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Winter Activities to Enjoy with Foster Children

<strong>Winter Activities to Enjoy with Foster Children</strong>

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Life with children, especially young children, often feels easier in the summer. When the weather is nice you can spend time at local parks and in your garden, without needing to spend money on expensive attractions. In winter, these options aren’t always possible, and with Christmas around the corner, few families can afford to head to popular attractions every week. But staying home gets boring after a while. Winter can be even harder if you have foster children, who might be overwhelmed by large, noisy attractions, but uncomfortable in an unfamiliar home. Here are some activities you can try for a fun winter with foster children. 


Baking is a brilliant family activity to enjoy in the winter. It’s cheap, warming and something that you can enjoy at home. Many families also find that it’s easy to talk while you are busy focusing on other things and there’s less pressure and eye contact. This can be especially useful if your foster child is a little shy, or very new to your home. You can get advice about fostering in Doncaster here if you’d like to learn more. 

Winter Walks

Many of us are guilty of only enjoying outdoor exercise like hiking when the weather is dry and warm and it’s easier. But winter walks can be even more beautiful. If you live near the countryside, fresh winter walks can offer a chance to spot wildlife or enjoy a winter scavenger hunt. Even in the city, you can enjoy a family walk through housing estates, spotting the best Christmas lights and decorations. 

Christmas Crafts

Like baking, crafting is something that you can enjoy together at home without the pressure to spend a lot of money or attend a busy event. Before Christmas, festive crafting can be a fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit and make some cool homemade decoctions for your home. Your foster child could make some decorations to leave with you so that they can be part of all of your future Christmases, as well as some things that they can take home with them. 


On snowy days, sledging is an excellent way to spend time together. It’s great fun, and watching you get stuck in will make your foster child feel more comfortable. Seeing you fall off won’t hurt either. You can buy sledges fairly cheaply, or even use a large tray to slide down a local hill. 

Movie Afternoons

Movie afternoons are warm, cosy, cheap and a great way to spend some time together as a family. Afternoons with favourite family films and homemade snacks will help a new child to feel safe and protected, as well as welcome in your home. Share your favourite films and ask about movies that they’ve enjoyed in the past, or always wanted to see. 

Wintertime can be expensive for you, and overwhelming for children. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy, which will help you bond and give your foster child a chance to settle and feel like part of your family. 

Sharing is caring!