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The Benefits of Lithographic Printing for Your Business

The Benefits of Lithographic Printing for Your Business

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When you hear about lithography, you may think of an outdated complex means of printing materials. However, this is not true. Lithography is still a common technique used in the printing industry.

Lithography is a form of printing that involves the use of acrylic plates to write designs on a material. These plates are covered in ink and used for the printing process. The technique can be used on different materials like cardboard, paper, or other suitable material.

Lithography is widely used in printing catalogs, posters, and books due to its high-quality output and quick turnaround. Although it takes a longer time to set up than other methods, litho print is more effective for mass production of high-quality output.

Although the procedures behind this technique are simple, there is still much to learn about how to choose the right color theme and material size to use for it. This information can be too much to handle so many people prefer to hire a company to offer this service for their business. If you decide to do the same, you would need to know how to choose the right company for this service. You would also need to know the benefits of lithography to your business.

In this vein, let us discuss how you can choose the right company for your lithography and the benefits of using this technique. Let’s begin!

How to Choose the Right Company for Your Lithographic Printing

The following are some factors that can help you:

Consider the Quality of the Firm’s Service

Look for a firm that is known for quality services. Most companies have a portfolio that shows what their area of expertise is and the works they have done. Some might offer all forms of business posters techniques; others may only focus on lithography. Check their portfolio to see the type of materials they used. Remember that low-quality materials can affect your business image, so ensure to choose a company that has the experience and reputation in delivering high quality output. If you would like to know how to check for experience and reputation, check here:

Check for Customer Reviews

Most printing companies have a website that allows you to see what their services are. These sites will contain important information about their services and how to contact them. They also contain customer reviews. The reviews might be from their past and current clients who have something to say about their services, so endeavor to check them out.

If you do not find these reviews, ask the firm to provide the contact information of their clients. You may also check their social media page, if they have any, for this information.

Consider Price

Hiring a lithography service will surely cost some money. So when choosing a firm, make sure you ask for what the company charges. While you would want something affordable, you wouldn’t want to receive low-quality services. So when considering the price, ensure that the quality of the output will not be compromised.

Talk to their Customer Service

You would need to trust a firm before hiring them. You can build this trust by talking to their customer representative. Was the representative transparent and honest about their business practices? Was the conversation rushed, forced, and boring? You need to choose a firm that won’t hesitate to answer your complaint or request if you have any. So make sure its customer representative has excellent communication skills.

Benefits of Lithographic Printing

Now that you know how to choose the right company for this service, it is also necessary to know the benefit to get from it. So, here are some benefits that your business will get from lithography:

High-Quality Prints

You will get high-quality prints every time. The printer would allow you to control the ink flow through the color plates. In this way, it will help to reduce contrast issues and wasted prints. So the resulting output would always be of high resolution and quality every time.

Very Versatile

You can use this technique on any strap or surface. Lithography can work on round containers, print labels, sleeves, and wrappers. You can also use it on different materials such as canvas, fabric, plastics, wood, paper grades, and metal.

It is Good for Mass Production

Lithography is ideal when printing large quantities of materials. This is because they have a fast turnaround. It is capable of producing more than 60,000 sheets per hour. If you would like to see how a litho printer does this, watch this video.

Lower Cost

This technique is highly effective for large volume printing. It is a more cost-effective method than others. The more pieces of sheets you want, the cheaper each piece would cost.


Lithographic printing is the best for making larger volume print. It is more versatile, functional, and cost-effective than other methods. When you choose the right company for this service, your business will greatly benefit.

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