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Saving Money on Your Mobile Contract – A Guide

Saving Money on Your Mobile Contract – A Guide

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Money, money, money. It does make the world go around, even if that’s hardly a good idea. People want it, and they also want to save it, so there’s often instances of ordinary folks getting creative with their finances. And with our mobile phones being such a core and integral part of our daily lives, it’s no wonder that people look for new and exciting ways to save money on their mobile phone contracts.

Thankfully, the internet means that there’s a whole wealth of different tips and tricks for people to consider. We’re going to be looking at some of them here, in the hope that you’ll be able to save a bit of money in your day to day life.

Understand Your Specific Needs and Requirements

We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own unique experience with a mobile contract, and that starts with understanding you. If you’re going to get the best mobile phone contact and save money, you need to understand what your needs as a user are. There’s no point looking at a deal or offer if it isn’t going to provide you with the experience you need. Similarly, you can’t save money if you’re stuck with a contract which gives you more than you need and inconveniently costs more.

Some consumers already know what handset they want. As most monthly contract plans come with unlimited calls and texts it’s the amount of data allowance that increases the cost. The average data allowance purchased in the UK is 16GB of data. The average data usage in the UK is just above 4GB of data per month.

Saving Money on your mobile contract

Consumers are now connected to WI-FI in more places, this means mobile data usage is not increasing as fast as originally predicted. Most consumers spend most of their day either at home or at work, both places are usually connected to WI-FI.

Consider what you plan to use your phone for. If you are on the move and travelling all day then you will require a good amount of data. If you spend your time at home or at work, then you won’t need that much.

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Consider an Older Handset

Sometimes, the best way to save money is to consider a slightly older handset. When a new model comes out, the price of the model that came just before it will drop. This trend continues for many years until the phone that was once considered cutting edge is now considered “obsolete”.

However, this is often far from the truth. Apple products, for example, are often up to date even years after they’ve been released, because the companies that made the older phones often still release updates. It’s an often a wise course of action to consider a phone which is a bit older, because you’ll get a good level of functionality at a lower price.

Review Your Contract When It Ends

Most contracts are 24 months, the cost of your tariff can change sometimes. It may only be a few pounds in either direction, but this can make all the difference. It’s easy to become complacent and content with a contract, even when the contract isn’t necessarily the optimum choice for you. It’s a good idea to therefore review your contract at the end of its period. Your provider may offer a new deal to keep you as a customer or it can sometimes be better to switch to a new provider.

Make Thorough Comparisons

Those who take the time to research extensively often come up with the cheapest phone contracts. When looking for the best deal to shave off some money, it’s wise to compare them rigorously. How much will you be charged upfront? What extra perks like free data are available, and in what quantities do they exist? How much is the monthly cost? Will you get a cashback?

Looking through a wide selection of different phone options is the best way to make sure that you’re getting the best deal and will protect you from getting stuck in a contract that doesn’t work for you.

Consider Upgrades Carefully

When it comes to upgrading your phone, you need to be entirely sure that you want to upgrade before you commit to anything. The problem with upgrading with a familiar provider is that they will make it seem like a stress-free and straightforward process. However, the cost for this is that you could needlessly be paying a lot of money. Sometimes it’s best to look for other options, and carefully weigh up the pros and cons of an upgrade.

Be Cautious Deals with Gifts

While a lot of deals can ultimately seem tempting, a lot of them are also geared up towards attracting new customers. Some also only run for a few months. Adding up the total cost of the contract and comparing like for like deals will show you if it’s a good deal, or an attractive enticement.

Finding the right deal isn’t just finding the best deal online. Consider what you need within your plan not the cheapest available that you can find.

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