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Discovery School: Learning Something New With Three

Discovery School: Learning Something New With Three

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With only two weeks left of the holidays, I am the first to admit that I’m struggling to still keep the kids entertained for free.

Keeping the kids engaged while making sure they are having fun isn’t easy on a budget, so when Three emailed me to ask if we wanted to try their Discovery School in Islington I jumped at the chance!

It’s been made with kids in mind to help them learn something new while having fun.

Three hosts these sessions in three different locations, Islington, Maidenhead, and Swansea, which are free for everyone, regardless of what network you’re on which I thought was amazing!

What happens at a Three Discovery Centre?

Each event is different and aims at a wide range of age groups. We decided on the Toddler and I Session which was all about internet safety and how to let your kids play on the internet while knowing they are safe.

Three Discovery Centre showing safe apps

Hand on heart my kids couldn’t wait to get there. Islington’s Discovery Centre is right next door to their shop, across the road from Angel tube station.

We rang the doorbell, went straight up and was wowed by the amount of comfy space and technology Three had for the kids to try.

Child and father playing iPad

I was a bit worried if it would be relevant for the little one, as she’s only just four but I shouldn’t have worried. All the staff made the event really accessible and even slowed down so she could catch up.

Internet Safety

We started by talking about our own technology use and how it’s now a big part of many families lives. I must admit that this really opened my eyes to our technology use. Both girls know how to unlock my phone and iPad and do spend more time then I’d like on it.

We were then shown some fun and safe apps that the kids could use that where educational without them knowing. This was right up my street!

Three Discovery Staff showing child friendly apps

The first app was Puzzingo which none of us had heard of. Both my kids got into it straight away as you could pick your puzzle then it came to life. So my eldest choose a Dinosaur and spent most of the session feeding it burgers and cookies. LOL

These sessions are really down to earth, and I think they need to be when you’re aiming at kids as small as mine. We stopped for a quick wee break and at one stage it did get a bit much for my youngest who has issues sitting down for an hour.

What I liked the best was that the Discovery Centre Staff really gave the kids time to play, ask questions and really interacted with them. They were asked questions about why they liked each app and really listened to the kids when they spoke about why they love technology.

Free sessions for all ages

What really blew me away was the number of sessions and skills being taught. The subjects had all been chosen on trends and the interests that most kids have right now, like learning to code and vlogging.

Child playing iPad

Our session lasted about an hour and a half but some go to two hours and are accessible to all.
The Discovery Centre School is running throughout the holidays, half terms and weekends but offers sessions to adults all year round.

My kids are obsessed with their iPad so it’s no surprise that they had a fab time and got to play with loads of different apps we’d never played with before. For me, I walked away with a lot more knowledge on what apps are safe for the girls to play with and how to lock down our devices if needed.

The Discovery Centre staff really have a wealth of knowledge and I saw first hand their passion for helping the next generation. I wouldn’t hesitate to book again and it was a real pleasure watching the kids have fun with technology for free!

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