

I know, I know. You definitely deserve that takeaway this Friday, and those bottles of wine at the weekend. But if you’d also like a bit more spending money while you’re on holiday, then you need to kerb your weekly habit. Putting aside the money for your takeaways each week in the build up to your holiday means that you can use that money for a family meal out instead. And you’ll probably feel a bit healthier too!

Kick the coffee habit

This is similar to the point above. If you have a daily coffee habit, it’s probably effecting your bank balance more than you think. Brewing coffee and home and taking it with you in a reusable coffee mug instead is better for your savings pot and the environment too!

Strip away your subscription packages

There’s a lot of great TV out there at the moment. The problem is it’s not all on the same streaming service, which means multiple packages and more direct debits. Ask yourself if you’re getting your monies worth out of each subscription you have and strip them back. Do you need them at all? Remember, you could always cancel them and then sign back up again after your summer holiday – Autumn TV is great anyway!

Check before you shop

We all love a good holiday shop before we travel. Buying clothes for our holidays is part of the fun! But before you head to the high street and break out your debit card, double check what you already have at home. Summer clothes from last year are usually fine to wear again, and things like summer hats, sunglasses and sandals are usually lost at the back of the wardrobe. And remember there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs for the kids. So, before you go shopping make sure you’re not going to purchase duplicates of things!

Switch your utility provider

If you haven’t already done this, then there’s still time to reap the benefits before you go on holiday. Head online to a utility provider comparison site, put in some simple details and Voila! You could save yourself a bundle! Not only that, but if you decide to make the switch, then your utility provider will do all the hard work for you.

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