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Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Busy Mums

<strong>Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Busy Mums</strong>

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As a mum, the few weeks before Christmas are typically one of the busiest times of the year. We’ve got Christmas shopping to take on, planning for the holidays, a bigger workload, and lots of kids’ events, plays and parties to attend. It’s hectic and hard, and you might not have as much time as you’d like to get ready in the morning. What you wear might not be a priority in the winter. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look great while staying warm and comfortable. Here are some winter wardrobe essentials for busy mums that will help you to look and feel great. 

Trendy Dresses

In winter we’re often tempted to stick to comfy jeans and jumpers that are warm and safe. But these can quickly get boring. Some great dresses from Luella can make a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe. Bold prints and patterns can add some fun to your winter look, and are easy to accessorise with jumpers, cardigans, and thick tights. If you want to show a dress off in winter, you can even layer underneath with long sleeve t-shirts and other warming base layers. 

Statement Jackets

Statement coats are an effective way to add some colour and fun to any outfit, especially in the winter months when you wear them a lot of the time. Take your time to find a bright or bold coat that you love to wear. If you can, it’s typically worth spending more on a good quality coat that will last for at least a few years. If not, consider second-hand options which are great for the environment and might still last longer than cheap fast-fashion options. 

Chunky Boots

Chunky black boots look great with everything, they keep your feet warm and dry, and they’ll help you to stay comfortable during all those afternoons standing on a muddy field watching sports. 

Oversized Winter Accessories

Oversized hats and scarves and warm gloves can add some fun to any outfit, whether they are worn with a thick winter coat at the height of winter, or to warm up with a jumper and lighter jacket in the autumn months. 

Playful Waterproofs

Cold, grey, rainy days can be horribly depressing, and none of us enjoys the school run in torrential rain. Wearing fun, bright waterproofs won’t change the weather, but it could lift your mood, and even cheer up the people around you. Find bright coats, and wellies and umbrellas with fun patterns, instead of dark, boring styles. 


Layers are a must in the winter months. Several light layers can be warmer than one thick layer, as they trap air better. They also give you options to add or remove if you get warm running around after the kids, or cold standing waiting. 


In winter, your basic pieces like plain vests, tights and leggings, tight-fitting long-sleeve t-shirts and even thermals are essential. They might not get seen, but they’ll keep you warm, and allow you to layer with more stylish items. 

When it comes to getting ready in the winter, you’ll want to save time. A capsule wardrobe with great basics and lots of these winter essentials can help you to save time, without sacrificing warmth, comfort, or fashion. 

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