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The Best Ways to Make Money Working from Home Right Now

The Best Ways to Make Money Working from Home Right Now

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The Best Ways to Make Money Working from Home Right Now


Whether you’re looking for a new career that you can fit around the children and other commitments or you’re looking for a good way to make a little extra money on the side, you will find that working from home is an excellent option.

Although working from home can be the ideal way to make money for many people, a lot of people have trouble finding genuine work from home opportunities and they often do not know where to start or what kinds of jobs they would be suited to. In this post, I’m going to outline a few of the best ways to make money working from home that will allow you to actually make a decent income if you are suited to the role…

Airbnb Host

If you happen to own your own property and you have a spare room or two, or even if your home is likely to be vacant for part of the year, one of the simplest ways to make money online is by setting up an Airbnb account and renting out your space. It’s not for everyone and it’s probably more of a side-hustle than a regular gig, but it can be quite lucrative and you can get to meet lots of interesting people without really having to do much more than ensure that your property is presentable and welcoming.

Digital Marketer

With so many goods and services now being sold online and with so many opportunities to earn commision on these sales, becoming a digital marketer is something that has real potential. There are lots of resources online to help you work out what you need to do to write and sell persuasively, and so essential is this role that companies like Arch Apprentices now even offer apprenticeships in digital marketing, That means that you could make money now marketing online from home once you’ve learned the ropes and that you could potentially use the skills you’ve learned to secure a paid position with corporation should you ever decide to go back to the 9-5.


If you’re an animal lover and you live in a city, in particular, you could potentially make £1000 or more each month by looking after people’s pets while they’re at work or on holiday. If you offer other services such as dog-walking, you could earn even more, and you get to spend your days surrounded by beautifulanials – what could be better than that?

Freelance Writing

If you can string a decent sentence together and you’re pretty good at research, working as a freelance writer is a very flexible way to make money from home. You can use websites like People Per Hour to pick up work as and when you want it around other commitments, and as you build up lots of reviews, you should have a steady stream of people looking to hire you.

Of course, you could also use your writing skills to set up and monetise your own blog, which would take more time to pay off, but which would result in you having your own business and a source of passive income in the end.

Do you work from home? How do you make a living?

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