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The Ultimate V-Day Guide: 4 Easy Steps To Please The Goddess Of Your Life!

The Ultimate V-Day Guide: 4 Easy Steps To Please The Goddess Of Your Life!

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If you are in a relationship, then you probably know how important Valentine’s Day could be for showing your love. There is nothing wrong in saying that 14th February is one of the most important yet stressful days of the year for couples. Women tend to have a lot of expectations from their partners on Valentine’s day and assume themselves to be loaded with surprises and gifts.

As the expectations rise, stress and pressure increase, so keep calm, and here are some tips following will help you in managing the day ideally.

1. Step one: Buy the roses

Giving flowers to your girl is always a cute gesture, but during Valentine’s Day, roses are a must! Try getting red roses for your girl. You can even buy a bouquet and then gift it to her. 

If you are going with roses, then buy them a day before and keep them in water overnight instead of purchasing and gifting her on the same date! Now that you have your roses all ready, you simply need to choose a perfect place where you can surprise her. 

2. Step two: Choose the place

Take her somewhere nice and somewhere quiet with fewer people so that you can enjoy some quality time there. You can also take her out on a long drive to her favourite place or the spot where you first met. For meals, the best option you have is having a candlelight dinner at the venue of her choice.

If you are planning something after a meal, all you need is a champagne bottle with a good viewpoint. If you want things to be sweet and simple, you can even arrange a movie night at home where you guys could spend some time together and watch your favourite movie while having some drinks together.

3. Step three: Presents are always nice!

For the special day, it’s a must to get some nice valentine day gifts for her as gifts are as important as expressing yourself. You don’t always have to go overboard, but getting something as a keepsake is always ideal! 

And if you’re thinking, “I can’t afford that, how can I get something nice and inexpensive?” Well, it doesn’t have to be the priciest thing available. For presents, price doesn’t matter, your efforts do. So try to get something handmade for your love. If you are not that creative, then you can give a handwritten love note too, which seems old-fashioned but trust us, has a big chance of impressing your girl.

Pro tip: Some candies with written love quotes would be great. These small gifts make a huge difference to someone you love.

4. Step four: Privacy and respect matter too!

Finally, the last and probably the most important thing. Always respect your partner and her privacy. Do not force her to do something and keep her in a comfortable zone. 

Make sure to ask beforehand if she is okay with arrangements. Check about anything that could go wrong or if there’s a chance that she doesn’t like something, try to fix that! Show her all the love and care you have for her but within all boundaries! 


So now you know how important Valentine’s Day is for most women, you need some tips on how you can make the best out of your time and bucks for a cool valentine’s day celebration.

I guess that’s all you should care about on valentine’s day. Once you’re an adult, valentine’s day is not just cute, but also about showing love and trust for your partner. Try to make that as noteworthy as you can. If you have got some pro tips, then you may also share them with us in the comment box below! 

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